QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

Here we discussed, how you can troubleshoot if the QuickBooks has stopped working or won’t respond. This error QuickBooks won’t respond to is not new in the QuickBooks community as there are a lot of reasons that may want you to experience such an error. When you open QuickBooks Desktop see the following error message on your desktop screen.

quickbooks desktop has stopped working
QuickBooks has Stopped Working or not Responding to Error

Causes of QuickBooks has Stopped Working Error

Know the Symptoms of QuickBooks has Stopped Working

If you have seen the mentioned symptoms on your software after the crash that is sure to resolve it immediately.

Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or Won’t Respond

To resolve the error of QuickBooks has stopped working or won’t answer you receive a message stating that it has stopped working you will need to go through the following steps.

Solution 1: Run Quick Fix My Program from the QuickBooks Tools Hub

Your QuickBooks any version such as 2010, 2011, … to 2022, 2023 not responding or stopped working, fix this issue by running a Tool hub.

Step 1: Download and install the QuickBooks Tools Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub helps in fixing common errors. To use the tool hub, you must close QuickBooks. We advise using Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit, for the best experience.

  • First, you have to close QuickBooks.
  • Then you have to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub latest version (
  • Save the file in a location where you can find it quickly, such as your Windows desktop or Downloads folder.
  • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file you downloaded.
  • To install and accept the terms and conditions, you have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to launch the tool hub after the installation is complete.

Step 2: Launch Quick Fix My Program from the Tools Hub

Any open background processes that QuickBooks is using will be closed by Quick Fix. Your program will receive a quick repair

  • You have to select Program Problems from the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  • Then you have to select Quick Fix my Program.
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop after starting it.

Solution 2: Disable the Desktop version of QuickBooks

Your company file may be harmed. Figure out whether the problem is with your data file or QuickBooks. Your previous company might attempt to open in QuickBooks.

  • To double-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon, you have to hold down the Ctrl key while doing so.
  • Keep holding down the Ctrl key until the No Company Open window appears, QuickBooks freezes, or an error message appears.
  • Select Open after choosing a company file.

Solution 3: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool from the Tools Hub

  • You have to open QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Installation Issues can be found in the tools hub.
  • The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool should be chosen.
  • Run the program, it can take as long as 20 minutes.
  • Restart your computer after the tool has been completed.
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop after starting it.

Solution 4: Repair your QuickBooks Desktop Installation

  • Go to the QuickBooks Tools hub and select Program Issues.
  • Select Quickly Fix My Programs.
  • To replace any damaged installation files, you have to run a repair.
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop after starting it.

Solution 5: Create a New Windows Admin User to Fix the Bug

  • Press the ‘Start‘ Button and then open the ‘Control Panel‘.
  • After that click on Add or Remove User Accounts.
  • Once the ‘Manage Accounts‘ Box is open, click on ‘Create a New Account.
  • And then, type the ‘Account Name‘ and select ‘Create Admin account‘.
  • Go to the down and click on the ‘Create Account button.
  • Done! You have created a new user account.

If the user is unable to connect with QuickBooks error consultant professionals then they can call directly at our toll-free Number and for online chat Consultant, the user can browse the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if QuickBooks is not responding?

Close all background-running apps and free up some additional system storage if the software isn’t responding. You can also try restarting QuickBooks and then fixing it using the Control Panel. Additionally, make sure your program is current by checking for updates.

Is it helpful to force shut all antivirus programs before troubleshooting the error?

It comes off as mandatory to shut all antivirus programs on your system before you proceed to run QuickBooks software.

Can re-installing your Windows application be a fix for QuickBooks has stopped working error?

Reinstalling your Windows Operating System is the last resort but it doesn’t disappoint, reinstalling Windows would further eliminate QuickBooks and company file information. This can be a solid fix for QuickBooks errors.

Why won’t QuickBooks open in Chrome?

It can be very frustrating when customers of QuickBooks have trouble getting into QuickBooks Online using Google Chrome. Due to security concerns, this error can occur frequently. The user will need to update to a new Intuit account with increased protection if this account is found.

How do I run a repair on QuickBooks?

Any open background processes that QuickBooks is using will be closed by the quick repair. Your software will run Quick Repair as a result. Go to the QuickBooks Tools hub and select Program Issues. Select Quickly Fix My Programs.