QuickBooks Link Purchase Order to Invoice step by step

Follow these simple steps in order to link QuickBooks purchase order to invoice. Linking your purchase orders to invoices in QuickBooks can save you time and help you keep track of your spending.

How to QuickBooks Link Purchase Order to Invoice

  • Login to your QuickBooks company file and try creating a purchase order.
  • You can do this by heading to the purchase order section and hitting the create button. Save when you are done.
  • Now create an invoice by navigating to the bill or invoice section. Hit create to create an invoice.
  • Now provide the details for the same vendor for whom you did the purchase order.
  • Click Add to even save it in the Purchase order.
  • This will link your purchase order to your invoice.
  • Once you are done linking, you will be able to see a hyperlinked transaction at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you see that, then this means that you have successfully linked your QuickBooks purchase order to an invoice.
  • Hit Save to save your settings.

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