QuickBooks Freezes or Crashes on Startup

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Freezes or Crashes on Startup and Printing

Has anyone been having problems with QuickBooks freezes or crashes and hangs on startup. Users may encounter various issues when QuickBooks freezes while performing specific actions when they try to open a new window in the QuickBooks file.

However, there are a few things that can go wrong with QuickBooks Desktop or Online and users may experience freezes or crashes on startup.

You may be trying to print an invoice, use the register, customize a report…whatever you’re trying to do, QuickBooks Freezes or Crashes instead of opening up that next print, register, or customization window. If you are encountering issues with your QuickBooks then most likely the problem is not the software itself. QuickBooks Freezes or Crashes while opening a company file, QuickBooks freezes when printing, and QuickBooks may freeze while working on QuickBooks or performing actions. In the majority of the cases, windows are found to be at fault. Here is the error that you may receive.

QuickBooks does not actually freeze an offscreen next to it has just opened

This simply means that the windows have opened outside the visible range due to the monitor setup. This error also suggests that QuickBooks has frozen and the windows are waiting for the input.

Reason When QuickBooks Freezes or Crashes on Startup

There are many reasons for this QuickBooks freezes or crashes on startup.

What is Common When QuickBooks Crashes

  • On startup
  • When attaching or opening a file
  • When clicking on send forms
  • When opening the check register
  • When Opening a Company File/Changing from One Company to Another
  • When Emailing an Invoice or saving
  • Freezes when printing

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Freezes or Crashes on Startup (for Windows)

 alert for quickbooks desktop

This is very general and now recognize the problem when you try to open QuickBooks but it does not respond/open and nothing happens. Here is what you have to do in such a case. Here is the best solution that you can perform that will help you resolve the QuickBooks freezes or crashes on startup errors.

Step I: Use of Escape Key (ESC)

  • Identify the task due to which your QuickBooks freezes, and perform the task again.
  • Now, press the escape button on your keyboard.
  • Now, perform the same task again if your error is not resolved.
  • Once you press the ESC key from your keyboard, most open will be closed by QuickBooks (The recently opened offscreen one).
  • Once it is closed, reset it to the currently visible area of the windows.
  • Next time, if you try to perform the same option
  • Check that an appropriate window appears and QuickBooks freezes, no longer while performing any task.

Step II- Suppress the QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the below steps to suppress the Desktop while starting QuickBooks.

  • First, you have to press and hold the Ctrl key
  • Then you have to double-click your QuickBooks program icon
  • Hold down the Control key until the no Company Open window appears.

Use these steps to disable the Desktop while opening a company file.

  • From the No Company Open window, you have to choose the desired company file.
  • Hold down the Alt key.
  • Select Open from the menu.
  • Till the login window displays you have to keep holding down the Alt key.
  • Alt should be released.
  • Specify your login information and Hold down the Alt key.
  • Once your file has fully opened, click OK while holding down the Alt key. A blank desktop will be visible in QuickBooks.

Step III: Uninstall and Repair QuickBooks

If you are using any of the above Windows versions to use QuickBooks and there is a complaint regarding QuickBooks freezing continuously then here is what you can do.


  • Press Windows + E to open the computer’s windows.
  • Now click on the computer tab in Windows 8.
  • Now, change the program or click on uninstall.
  • Now, select QuickBooks.
  • Once QuickBooks software opens, click on change/uninstall.
  • If you simply press the uninstall button then you may end up deleting your QuickBooks data and the software itself.


  • First, go to the QuickBooks Server Windows
  • Then select Next after that click the radio repair button
  • After that select next and repair.
  • Thereafter select finish then this will repair your QuickBooks Server configuration.
  • Now, open your QuickBooks server file menu and check whether the problem is still within the software or not.

QuickBooks Keeps Crashing (for MAC)

The rare possibility under which you will see QuickBooks crashing using on MAC would be when you have shut down from QuickBooks with Windows minimized.

Reasons QuickBooks for Mac Keeps Crashing

  • You may be using QuickBooks with some corrupted driver or the extension of the system might be damaged. If this is the issue that it can simply be resolved by rebooting the system.
  • Another possibility is that you might have infected data that would be bothering your work. To rectify this issue, you would need to go to the files tab within QuickBooks and choose to select Rebuild data under the utility tab.

Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks for Mac Keeps Crashing

If your QuickBooks for MAC keeps crashing, you may be able to fix the problem. Here are some steps to take:-

  • Check out the library section of your system.
  • Click on the library’s tab and a window will appear.
  • Click on preferences.
  • Here you will find files with extension .plist.
  • If you see them then drag them to the trash.
  • Now log back to your QuickBooks account again then you will see the problem resolved.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop Freezes When Printing

But at times, there are certain issues and you might complain that QuickBooks freezes when printing or QuickBooks not responding when printing. The error occurs when you try to print or save an invoice as a PDF file.

Why your QuickBooks Freezes or Stops Responding When Printing

QuickBooks freezing while printing may be due to different factors. These can be.

  • Incorrect selection of printer or
  • Incompatible printer.
  • Incompatible QuickBooks version etc.
  • Default printer problem on your PC.
  • 64 Bit Problems.

Method to Fix QuickBooks Freezes or Not Responding When Printing

Follow the below instructions, guides, and steps to fix the issue of the freeze while printing.

Method I: Installing QuickBooks Updates

After you buy QuickBooks software, it is very important to keep on installing all the latest updates of QuickBooks software to keep enjoying all the features, which includes the ability to print too. Thus when there comes an update and you don’t install it then oftentimes, it hinders your work, and QuickBooks freezes when printing error becomes a common cause.

  • To do QuickBooks updates, here is what you can do.
  • Click on the Help button on the top menu bar of QuickBooks.
  • Choose Update QuickBooks.
  • Now just wait for the update to finish.

Method II: Remove the PDF Printing Problem

Your QuickBooks may freeze while printing due to some kind of PDF printing issue too. If there is any kind of communication gap between your QuickBooks software and the PDF converter, your printer may freeze.

  • It is suggested to get the Intuit PDF Diagnostic Tool.
  • This tool primarily will let you identify the PDF converter in your QuickBooks software.

Method III: Remove the QuickBooks Installation Problem

You may face printer-related issues even when you update. This might be because your printer may now not support your QuickBooks version and you might want to install a new printer. At times, while you update or install your QuickBooks software, you might make some changes that might cause printing issues.

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