Change Password for QuickBooks Desktop

How to Change Password for QuickBooks Desktop

In case you don’t know, how to change password for QuickBooks Desktop, how to change passwords then this is what we gonna focus on today.

QuickBooks software is one sought-after accounting application that takes care of your accounting data. This is done by allowing access to specific users to access the software with their login credentials. In case the user is employing more than one employee to handle the software then it is recommended to generate separate login credentials for all employees.

Before Proceeding with the Steps to Change Passwords, there are certain points to keep in mind as listed below

  • Complex Passwords: The user should ensure the password length is not below 7 characters inclusive of letters (both uppercase & lowercase), numbers, and special characters.
  • Case Sensitive: All the passwords are case sensitive, so the user should remember if the caps lock key and number lock key are on or not. It might cause the user to not be able to log in.
  • Admin Login Credentials: If the user encounters a login window that only asks for a password but not a login ID, then it is probably an admin login window. If the user is non-admin then they need to close the software and open it again.
  • No Space: The password will not consist of space.

How to Change Password For QuickBooks Desktop

In order to make change password for QuickBooks Desktop credentials for any employee, the user should follow the steps below.

Change Password QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open the software, and select the Company option.
  • Select the User tab and then the Set Up Users and Roles option.
  • Now click on the User Name of the employee that requires to be changed and then select the Edit tab.
  • In the new screen user has the option of editing the User Name, Roles, and Password of the employee.
  • Under this Windows user can also reset the password by framing a challenge question in case the employee forgets the password.
  • Once the editing function is complete then select the OK option.
  • Next click on Edit any Other User option if more changes have to be made and lastly click on the Close tab once the process is complete.
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Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Asking to Change Password

This is one of the queries that we dealt with recently. One of our QuickBooks clients was facing this issue where he wasn’t able to use QuickBooks as it continued to ask for password change.


  • Recently it appeared as a bug to us, but when we inquired then found out that it is the result of the latest update. People were not able to use QuickBooks effortlessly after the recent update. However, if this is the real cause then we cannot do anything about it as Intuit will have to look into the matter.
  • We also found that people also receive this error when they try to open up the file which is credit card protected. If this is the case with you then QuickBooks will prompt you to change the password. Though it is recommended to change the password every 90 days even if you change it, the software will still insist you change the password.

In order to Fix this Issue QuickBooks Keeps Asking you to change your Password, you would need to follow the steps

  • For this, you would need to make sure that your encrypted file is not damaged.
  • If the file is not damaged then move further to deactivate credit card protection. You can do that by logging in to your QuickBooks company file then:
    • Click on the companies tab,
    • Select the credit protection tab,
    • Now choose to deactivate the protection.

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