QuickBooks Freezes: Call 1800-865-4183 What to do when QuickBooks crashes on startup?

User may encounter various issues when QuickBooks freezes while performing specific actions when you try to open a new window in QuickBooks file. You may be trying to print an invoice, use the register, customize a report…whatever you’re trying to do, QuickBooks always seems to freeze instead of opening up that next print, register, or customization window. Here are certain reasons due to which QuickBooks may freeze:

  • QuickBooks freezes while opening Company file.
  • QuickBooks may freeze while working on QuickBooks or performing actions.
  • The freezing may cause some error message.
  • Verify or Rebuild Data Utilities has not detected any error

QuickBooks Freezes: Is this the actual problem…!

If you are encountering issues with your Quickbooks then most likely the problem is not the software itself. In majority of the cases, windows is found to be at fault. Here is the error that you may receive:

QuickBooks does not actually freeze– an offscreen next to it has just opened.

This simply means that the windows has opened outside visible range due to monitor setup. This error also suggests that QuickBooks has frozen and the windows is waiting for the input. You can’t click on the right button because nothing is visible on the screen. It won’t even let you open or use any other windows or functions until you click on offscreen windows. You won’t be able to proceed anywhere in QuickBooks and it looks like software has frozen.

QuickBooks Crashes on startup:

This is very general and now recognized problem when you try to open QuickBooks but it does not respond/open and nothing happens. Here is what you have to do in such case. Here is the best solution that you can perform that will help you resolve “QuickBooks crashes on startup” error.

  • Identify the task due to which your QuickBooks freezes, perform the task again.
  • Now, press the escape button from your keyboard.
  • Now, perform the same task again if your error is not resolved.

Once you press the ESC key from your keyboard, most open will be closed by QuickBooks (The recently opened offscreen one). Once it is closed, reset it into the current visible area of windows. Next time, if you try to perform the same option, check that an appropriate window appears and QuickBooks freezes, no longer while performing any task.

QuickBooks error on windows 7,8 and vista.

If you are using any of the above platforms to use QuickBooks and there is a complain regarding QuickBooks freezing continuously then here is what you can do:

  • Press Windows + E to open computer’s windows. Now click on computer tab in Windows 8.
  • Now, change program or click on uninstall.
  • Now, select QuickBooks.
  • Once QuickBooks software opens, click on change/uninstall.
  • Beware…! You need to only change the QuickBooks server settings. If you simply press the uninstall button then you may end up deleting your QuickBooks data and the software itself.
  • QuickBooks Server Windows –> select next –> click on radio repair button –> select next and repair.
  • Select finish –> this will repair your QuickBooks Server configuration.
  • Now, open your QuickBooks server file menu and check whether the problem is still within the software or not.

Reach us:

If you still find QuickBooks freezes error in the software or your QuickBooks crashes on startup, then you would need technical Support. If you know a QuickBooks ProAdvisor then great but if you are still facing issues connecting with them then dial us for help.

QuickBooks Tech support professionals are at your service 24/7. Get in touch with us and get your every query sorted, all with ease.

Here are some of our connectivity Channels:

  • Our Toll-Free Number 1800-865-4183: Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you get your issues fixed. We provide on call support and will also let you train on the subject. Though we understand QuickBooks is tough thus so we are. Thus if you are facing QuickBooks error then dial us for help, tollfree.
  • Live Chat Support: Our Live Chat Support system is available on our Website QuickBooks Update. Support, our customer can get in touch with us through this feature according to convenience of time or according.

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