Xero vs QuickBooks Online

Xero vs QuickBooks Online- Features Comparison

In this article, you read “Xero vs QuickBooks Online” what’s the difference between Xero and QuickBooks Online. Know Xero vs QuickBooks Online features comparison with each other.

Intuit grabs the lion’s share in the market of accounting software. QuickBooks has been a brand along with reputation and reliability. Depending upon the nature of your business and the requirements you need to employ the right software for your business. XERO and QuickBooks Online are two popular accounting software having similar functions as mentioned below.

Thus let’s check out “How does Xero compare with QuickBooks online“.

  • Inventory & Invoicing
  • Bank synchronization
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts payable
  • Bill management
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash flow quick views
  • Multi-currency
  • Payroll & Document sharing

Xero vs QuickBooks Online How does Xero Compare with QBO

XERO: This accounting software is developed as an internet accounting solution.

QuickBooks Online: It is subscription-based software that allows user access on the go.

The below chart gives a brief comparison between the above two accounting software in terms of different features:

FeaturesQuickBooks OnlineXERO
Users & PermissionsQuickBooks Online allows for one, three, or five users, depending on the size of your plan.XERO permits unlimited users irrespective of the subscription plan.
PriceQuickBooks Online offers different subscriptions at affordable prices.XERO also offers at a much lower price.
Easy UsabilityQuickBooks Online program lacks efficiency.XERO is well designed and remarkably easy to use
Product HighlightsThe standard features that come with all the versions of XERO are available in the Plus version of QB online.It comes with cloud-based accounting for small and start-up businesses.
IntegrationQB Online helps around 360 add-ons.XERO offers over 400 add-ons.
Customer Consultant ServiceQuickBooks Online Consultant service hours are Monday-Friday from 6 am–6 pm PST and Saturday from 6 am–3 pm PST. It offers phone Consultant.XERO offers live Consultant 24/7/365. It offers email Consultant.
SecurityHouse servers in multiple secure Tier 4 datacenters, employ SSL encryption for data transfer, offer two-factor identification for logins, conduct routine penetrative testing, undergo external security audits, and back up user data to multiple locations.Provides top-level security with excellent uptime.
Negative ReviewsQuickBooks gets complaints about problems with the conversion from the locally installed versions, lost data and reduced functionality being the primary issues.Complaints about limited mobile functionality and the lack of phone Consultant and slow response to emails.
Positive TestimonialsQuickBooks Online bags with core features like it provides good, solid cloud-based accounting, and adhering to proper accounting principles.XERO is appreciated for its ease of use, appearance, and layout.
PreferenceQuickBooks Online is also employed for better business output.XERO with improved features is preferred.

Hope your mindset is much clear regarding both the programs. If you are still unclear about Xero vs QuickBooks Online then you can dial us for immediate help?. You can call us at our QuickBooks Consultant number made for both U.S. and Canada.