QuickBooks Error 6150: 9 Simple steps to fix your issue.

QuickBooks Error 6150

There are many issues that you may face in your accounting program, QuickBooks Error 6150 is one of them. It reads like:

‘’An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to create, open, or use the company file. Please try again. ‘’

Each error code in QB points to a different underlying problem that is causing the error. There can be a single or multiple underlying problems that may have to be resolved. Before trying out any of the following error resolution methods, we’d advise you to create a backup of the company file.

A backup of the company file is necessary as we’d be trying to repair the company file. The QuickBooks error -6000 series signifies that there is either a connection problem or the company file is corrupt. If the problem is the latter one, then it’d be better to have a separate copy of the company file so that there is no permanent damage while we try to repair it. Thus if you need to fix QuickBooks error 6150 then here is what you will need to do.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6150?

QuickBooks error 6150

Please install the latest updates for your version of QuickBooks. To install the latest QuickBooks updates for your version, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Log into QuickBooks through a user with administrative privileges
  2. Go to File and click on Close Company
  3. Click on Exit from the file menu
  4. Right click on QuickBooks icon and select Run as Administrator
  5. Once QuickBooks opens, select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu
  6. Mark all Options for Update
  7. Click on Update Now
  8. Select Reset Update and click on Get Updates
  9. Once the update is downloaded, select Install Updates

Installing the latest updates is essential as most bugs are addressed through them. If QuickBooks error 6150 still persists, then follow the methods provided below.

Connection Problem: Company File on Another System

It is important for QuickBooks POS to instantly get a connection with the company file or this may crop up an error. This error is usually from the -6000 error series or -HXXX error series. Connection problems have been reported by many users who host their company file on a separate system or server.

First of all, it is important to check your internet connection. If it is working properly, then some other software might be blocking the connection. In most cases, it has been found that the Windows firewall blocks the connection of QB through certain ports. We need to allow these connections in order to connect to the company file and fix QuickBooks error 6150. This is why, we’ll disable the firewall and check whether or not we can properly connect to the company file:

  1. Log into Windows as an Administrator
  2. Search for Windows Firewall in the Start Menu
  3. From the left panel select Turn off Windows Firewall
  4. Disable windows firewall for both Private and Public networks
  5. Click Ok

Damaged Company file

A damaged company file cannot be read properly by QuickBooks. Hence, if any damage is found while the company file is being read by QB, it will throw QuickBooks error 6150. Note that there could be permanent damage to the company file. If your company file is permanently damaged, then you can contact QuickBooks POS Support to get your issues fixed.

You can try another free tool, QuickBooks File Doctor. It can resolve simple company file and connection issues with ease. After downloading, install the tool and run it. In order to know more about the software, you can check out this article.

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