QuickBooks Add, Remove and Convert Purchase Order to Invoice

If you are new to QuickBooks, or if you’re looking for a way to streamline your purchase orders. Read how to add, remove and convert QuickBooks purchase order to invoice. Any purchase order is a great way to track your purchases and keep track of your finances.

In QuickBooks, you can create purchase orders for items that you’ve ordered from your suppliers. You can customize purchase orders to buy materials or supplies needed for your business.

Add Purchase Orders to Expenses, Bills, or Checks in QuickBooks Online

Record the purchase order as a bill or cost in QuickBooks after the seller accepts the order and ships the goods. The purchase order can be readily included as a line item. As a result, the initial purchase order is closed, linked purchase order to the bill or charge, and the accurate accounting is recorded.

Turn on itemization on bills

To itemize your goods and services, first check that your bills are set up to display the items table.

  • You have to go to Settings and then you have to go to Account and Settings.
  • Then you have to select Expenses.
  • Select edit from the Bills and Expenses menu.
  • On the expenditure and purchase forms, enable Show Items table.
  • Pick Save and then click Done.

Add a purchase order to an expense, bill, or check

You have to follow the steps after your vendor accepts the purchase order:

  • You have to select +New.
  • Then you have to select Check, Expense, or Bill. Learn when to use bills or expenses.
  • Choose the vendor from the Payee dropdown. A window with their open purchase orders appears as a result.
  • For the appropriate purchase order, choose Add. The products from the purchase order are now added. They are visible under Item details.
  • Select the Billable checkbox if you plan to charge a customer for a specific item.
  • Then, you have to add the customer you plan to bill in the Customer column.
  • At last, you have to select Save and Close.

Add part of a purchase order to an expense, bill, or check

You can include only those parts of a bill or expense if you only received a portion of a purchase order or made a partial payment. Several transactions are connected to the same purchase order by this.

  • Begin by selecting +New.
  • Then you have to select Expense, Check or Bill, find out more about when to utilize bills or expenses.
  • Choose the vendor from the Payee dropdown. This will open a window with their open purchase orders.
  • For the appropriate purchase order, you have to choose Add. The products from the purchase order are now added. In the Item details sections, they will get appear.
  • To reflect the share you got or intend to pay for, change the number or amount for each line item.
  • At last, you have to select Save and then close.

Remove a purchase order from a bill or expense

Simply you have to choose Delete from the dropdown menu in the Actions column if you haven’t yet saved the invoice or transaction.

If the expense or bill has already been stored, open it by going to Bookkeeping and choosing Transactions. Choose Delete from the corresponding purchase order’s dropdown menu. The purchase order is separated as a result.

However, the status of the purchase order remains closed. The setting must be manually changed back to Open:

  • You have to go to Bookkeeping then you have to click on Transactions and then you have to select Expenses or you can go to Expenses.
  • You have to select and then you have to open the purchase order you added by fault.
  • Then you have to select the dropdown that says Closed that is under the Vendor dropdown menu.
  • You can change the status to Open.
  • Then you have to select Save.
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Tips to Convert a Purchase Order in QuickBooks

If you are in the business of purchasing goods or services, using a purchase order is a must. A purchase order is a document that specifies the details of a particular purchase. It includes the buyer, the items being purchased, the price, and the payment terms.

Want to turn your QuickBooks purchase order into an invoice, then follow these simple steps.

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and open up your company file.
  • Hit the Gear icon on the top of the navigation panel and click on the company settings.
  • Now click on the expenses tab.
  • Locate the bill & expenses tab and hover over the pencil icon.
  • Now check the box where it says “make expenses and items billable” & “track expenses and items by customer“.
  • Click on the save button.

Now, whenever you will create a purchase order you will be able to see an extra field wherein you will be able to write customers’ names. Once you do that you will be able to bill your expenses to your customer right from QuickBooks. If you still need any help related to QuickBooks then you can give us a call at our QuickBooks consultant phone for both USA and Canada. Our customer Consultant staff will get in touch with you and will provide you with all the assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a purchase order to my bill?

You have to select the purchase order from the list of transactions on the vendor’s screen. 
Then you have to click on the Copy to Bill button next to the amount on the Purchase Order screen. 
By doing this, the purchase order’s whole will be copied into a bill. 
The ability to add things to the bill is available.

What does a purchase order in QuickBooks serve?

Purchase orders inform merchants of your intention to buy. You can enter the precise items and quantity you wish to purchase on purchase orders. You may rapidly add a purchase order to an expense or bill transaction in QuickBooks once your vendor accepts it and agrees to the terms.

Do purchase orders get tracked by QuickBooks?

You can identify which purchase order is being received and then submitted to the QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app using the buy order management worksheet. Your purchase orders are also tracked by site, status, and vendor.12

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