Invite your Employees to QuickBooks Workforce to see Pay Stubs, W-2s

Employees to QuickBooks Workforce to see Pay Stubs

In the below article we will explore the information to “invite your employees to QuickBooks Workforce to see pay stubs“.

Use the QuickBooks Workforce tool to permit your employees to monitor and print the W-2s and Paystubs. Whenever you run the payroll, all the employees you have set up will receive an email to notify them about their W-2 online and Paystubs.

Setting up employees in the QuickBooks Workforce is very simple. You can even invite the employee to modify their details. This option is available only in the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic and Enhanced or QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Invite your Employees to QuickBooks Workforce

Invite Employees to Workforce
Invite your Employees to QuickBooks Workforce

Choose the right products which you want to start:

QuickBooks Online Payroll (All Versions)

New Employee Setup

  • Locate Payroll and then click on Employees
  • Click on the Add an employee’s option
  • Include the information of employees like an email address. It will invite the employees automatically to view the pay stubs & W-2s
  • In case you need to add a new employee to embed the personal information, choose the Ask this Employee to fill their tax, banking, and personal information into the Checkbox which says QuickBooks Workspace.
  • Hit on the Done button

Invite Existing Employees

You can easily invite employees in batch or a particular employee to monitor the pay stubs & W-2s. Here are the steps:

  • Click on the Payroll option then hit on Employees
  • Choose invite to Workforce
  • After this verify the boxes appears near the employee’s name you need to invite and fill their email addresses
  • Once finished, choose to Send invitations;
  • Afterward, the employee will get a link in an email to setup and then access the QuickBooks Workforce to embed their personal details and monitor both the W-2s and pay stubs.
  • When an employee accepts the invitation provided in the email, they can generate their customize Intuit account. It permits them to handle User ID, security information, and personal settings.
  • If you want to view the status of employee setup you need to choose Payroll then hit on employees. The list of employees displays status.

An Employee invitation to TSheets

The QuickBooks Online Elite and Premium let their employees monitor the time with TSheets. You have to invite the employee before proceeding with time tracking.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll (All Versions)

Invite your employee to embed their personal details during the start of the Setup process of the QuickBooks Desktop Basic or Enhanced Service. Note that employees cannot integrate individual details in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard or Assist.

How to Invite the Employee to View their Pay Stubs & W-2s?

Below mentioned are the steps:

Step 1: Sign in Workforce in your QuickBooks Desktop

  • You require signing into your QuickBooks as an administrator mode
  • Ensure that your system contains the advanced QuickBooks release and payroll updates
  • Choose Employees option
  • Click on Manage Payroll Cloud Services
  • If it is invisible then hit on Update QuickBooks
  • It will display Payroll cloud services Window, below QuickBooks
  • After this switch the status to ON
  • When the prompt Window appears then hit on creating a PIN for sending the information related to payroll
  • Once done Hit on the Save Changes option
  • Choose Return to QuickBooks appears in the confirmation window
  • Upload the paycheck details to Intuit at the time the prompt display after you run the payroll

Step 2: Start uploading Paychecks & W-2s

Upload the Active Paychecks:

Follow the steps:

  • Once you run the payroll, choose to Send to Intuit appears on the confirmation Window and Next Steps Screen
  • Locate Window which says Send/Receive Data, choose to Send option
  • It will appear a prompt window asking you to fill the payroll Service PIN
  • In case you unable to remember to choose to Send to Intuit once you create the paychecks then follow the below steps:
    • Discover the Employee option
    • Click on Send Payroll Data

Upload Past Paychecks

You can easily upload the already created paychecks for employees in QuickBooks Desktop to view. It is best to upload the past paychecks after active payroll tasks. It in turns results in fewer errors. Below are the instructions:

  • Locate the File option then click on Print Format
  • Choose print pay stubs option
  • Discover the pay stubs window to modify the range of the date in the fields that are checks dated. These fields cover paystubs that you want to send to the workforce of the QuickBooks. It is highly suggested to choose only the present calendar year paychecks and to uploads in a group of 100-200 paychecks simultaneously to avoid errors
  • Hit on the Send online option
  • Discover Window named Send/receive Data, choose to Send ALL and fill the payroll PIN
  • After this upload of W-2s; make sure that your employee will only view their W-2s from the active tax filling duration

For QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic or Enhanced

At the time you submit the W-2s in January you need to verify the field given to the employee to proceed with secure online access to the W-2 forms on the QuickBooks Workforce site as well as Intuit Turbo Tax.

In case you using QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted then the W-2s forms for the employees get automatically available after the 15th of January in the QuickBooks Workforce

Step 3: Send an Invitation to your Employee

Once you are done with the setup process then start inviting your employees. Follow the pointers:

  • Find Employees option
  • Choose Manage Payroll cloud Services
  • Thing need to consider: If the manage payroll cloud services is not visible then you require to update the QuickBooks software
  • Switch the Status to on below the QuickBooks Workforce
  • After this choose the invite Employees option
  • It will display an employee list
  • Choose the employees you need to embed to Workforce
  • Afterword write your email addresses
  • Click on Send Invite
  • Once the invitation has been sent then you should view invited details below the status column

The thing needs to note:

  • Sometimes the error occurs that the invite page unable to load. This issue may be due to the browser settings which interrupt the page to load. With fewer clicks, you can switch on ActiveX filtering
  • After this refresh your page then you can access the page
  • Employees associated with the Setup will get a link in their email. It will help them to see their paychecks and W-2s online as well in the QuickBooks Workforce.

How to Cancel or Resend an invitation in QuickBooks

There are many scenarios that arise when you have to cancel or resend the employee‘s invitation. Here are some reasons:

  • When the employee didn’t get the correct invite link
  • If you write the wrong email address
  • The employee has changed an email address

Intuit Online Payroll

  • Discover Employees option
  • Hit on Employee name
  • Locate the section which says Employee Site Access, choose Edit
  • Click on Online Paystub access and then fill in an email address of an employee
  • Verify the box appears next to Access their pay stubs online option
  • Choose the Send Email button

On-clicking, the employee will get a link provided with an email to set up and monitor the activities like W-2s online and paychecks into QuickBooks Workforce. You need help and any support, then dial the QuickBooks support number 24/7.

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1. What do I have to do when the Sent Invitation is not Visible to the Employee?

Follow the below things if your employee is unable to discover their invite:

• Verify your junk folder or Spam folder
• Ensure you use the right email address
• Make sure your employee use the dissimilar email address for the Workforce as used for the QuickBooks online

2. Can I use the QuickBooks workforce after canceling the payroll service?

Yes, you can access QuickBooks for 12 months after canceling the payroll service. After this duration, you are not permitted to access the record. So it is highly recommended to print the documents to save the information.

3. Can I view pay stubs in QuickBooks Workforce after switching from one QuickBooks to another?

You can view paystubs in your switched QuickBooks Workforce until or unless you receive an invitation or receive permission to view it. If you use QuickBooks Desktop Payroll then you will lose access instantly. You need an invitation from the new payroll service.

4. Why I am unable to view W-2 after login into QuickBooks Workforce?

The W-2s forms are available after the 15th of January; these are automatically sent to the QuickBooks Workforce after intuit files them. Check the date, because W-2s are not instantly available on Ist January. You require W-2s uploading during the submission in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Enhanced, or Standard.

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