PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Troubleshoot PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Things you need to know about the printing problem in QuickBooks Desktop. This article discusses all the required information on how to fix PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks Desktop. Along with all its amazing features, QuickBooks introduces PDF and Print. As you know, these are major requirements to view your business account’s report physically. But, sometimes users confront errors related to the PDF and printer.

Most of the Common Errors can be Resolved by Utilizing the PDF and Print tool

PDF converter appears offlineThe device is unable to runUnable to Print the printer
QuickBooks deny your request to save the report as a PDFFreezes your window when you reconcile the processingError code 1722 or 1801
PDF converter appears offlinewhen your system is not readyUnable to print to a printer
QuickBooks is not respondingQuickBooks unrecoverable errorCouldn’t save it as a Pdf
The issue appears during printing reports or transactionsQuickBooks PDF Converter Activation error 20, 41 or 30Unable to print straightforwardly to the QuickBooks PDF converter
The issue appears when you link with your current chosen printer or Microsoft XPS document writer on the XPS portQuickBooks is unable to complete the running action which appears due to a missing componentPrint driver host for 32-bit unable to work

Reasons behind the QuickBooks PDF and Printing Errors

There are various reasons behind the PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop. All are mentioned below:

  • Inappropriate printer programming
  • Missing PDF record
  • Unavailability of arranged network
  • The issue appears due to incorrect connectivity with devices
  • The link is mismatched between the system and the printer
  • Incomplete establishment of the QuickBooks PDF converter
  • Availability of non-working print driver

Things You Need to Consider

Below are some points that you must consider when trying to fix the PDF and Printing errors in the QuickBooks desktop.

  • Must be sure the correct printer is plugged in
  • When the printer accesses the print from other programs
  • Restart and reboot the system
  • Check and match your system settings with QuickBooks
  • The printer error message displayed on your screen is likewise “QuickBooks Error Dialog or Windows Error Dialog”

Usually, issues arise when you can easily print the reports but are unable to print the transactions. You can resolve this issue by modifying the template form. But make sure, you always correct your all corrupted or damaged files.

Troubleshoot PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the below steps and methods to troubleshoot PDF and print problems with QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 1: Resolve this Error just by installing and Running the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

Step 2: Re-install and allow the Permission for the XPS document Writer

A: Test the XPS Document Writer via Printing outside the QuickBooks software

  • Open the file menu and then select the “Print” option
  • From the printer list menu, choose the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Hit the click on the “Print” button
  • Now, the user needs to save the XPS file
  • Locate the XPS file and open it.
  • In any case, if you are still unable to open the file or find any issues while printing.
  • Then you have to re-install the XPS document writer

B: You can reinstall the Microsoft XPS Document Writer

  • First of all, verify the XPS service
  • Then, re-install the XPS Document Writer in Windows (Accessible for Windows Vista, 7, or 8).

C: Make the Window User Permission for the XPS document

  • To make new changes in the permissions log in with the admin right
  • From the window section, you have to open the Printer control panel
  • Hit the next click on the XPS document writer
  • Chose the “Printer Properties
  • Now, you have to select the security and choose everyone used as a group
  • In any case, if everyone is not listed
  • Hit the next click on the add button
  • Fill in all necessary information in the given field
  • Choose the “Check name” and move forward with the OK button
  • Go to the allow column and then hit the Print button
  • Now track C:\Windows\System32\spool in the window explorer
  • Then, select the “Printers” and click on the Properties
  • From the Security options choose the Edit.
  • Once you are done with this process, then you need to add and write the “Local service”]
  • Must be sure that control the complete process and click on the OK button
  • Once the process is finished and then create a file.

D: Make new Changes in the Security Software Settings

  • Users are required to verify the security software settings such as malware, antivirus, and McAfee antivirus. this will help you to know XPS files are not blocked.

E: Repair the Microsoft XML 6.0

  • The MSXML 6.0 is known for the Microsoft Windows component and a specified portion of the system requirements for the XPS Doc writer

For Windows 8

  • To choose the magnifying glass, drop the mouse in the upper or lower right-hand corner
  • Write the Command and then select the “Command Prompt”
  • From the available preferences, choose “Run as Administrator”
  • Enter the admin password and click on the Allow button
  • Now, you to write “SFC/scan now”

For Windows 7 or Windows Vista

  • Hit the first click on the “Start” button on the window
  • Select “All Programs” and select the “Accessories” option
  • Put Next click on the “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as an administrator
  • Wait until the administrator doesn’t provide a Password, and click on the Allow button
  • Write in “Sfc/Scannow”

F: Make a new template for your form

  • Take suggestions from the Creating New Templates and create a new template for your form
  • Make required changes in the template on your transactions
  • Now, you get access to create the PDF file.

Step 3: Rename or Delete the Printer File

  • If the above solution is unable to resolve the issue then the user needs to delete the corrupted or damaged files and then create a new one
  • Locate all corrupted/damaged files and select all of them
  • You have the choice to rename the file such as ‘qbprint.old and wpr.old‘ rather than deleting them
  • Now, run your QuickBooks and then open the company file
  • Select the file and click on the “Printer Setup” button
  • After selecting any transaction in the form
  • Click on the OK button
  • While implementing the above step, the user needs to reset the printer settings.

Step 4: Escape the Print Spooler tool

To set up the XPS document writer to escape the print spooler with the following steps:

  1. In the first step, open your Printer Control Panel on Your Desktop.
  2. Hit the next click on the MS XPS document writer
  3. Select the “Printer Properties” option
  4. Click on the Advanced tab
  5. Open the Printer directly to view the printer option
  6. At last, hit click on the OK button to save all new changes
  7. Close the Printer properties to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Step 5: Reset the Temporary Folder Permission

  • Press the Window + R key simultaneously to view the Run window
  • Write %TEMP% and click on the Enter key on your keyboard
  • Hit the next right-click on the free section of the temp folder
  • Open the Properties menu then click on the Security tab
  • Check and verify all user names and groups that have Full Access
  • Once you set up the permission then you have to set up the full control.
  • If it is possible, try to save the PDF again within the QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 6: Run the QuickBooks Print Repair Tool

  • The below steps involved the complete procedure to run this tool
  • Find the QBPrint.qbp file which creates printing issues with QuickBooks
  • Then, manually rename the file by prefixing any word
  • The file is accessible in the location C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX
  • If a user can’t find the file location of hidden files
  • Hit the right-click on the QBprint.qbp and rename the file
  • Now, you can open a transaction that has an issue while creating a PDF in the QuickBooks
  • The final step is to print over the QuickBooks sample company file if the issue occurs due to the company file.

I hope the above mention information will help you with the QuickBooks desktop pdf and print errors, the reasons, and also the solution. The above information summarizes all aspects to resolve the “Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop”. They will help you to get rid of this error in the minimum lapse of time. so, you can focus on all other processes of your business accountancy. If you have any queries in your mind, connect with QuickBooks error Consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Que: What does QuickBooks PDF mean?

    QuickBooks introduces a PDF converter that makes a path to change the company’s QuickBooks reports. You can also import the forms in the Adobe Portable Document format files. You can easily convert the QuickBooks reports and forms available in PDF form. This is one of the best ways to share the file with those associates who are unable to run with QuickBooks.

  • Que: How would I be able to Save the Pay Stubs as PDF?

    ● Go to the navigation panel
    ● Open the Employees tab
    ● Give a click on the Paycheck list
    ● Run the Payroll button
    ● Choose the date
    ● Hit the next click on the box which is just next to the employee to choose the pay stubs to print
    ● Click on the Print button
    ● Once the PDF window appears, click on the PRINT option

  • Que: How can I import PDFs into QuickBooks?

    In QuickBooks, you can easily import the Excel files along with CSV or XLSX/XLS format. The best way is to convert the PDF file into an Excel file before moving ahead to QuickBooks.