PS032 or PS077 Error, While Downloading Payroll Updates in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Error PS032 or PS077

In “QuickBooks PS032 or PS077Error encounter while downloading the payroll updates. This might occur due to a variety of error indicating a problem to Payroll updates or QuickBooks software. There is nothing to worry about since QuickBooks experts can easily fix the error without harming the software. This error encounters leaving the error message as ‘QuickBooks software is having a problem in installing payroll tax table update’. Our QuickBooks Expert team can solve the PS032 or PS077 Error easily within a limited period of time.

Causes of PS032 or PS077 Error while Downloading Payroll Updates in QuickBooks

The causes of the error indicate the following circumstances:

  • The tax table file is damaged or invalid payroll folder/components
  • It may encounter if you are not registered to the QuickBooks Desktop
  • The billing information is updated and it may wrong
  • The QuickBooks software company files may be damaged or corrupt

Important note:

  • Always ensure that you have registered in QuickBooks software.
  • Ensure that your QuickBooks software version is the updated version
  • Remember that the billing details are updated and correct
  • You have to start the repair of your QuickBooks software.
  • Switch off your (UAC) User Account Control if you are making use of Windows 7, 8 or Vista.

Resolve QuickBooks Error PS032 or PS077 while Downloading Payroll Updates:

QuickBooks Error PS032 or PS077

Use these steps and note that you may not require completing all things to solve the Query. If these steps do not resolve the error, continue with the given steps:

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: QuickBooks License Number

🔹 In QuickBooks Home and Press F2
🔹 Note down the QuickBooks license number
🔹 To close the Product detail window and then click OK
🔹 Ensure that you have QuickBooks software Desktop Installation

Step 2: If you have one QuickBooks Desktop Version Installed:

Install an updated version of QuickBooks desktop to perform well in choosy Startup.
In case, you have manifold QuickBooks versions installed.

Delete all the other installations.
🔹 Reset the QuickBooks Desktop update.
🔹 Download the updated payroll tax tables.
🔹 Choice the lists, and then validate the Data/Rebuild Data process.
🔹 Perform an updated Uninstall/Re-install in choosy Startup.

Step 2: You may have Two QuickBooks Desktop Versions Installed:

If you are using a computer with a server, the first one is QuickBooks Desktop and the other one is QuickBooks Desktop database server the backup of the QuickBooks Desktop company file.

Turn off the entire program, if open.
🔹 Start the Run Window.

Windows 8:
🔹 Go within the Window System segment, and go the Start and click on the background view all program. Now choose Run.

Windows XP and 7:
🔹 Click on the Start Windows button and then choose Run.

Windows 7:
🔹 In case, you are still not logged in with the rights Admin
🔹 Go to Start > Click All Programs > Click Accessories > Enter Run

Get Further Additional Support:

Hopefully, the above step helps you to fix the PS032 or PS077 Error while downloading payroll updates in QuickBooks. However, if you are still encountering the problem with QuickBooks, you connect with QuickBooks error support specialist at the toll-free number. They are readily available for 24×7 to offer an appropriate solution and other information to receive immediate support for all the QuickBooks software related problems.

If you have any other queries in your mind or facing any other problem while using the software, contact QuickBooks payroll support Toll-Free Number. You can also avail chat support through chat via Live Chat Support fix issue “PS032 or PS077 Error”.