QuickBooks Link Purchase Order to Invoice step by step

Follow these simple steps in order to Link QuickBooks purchase order to invoice.

How to QuickBooks Link Purchase Order to Invoice

  • Login to your Quickbooks company file and try creating a purchase order.
  • You can do this by heading to the purchase order section and hitting the create button. Save when you are done.
  • Now create an invoice by navigating to the bill or invoice section. Hit create to create an invoice.
  • Now provide the details for the same vendor for whom you did the purchase order.
  • Click Add to even save it in the Purchase order.
  • This will link your purchase order to your invoice.
  • Once you are done linking, you will be able to see a hyperlinked transaction at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you see that, then this means that you have successfully linked your quickbooks purchase order to an invoice.
  • Hit Save to save your settings.

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