Enter after the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise, Desktop, and Online

It can be done faster if you let it be done by the bookkeeper to do the paycheck calculations from the start. Here, you get the steps to “Enter after the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks“.

After the fact payroll, it is important to mention all the information using the features of normal QuickBooks Payroll. After the fact means that the Payroll checks are already issued. These are required to record accurately for your accounting records and reports of payroll.

How to Enter After the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks

Just follow the process and implement it.

  • Payroll checks are issued and prepared by your client. All this is done outside of the QuickBooks software.
  • You, as the responsible accountant then customize that info to match it with yours in your QuickBooks software.
  • For this you enter all the checks info, be it the name, account number, or amount.
  • Everything is fed into the system. All this is done in the “After the fact payroll section”.
  • You can approach the After the fact payroll area by clicking the Employees tab on your QuickBooks accounts and then navigating to the Payroll window.
  • This is a very beneficial feature provided by QuickBooks as it helps business owners later prepare payroll taxes.

You can even give us a call at our QuickBooks Payroll Consultant and talk to our Experts to enter the fact payroll and fix the fact payroll button has disappeared issue.


  • Do you know that After the Fact payroll in the QuickBooks feature is for whom?

    The “enter after the fact payroll in QuickBooks” is only for the Enhanced for accountants. So this is used by the accountants as the payroll is the work done by the accountant. The accountants can enter the fact about the payroll in the software that only the accountant can do. It is done to enter, verify, and adjust after the fact payroll. It can be done using a single spreadsheet-style screen.

  • How to use E-method to Enter after the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks?

    ● You have to enter the checks directly on the transaction Data Entry screen
    ● Now enter the E in the E/V field when you are done with entering the date and check the number.
    ● The Payroll Data Entry screen opens up as the system gets to know that you are writing the Employee check
    ● On the Automatic Payroll Posting Screen, it includes the Net Pay account which is an Accrued Liability account
    ● This method is used when the payroll checks and regular transaction checks are written from the same bank account.

  • Can we do the Batch Payroll to Enter after the Fact Payroll in QuickBooks?

    Yes, it can be done in Batch Payroll using the Manual processing input screen. It is done by using the Alt P method. This is the method in Write Up and is accessed through the Batch Payroll module.

  • Can I enter all the historical Payment information in QuickBooks Payroll to enter after-the-fact payroll in QuickBooks?

    You can only enter the historical information for the current calendar year without any paychecks created for employees. You can enter it using these steps:-

    ● In QuickBooks, go to the Workers menu on the left side
    ● It opens the employee’s page
    ● Click on the employee to open the information
    ● Provide the Prior Pay Details
    ● Mention all the details that are necessary
    ● Then you are done.