Print Reconciliation Summary in QuickBooks

Though reconciliation is easy to perform if you know, what if you want to print that report? Here, we will talk about how to print reconciliation summary in QuickBooks. A reconciliation process in QuickBooks is a way to get your balances matched with your bank. If you are having mismatched figures and they don’t tally with your bank then reconciliation will be the only option left.

What is Reconciliation in QuickBooks

In order to print your reconciliation summary report, you first need to create one. If you don’t already know how to perform reconciliation then the following topics will help you do that with ease:

Once you know how to reconcile your QuickBooks company account, it’s time to head over and print your reconciliation report.

Please note: If you simply want to print reconciliation summary in QuickBooks, then it won’t work. QuickBooks doesn’t offer you with the option to simply print summary reports. But you can sure print previous reconciliation reports. Let us just walk you through the process on how to print reconciliation (summary) in QuickBooks.

How to Print Reconciliation Summary in QuickBooks

It is much easier to use the print command if you are working on the same reconciliation window. But what if, you have reconciled and made an exit, how will you find your way to print a report then? Well, in that case, you would have to follow the steps given below.

  • The very first thing you would need to start with is launching your QuickBooks.
  • From the top navigation panel, click on the settings tab.
  • This will open up a drop-down list. Choose to click on the COA.
  • From the displayed screen, choose the account you want to work with and choose to run the report.
  • Select the customized option to apply certain filters.
  • This will help you create your own kind of report.
  • Select the date range, in which you believe your statement will cover your reconciliation entries.
  • This you can do by entering dates in the date fields, leaving From tab blank, and filling the To tab with dates you last modified your report.
  • Change columns from the row and columns section.
  • Click on the last modified section and choose to add a column.
  • Choose Ok.
  • For the dates tab under the last modified section, choose the date range that covers all your reconciliation transactions.
  • If you don’t have any idea about the dates of your last reconciliation then leave the dates tab blank.
  • Since we are looking for all the reconciled entries within the statement, thus filter your report using the status option.
  • Click on the status tab and then navigate to a cleared option and then finally click on reconciled entries.
  • Now run the report and look out for the entries that you have reconciled in the past.
  • If all the entries are being covered then you are good to continue, else click on the customize tab for changes.
  • Edit your last modified date to include the dates of your last reconciliation.
  • Run the report again and now you should see all your entries within your report.
  • Scroll down a bit and you will have an option to print your reconciliation summary report.

Hope you are now able to figure out how to print reconciliation summaries in QuickBooks. If you are still in doubt and need expert help for your QuickBooks then reach out to the QuickBooks pro advisor. Our expert team can help you resolve any issue you might have. Thus wait no longer and get your matter sorted instantly.

I hope the above mention information will help you to Print Reconciliation summaries and print bank reconciliation QuickBooks. If you are not to print reconciliation summaries in QuickBooks, you can even give us a call at our QuickBooks help number and talk to our Experts now.


How to Print the Bank Reconciliation Report in QuickBooks?

You will find the print icon in the upper right corner of the report. To get the work done, just click on it.

How do I View the Bank Reconciliation QB report?

Very first, go to the Reports and then type Reconciliation Report with the Find report with the name search bar. Now, choose the option for Reconciliation Reports. Choose the Account in which you wish to view the reconciliation report. Using the drop-down menu, select the Reconcile period in the Report period. In the end, select the View Report option.

How do I Export the QB Bank Reconciliation Report in Excel?

In order to export the QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation report in Excel, follow the steps:

● In the beginning, highlight the details that you wish to export in the report
● Now, right-click on the details and copy it
● Open Excel and right-click in the field where the information is to be pasted
● Change the column widths of the Excel report format so that the information is shown correctly
● At last, just hit save.