How to Change Password in QuickBooks – 6 Steps to Change your Credentials:

Change Password in Quickbooks

In case you don’t know, how to change password in QuickBooks, how to recover lost/forgotten password then this is what we gonna focus on today.

QuickBooks software is one sought after accounting application that takes care of your accounting data. This is done by allowing access to a specific users to access the software with their own login credentials. In case the user is employing more than one employee to handle the software then it is recommended to generate separate login credentials for all employees.

Before Proceeding with the Steps to Change Passwords, there are certain points to keep in mind as listed below:

  • Complex Passwords: User should ensure the password length is not below 7 characters inclusive of letters (both uppercase & lowercase), numbers and special characters.
  • Case Sensitive: All the passwords are case sensitive, so user should remember if caps lock key and number lock key are on or not. It might cause the user to not be able to login.
  • Admin Login Credentials: If the user encounters a login window that only asks for password but not login id, then it is probably admin login window. If the user is non-admin then they need to close the software and open it again.
  • No Space: Password will not consists of space.

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How to Change Password in QuickBooks:

In order to make changes in the password credential for any employee, user should follow the steps below:

  1. Open the software, select the Company option.
  2. Select the User tab and then Set Up Users and Roles option.
  3. Now click on User Name of the employee that requires to be changed and then select Edit tab.
  4. In the new screen user has the option of editing the User Name, Roles and Password of the employee. Under this window user can also reset password by framing a challenge question in case the employee forgets the password.
  5. Once the editing function is complete then select OK option.
  6. Next click on Edit any Other User option if more changes have to be made and lastly click on Close tab once the process is complete.

The User has Lost or Forgotten the Password

Resetting through Challenge Question:

✅ On the login screen of QuickBooks software select the option – I Forgot My Password.
✅ Provide the appropriate answer to the security question asked and then press OK tab.
✅ Once the user clicks on Close option, a message pops-up stating – “Your password and challenge answer and question have been removed, and your company file is no longer password-protected.” Once the message gets closed, user will have to a new password as well as a challenge question and answer under security question.
✅ Once the question and answer has been put up click on OK tab.

Resetting Another User’s Password:

✅ Open QuickBooks and login as the administrator with admin login credentials.
✅ Select the Company option from main menu, then Set Up Users and Passwords tab and lastly Set up Users from the menu option.
✅ If asked again, then the user will have to provide admin password again.
✅ Under the list called User – click on the user / employee of whom password has to be changed and then click on Edit tab.
✅ Type in the new password and then click on Next twice.
✅ Complete the process by selecting Finish tab.

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