[Error Fixed] QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open

QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open

QuickBooks, the most demanded Intuit software is well known for its exceptional features that make daily accounting smooth and easy. With the powerful tools and modules, the software helps the business to escalate profitably. The program is richly stuffed with features, but at times the configuration goes wrong and an error occurs “QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open“. At times you might encounter the QuickBooks error with an error message:

QuickBooks has an open file, Your QuickBooks company file is already running.

QuickBooks Company File Issue

This QuickBooks error signifies as a default error, it means it is not malicious at all. It does not affect your important company data but blocks the application and restricts you from opening it. When you face this error, do not open the QuickBooks company file, as there are chances of the files getting crashed and this result to data loss.

QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open: Causes

There are six possible causes for this error. The actual cause of the error needs to be identified for successful resolution.

  • There might be two situations of QuickBooks program open on the same computer.
  • The Quick Start option might be turned on your computer.
  • The different names of QuickBooks file that differs from the one that is setup originally in the QQube Configuration Tool, & attempting to refresh data. This usually happens if the installation id for a single-user.
  • The different QuickBooks paths used to open a specific company file that is using a different path from the one that is setup in the initial stage in the QQube Configuration Tool and attempts to refresh the data. It also occurs if the installation is meant for the single user.
  • In case a specific company file is open prior trying to open many QuickBooks company files at the same time.
  • The improper configuration in a Remote Terminal Services Environment. While installing Qube the suggested instructions were not followed properly.

How to Fix QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open Issue

QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open

If you are facing challenge with the issue “QuickBooks already has a company file open” then it is suggested that you talk to proadvisor.

The first and the foremost thing suggested to the users who face this error is to run QuickBooks File Doctor (details provided below). Many times the error gets resolved automatically when the tool is running.

Download and install the free tool that thoroughly scans the data and files stored in the system and identifies if there is any error. Once the file doctor identifies the error it fixes it automatically. In case you are facing issues in working with QuickBooks file doctor then follow these step by step process:

Total time: 45 minutes

Step 1:  Close QuickBooks Process from Task Manager

QuickBooks Already has a company file open

First of all, close all the QuickBooks-related process using the Task Manager

🔹 To open the Task Manager, Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together from your keyboard
🔹 After that, click on the tab name Details
🔹 Select any services randomly from the list shown to you
🔹 To search for QuickBooks services, you can also search for it by pressing the Q button to get to the QuickBooks file name without scrolling too much
🔹 Then choose the QBW32.exe and the QBDBMgr.exe
🔹 Click on the nd Task button to stop these tasks that are running in the background.

Step 2: Close all QuickBooks Processes at the Same Time

You can do close all the processes at once if you don’t want to close it one by another. The processes of QuickBooks have various different names in your system. Closing all the processes at once is easy to do. You just have to follow the steps to do so:-

🔹 Open the Task Manager first by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc button together
🔹 Go to the tab Processes
🔹 Then select the QuickBooks and click on the End Task button to stop it
🔹 After this, open the QuickBooks again.

Step 3: Reboot your System

As you have to close the QuickBooks process manually so if you don’t want to do it manually then reboot your system. So, this fixes your issue so the steps are as follows:-

🔹 Go to the Start menu or press the Windows button from the keyboard
🔹 Then click on the Power button
🔹 Select the option Restart and the system start restarting so wait for it

Step 4: Open the QuickBooks software

🔹 When it is done then you have to open the QuickBooks software again.

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If you still face the issue then it must be because of the duplicate copy running in the background. Try killing that within your task manager and you should face no problem.

In case you are still facing the issue or have any related queries over “QuickBooks already has a company file open” then connect with our QuickBooks error support. The experienced QuickBooks team is capable of handling all the issues promptly. Thus get in touch with us now.