Print Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

There are many ways you can “print payroll checks within QuickBooks Desktop” your accounting software. Here we will work on defining one such method and different ways to access them. A thing to note here is that whenever you create a payroll then QuickBooks itself automatically prompts you to print the same. But if you don’t want to do that then the program saves it to be printed later on. With that said follow the below steps to print pay stubs within QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Print Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

If you already have payroll checks already saved within your system and now you want to print them then this is how you will move forward. If you want to print payroll checks in QuickBooks Desktop, you can do so easily by following these steps.

  • The very first thing you would need to do is check if your printer is working or not.
  • And if it is, then check if it is well integrated with your system.
  • You can check all your preferences checked by going to the printer setup menu.
  • Now once that’s done, let’s print your payroll.
    • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and follow the path to your company’s file.
    • From the top navigation bar, click on the Files button and select the prints tab.
    • Here click on the payrolls tab.
    • As per your QuickBooks version you might see the same tab with a different name like Paychecks.
    • Once you find that, click on it.
    • Click on the Bank Accounts tab to see the payroll account that your bank is managing.
    • Now choose the check that needs to be printed.
    • If you want to print all the checks saved in your system then simply select “Print All”. If you want only a particular check to be printed then select them individually.
    • You even have the option to print a message on your payroll checks.
    • This will help you customize and personalize your brand among your employees. If you really would want to do that then.
      • Click on the tab that says “Print message on all paychecks”. Now enter your customized message and hit OK.
      • As now you are finally ready to print payrolls, hit the print option.
      • You will now receive a message after every payroll check is printed that will say: Did your checks print?
      • Hit OK and your next pending check will now be printed.
      • You will continue to get the message until the task finishes.

Print Payroll Checks as soon as You Create them

In the above-given steps, we explained to you how you can print the payroll checks if they are already saved within your system. But now if you are creating payroll and would want to print then and there; then, here is what you would need to do.

  • Within your QuickBooks program, click on the option that says: “Print payroll paychecks from QuickBooks”.
  • The moment you click on the option, this will queue your task and when you finish completing your payroll then it will automatically go for a print.
  • There is quite a possibility that your check number within the system may not match your physical checkbook.
  • If that’s the case then you will have to reassign the check number within the program. To do that,
    • Click on the option that says: “Assign checks to handwritten checks”.
    • Enter the Check number and then this will be assigned to your handwritten checks.
    • QuickBooks will then automatically increase the allotted check number by 1 and the next check that you would want to print will now match with your own checkbook.