QuickBooks Bill Payment Stub Template

By default, the program is designed to print the below-given bill payment stub but if you want to customize the “QuickBooks bill payment stub template” then you can certainly do that.

Items that QuickBooks is Designed to Print on Stubs

  • Date of the bill pay,
  • Payee name,
  • Total Amount that you want to pay, and
  • Memo Details.

If the above-given info doesn’t convince you to use the template then you can try customizing it. To modify the stub template and use it as per your norms, you would need to follow the steps given below:

QuickBooks Bill Payment Stub Template: How to Add More to them

Print the Name of the Account

  • Login to your QuickBooks account and click on the Edit button.
  • From the drop-down menu click on the Preference tab and hit the checking option.
  • A window will appear, click on the company preference tab and choose the option “Print account names” and hit OK.
  • Doing this will help you add account names on your bill stubs.

Customize Pay Stub of Employees:

  • Again click on the Edit menu again and choose Payroll employees from the preferences tab.
  • Check the radio button where it says voucher printing tab. You can get access to this tab from the company preferences menu.
  • From the window that will appear, you can modify the details that you want. You can do this by checking and unchecking the relevant boxes.
  • Hit Ok when all done and exit the window.

What you Cannot Customize:

Though there is a lot of info that you can make use of and customize your template with there are certain things you cannot change. This is due to all the legal norms that you will have to comply with. These include:

  • You cannot remove your Employees Social Security code. But in QuickBooks 2007 you have the leverage of unchecking the last four digits.
  • Hours worked and the amount fixed per day.
  • Taxes paid by employees.
  • Any deductions in wages.
  • Any allowances or exemptions you are eligible for.
  • Net pay of employees.
  • Name along with the address of the company.

With customization, you will be able to give your template a bit of personalization. Hope you were able to customize your data.

But if you are still facing trouble in “QuickBooks Bill Payment Stub Template” and Setup invoice payment template then call us to talk to our QuickBooks Consultant Experts or simply request a callback. You can even give us a call at our QuickBooks helpline number at askforaccounting.com and chat with our Experts now.


  • What is Intuit Pay Stubs feature?

    QuickBooks pay stubs is a feature of QuickBooks that allows users to send pay stubs to employees from the QuickBooks desktop. It’s worth noting that QuickBooks pay stubs act as a tangible record of the amount and date of the paycheck. They’re PDF attachments that are password secured. The pay stubs are saved in their original format and style. Make sure that the dollar amount should be accurate while printing the pay stubs in QuickBooks.

  • What is the purpose of Pay Stubs in QuickBooks?

    A pay stub/paycheck often provides vital information that is beneficial to both workers and employers. The pay stub is used by workers to confirm and ascertain their earnings. Employees ensure that they are compensated accurately and on time by checking their stay stubs. Furthermore, they are well-versed in their deductions which eliminates any ambiguity or miscommunication.
    On the other hand, employers can also use pay stubs to settle any wage disputes. If an employee complains about his or her salary, for example, an employer may actually look at the employee’s pay stubs and find a straightforward answer. Moreover, a pay stub can also be used to fill out the W-1 form during tax time.

  • What and all information does QuickBooks Pay Stub contain and when do I require it?

    There are basically includes the listed information like:
    Gross Pay: It mainly refers to the total income that any employee is expected to get before any deductions.
    Net pay: It is the amount that an employer is left with after all the deductions have been accounted for.
    Taxes, deductions, and contributions: Depending on the state and the region you work, a pay stub will always highlight all the taxes and other deductions with which you are entitled to pay.
    Pay Stub mainly required:
    ● When verifying employment or payment history
    ● When getting a loan or securing a house
    ● When ensuring the payment is done properly or not.

  • How do I Print Pay Stubs with the help of a paycheck list?

    ● First, on the left side of the navigation bar, select the Employees
    ● Select the Employee name that you wish to pay
    ● Now, you’re required to click on the Paycheck List on the Employee’s page
    ● Next, select the option “Checks to pay”
    ● Look for the check number if required
    ● At last, using the drop-down menu, you have to select the Batch Action followed by the Print option.

  • How to perform the printing process of Pay Stubs via Bill Payment Stubs?

    ● To start with visit the File menu and click Print Form
    ● Select the Bill Payment Stubs within the same window
    ● Using the drop-down menu, check out the Bill Payment
    ● To do so, you have to select the Credit Card or Check depending on the method for your bill payment
    ● Choose an appropriate Bank/Credit card account in the account drop-drop list
    ● Moving forward, you have to enter the start and end date in the appropriate section to list the payments from a different date range
    ● After that, select the checks for which you would like to print the bill payment stubs
    ● In the end, hit Ok and verify your printer once and also specify the total number of copies and finally click on the Print button in the Print Window.

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