Network Data (.ND) Files in QuickBooks Desktop

However, many of the users don’t know about the Network Data (.ND) Files. Working with QuickBooks empowers you to manage your work and track everything very easily through a single dashboard.

The below topic cover the information related to .ND files and their functions of it. Every QuickBooks user should know about these .ND files and facts related to it. While working with QuickBooks sometimes you might face errors related to .ND errors, at this time.

What is QuickBooks .ND File (Network Data) in QB Desktop

These .ND files are configuration files available in QuickBooks which help to access company files in a multi-user network atmosphere. These.ND files are created by the QuickBooks Database server manager (QBServerUtilityMgr.exe).

What is the Function of the .ND files:

  • There are many functions of the .ND files, some of them are mentioned:
  • ND files are created by the QuickBooks database server manager, in the folder of the company file. These files are having with .ND extensions such as
    • MyCompanyFile.nd
    • MyCompanyFile.qbw.nd
  • You can also locate it .ND files in a single-user environment having an earlier multi-user access option turned on.
  • .ND files consist of some information that is needed for QuickBooks software to communicate with the server, like IP address and port.
  • These .ND files also track if the company file is in use or not.
  • The size is 1 KB and it is available in the text file. Being a text file you can open it easily and edit the same.

Sample Network Data (.ND) Files

Sample Network Data (.ND) Files
  • Server IP addresses – Get the server IP address and compare it with the .ND file
  • Server Name and QuickBooks Year – Middle one is the server name and QuickBooks Database manager version at the end: 28=2018, 29=2019, 30=2020-10-07.
  • Port Used – Port needs to be opened or added to firewall settings
  • Full company file path – If there is any other path except C, it needs additional troubleshooting.
  • 1 for hosting on and 2 for hosting off – Hosting should be turned on for file, if the file needed to be open in multi-user mode
  • Usually Blank – It can be ignored

How to Use and Resolve Network Data (.ND) Files Error

  • If .ND file is damaged, incorrect, or moved while upgraded then the company file would not open. You can again create .ND files to sort out the errors. Below are some of the errors.
    • Error 6189, 816
    • Error H 101, H 202, H 303, H 505
  • To solve the .ND file issues follow the below methods.

Solution 1- Reboot the System and Server

  • Visit all the computers who is having access to company files after that reboot all
  • If data is kept on the server then restart the server too.
  • Now, access the company file
  • If this does not work go to the below method.

Solution 2- Incorrect or missing .ND file

  • Search for the .ND in the computer having company files ( If .ND files don’t exist you can open the company file on the system from the location where the file is saved to create it)
  • Now, delete or rename files (.NDOLD)
  • Through the Database server manager, rescan the folder, which creates the new file.

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