QuickBooks has stopped working: 4 fixes you can try to get your error fixed.

QuickBooks has stopped working! The error is not new in the QuickBooks community as there are lot of reasons that may want you to experience such an error. Though as already hinted that there are “n” number of reasons which can cause you QuickBooks issues but the most common among them is “Quickbooks integration” with other software’s.

When point of sale quickbooks integration is done and the setup is not proper then you are sure to face with an error message “your QuickBooks not responding”. No matter what the actual cause of the issue is, if you are facing an error then that needs to be resolved, and here we will figure out how that can be done all with ease.

How to fix QuickBooks has stopped working error?

QuickBooks Software is one sure shot financial management software that has changed the financial market situation across the world. The software offers a synchronisation between highly sophisticated tools and provides integration with add-on applications. One of the most popular add-on being Point of sale.

At times while working with QuickBooks Point of Sale software user may encounter errors which can affect the working and interfere in the workflow. These kind of errors generally don’t allow users to access their software and offer following kind of error messages:

“QuickBooks not responding when opening”

In such case user won’t be able to open their QuickBooks Desktop which is either not responding or is showing freezing screen. The issue can be caused due to multiple reasons as listed below:

  • Company name provided exceeds the maximum limit set.
  • The file called QBWUSER.INI has either gone corrupt or is missing.
  • Hard drive is damaged and cannot be accessed properly.
  • Installation of QuickBooks application and file was not completed properly.
  • Windows Operating System might not be functioning properly.


In order to resolve the error of QuickBooks has stopped working you will need to go through the following steps:

Please note:

The user is advised to check if the error is resolved after every method is complete. The solutions is offered by certified QuickBooks professionals.

If you face issues following the same then connect for help at their tollfree number at 1800-940-7442:

Solution 1 – Download and Install QBInstall Tool ( QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool):

  1. Locate and download the QBInstall Tool from the main website of Intuit or QuickBooks.
    We don’t recommend downloading any program, as they may be infected. Thus instead of risking your QuickBooks Data, connect for help.
  2. Next user will be prompted to save the file which should ideally be done over on the desktop.
  3. Switch down any and all programs running in the background and then click on the tab called ‘Run’ for QBInstall to work properly. (in accordance with stability and speed of the Network server and connection, this process can take up to 20 minutes to complete)
  4. Once the tool has finished the process, restart the whole system to save and update the required details.

QuickBooks has stopped working

Solution 2 – Restart & Disable Antivirus Software Installed

  1. Completely shut down all the programs running in the system and restart the computer.
  2. Once all the functions and processes of Computer system are up and running start the QuickBooks Desktop again.
  3. In case the issue is still not resolved, then try to disable any of security software like Antivirus or Malware software. This is a technical process and discretion of technical experts is required..

Solution 3 – Reinstall QuickBooks POS with Clean Install: Completely uninstall the software and then with Clean Install tool reinstall the software.

Solution 4 – Create New Windows Account as Administrator: Last option is to generate a new account within Windows Operating System with the Admin login credentials.

Reach us for help:

At least one of the above four resolution should be able to resolve the issue relating Quickbooks has stopped working. However, if the user still faces issue of opening the Quickbooks software, they should connect with the customer support team setup by Intuit.

The team of professionals housed by the company are experienced and knowledgeable with accounting functions like:

  • Point of Sale management,
  • Tax planning,
  • Recording of financial data and a lot more.

The services revolving around finances and inventory tracking will be accorded from expert accountants who have hands down experience in dealing with related tasks. If the user is unable to connect with QuickBooks support professionals then they can call directly at our tollfree Number – 1800-940-7442 and for online chat support user can browse the website.

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