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QuickBooks Sync Manager Error

QuickBooks is one of the most effective software for accounting in the market. It also offers many features that make keeping the finances of the business updated quite easy. Read about how to “Remove QuickBooks Sync Manager” and fix Sync error QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Sync Manager – Intuit

One such utility tool offered is the QuickBooks Sync Manager. Though the Sync Manager has the ability to sync the company file while replicating all the company data in the cloud or the server, but sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with. If this is so then you may want to know how to remove Intuit Sync Manager.

In case you have problem disabling or removing the Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager, you can contact our AskforAccounting technical support team for QuickBooks to help you get things done at a greater pace.

How to Remove Intuit Sync Manager:

Intuit Sync Manager

In case you want to completely remove the Intuit Sync Manager then you have to follow the next steps. You can remove the Intuit Sync Manager using either of the two options.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Option 1: Completely Remove the Intuit Sync Manager

🔹 Open the QuickBooks company page
🔹 Go to the menu bar and click on it.
🔹 Locate the Edit and click on it.
🔹 A drop down menu will appear, from there select the option Preferences and click on it.
🔹 Next locate the Integrated Applications and click on it.
🔹 Next click on the tab stating Company Preferences.
🔹 Now locate the Intuit Sync Manager and select it.
🔹 Next click on the Remove tab.

This will remove your Intuit Sync Manager from your QuickBooks. But if you are still not sorted then here is what to do next.

Option 2: If your Intuit Sync Manager is showing error then here is another way of removing the add-on:

🔹 Open QuickBooks program.
🔹 Next locate the Help menu, which is on the top of the page.
🔹 Click on it and a drop down menu will appear.
🔹 Select the option Manage Data Sync and click on it.
🔹 Next select the Clear Sync Settings.
🔹 You will then receive the message of caution.
🔹 Click on the YES icon and then on OK to remove the Intuit Sync Manager.

Caution: Before Removing Sync Manager

Before Removing Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager. Ensure that there is no important data within or the company file is no longer synced. You can clear the QuickBooks company files from the Sync Manager list by following these steps.

  • Check that the file you want to remove is not synced at the time you want to remove it.
  • In the QuickBooks Sync Manager do a right click on the company file name.
  • Select the file and then remove it from syncing.
  • In case you wish to return the file to the QuickBooks Sync Manager then you have to reset the sync manager in the QuickBooks.
  • If you want to continue with the status of removing the file then you have to clear the settings for the synchronization of the files.

Stop Company Files from Syncing

You can also stop the company files from being synced to the QuickBooks Sync Manager by following the steps:

  • Locate the System tray and click on it.
  • Next on the Intuit Sync Manager do a right click.
  • Next select the Sync Manager and open it.
  • From there look for the company files that you wish not to sync with the QuickBooks Sync Manager.
  • Next locate the Sync Enabled menu and click on it.
  • A drop down menu will appear
  • Select the Disable and click on it.

Intuit, QuickBooks Sync Manager Error:

This will stop the syncing of the files that you have selected.

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