QBDBMGRN not running on this computer. What to do?

“QBDBMGRN not running on this computer” is the kind of error message that you face when you are on a multi user mode. Though QuickBooks is the most preferred business accounting software and it meets all the requirements of the businesses irrespective of size and sector. But still there arises errors and issues that leads on problems within your working of the software. The same kind of error message is QBDBMGRN not running on this computer message is one of those errors that gives a hard time to its users.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager (Qbdbmgrn.exe) is a utility that is specially set up for multiple user access. It networks the data file on your host computer to assure stability and better performance. Approaching to a data file over a network without Database Manager might be risky in terms of damage or data corruption. In case you are working on single user mode, then you will not require the QB Database Server Manager.

Qbdbmgrn.exe file is considered lot beneficial for the functioning of QuickBooks. There are times when you might face the issue with QuickBooks Database Server Manager. It might restrict you by not running and workflow gets affected. Usually, you will locate the company data files in the C drive under the program files.

How to Fix “Qbdbmgrn not running on this computer” Error?

Qbdbmgrn not running issue is a technical error which will take ages to fix if done manually. Thus it is recommended that you fix your issue using QuickBooks File Doctor. To know more about QuickBooks file Doctor, click on the link provided.


Before downloading the QuickBooks file Doctor .exe file get advice from your prodvisor or call ✆ +1800-865-4183 to get support. The reason we say this is because the program is sometimes found to be infected. People have often complained that after downloading the software it has damaged their company data file. Thus tread with caution.

The QuickBooks File Doctor is a specially designed utility tool to diagnose your network and help resolve network problems that affect QuickBooks functioning. With the use of this tool you can fix errors like QBDBMGRN not running on this computer error. Though the tool doesn’t guarantee that your problem can be resolved, but it still can be a lot helpful. While the tool diagnoses, the tests result have special sections that elaborate it in detail, comprising all the resources to help fix problems in each particular zone. To see the way to resolve the issue you need to click on the result you get from by using the File Doctor Tool.

Test Results

Description of the Test Result

Error Resolution

Hosting Mode is off Trying to open QuickBooks company files over a network requires QuickBooks Hosting turned on. Turn on the hosting mode. The hosting model should be on in case you are on the server computer not in the work area.
If the folder comprise non-writable company file. Thoroughly verify read and write access to the folder the company file is available. Set up access permissions in Windows for your Windows user and QuickBooks.
In case the folder includes non-sharable company files. The folder that comprises of the company file needs to be used with other QuickBooks users. Share the folder in Windows
No Network Connectivity At minimum one working TCP/IP adapter and that the hostname of the local system is resolvable. 1. Enter the command and run IPConfig and verify that you have an IP address for at least one network adapter.


2. In case you are using multiple adapters, the IP address will be required by only one adapter.

QBCFMonitorService not running. Regulate PortFinder service in QB and check if it is active in the window displayed. 1.  Firewall settings to open 8019 port for the tool and QB applications on the client and server.

2. Check that the server has hosting turned on.

3. A ping should be there from client to the server.

Firewall software blocking the QuickBooks program. Verify the firewall software settings are enabled to work with QuickBooks. Set up firewall exceptions for QuickBooks. Any other third party firewall will be listed if identified.
QBDBMgrN not running on this computer. Verify that the Sybase Database Service is approachable and active. 1. Set up your firewall settings to open Dynamic DB port for QB File Doctor, and all other QB apps. Set up your firewall on all client computers as well as on your server.

2. Assure that hosting is turned on the server.

3. See that you are able to ping the server both with IP and hostname on the server and computers of the client.

In case, the error still persists, then you can reach out to our technical support team any time of the day and get all your issues fixed in no time.

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