QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816

QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816

QuickBooks business management software is the powerful and sophisticated accounting application that is also prone to encounter errors like other software. “QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816” is one of the common errors related to QuickBooks 6000 series error code. This error code is tagged with an error message: “QuickBooks was unable to open the company file on the hosted computer.” The error message indicates restricted access to the QuickBooks company file.

QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816:

QuickBooks error code 6190 is a category of error that is reported by the users. The error crops up with an error message:

“QuickBooks was not able to open the company file [path] in the central computer.”

It indicates that your crucial business data is not accessible. The error occurs due to multiple reasons and become critical if not fixed at the right time.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816:

  • TLG file (Transaction Log File) is not affiliated with that of the company file. TLG file comprises of all the business transactions that are saved automatically by the QuickBooks.
  • The file is named as per the format – [Name of the company file].qbw. and tlg file.
  • The user is allowed to convert the file into company data file only (.qbw file).
  • Incomplete or improper installation of the update released by Intuit also causes the error.
  • Sometimes the company file is updated on one computer system without updated transaction log file
  • In case the application is used by another user by any other client in Single user mode it restricts the user to access the company file.
  • Due to corrupt company or data file.

It is recommended to seek technical support from Intuit setup QuickBooks customer support team to identify the exact cause of the error and the data corruption in the software.

What is the Symptoms of Error Code 6190 and 816 QuickBooks:

  • The operating system starts freezing or crashing while working
  • The software crashes when the error appears on your screen
  • The system is not working properly or stops responding.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816:

quickbooks error 6190 816

Many solutions are here to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816. Go with the one that fits into your situation or reason for the cause. The solutions are as follows:-

Total Time: 30 minutes

Solution 1: Single-User Mode

🔹 In this, if you have multi-user mode then ask others to log out of the QuickBooks account
🔹 Now you have to restart your system
🔹 Transfer the data file to the desktop by using the copy and paste method
🔹 The data must be saved far from the source location
🔹 Now do copy the file and then paste it to its original
🔹 In the end, sign in to your QuickBooks account.

Solution 2: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

quickbooks file doctor

🔹 You have to download and install it in your system to use it for fixing the issue
🔹 Then run the tool but before that make sure that you are working as an administrator
🔹 Now you get 2 options that are
🅰 Network connectivity only
🅱 Both file harm and network connectivity
🔹 From this select the option “Both File harm and network connectivity” so that the tool identifies the damaged files that cause this error
🔹 A window pops-up, in this type the administrator password
🔹 After that, it questioned you about the company file that is on the server or the system
🔹 You have to click on the Yes button if you are using company documents and no if using it from the system
🔹 In the end, click on the continue button.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Refresher Tool

🔹 Close the QuickBooks from other users system by asking them to do so
🔹 Now download the QuickBooks Refresher tool
🔹 Search for the file name qbrefresherv1.exe and double-click the file to open it
🔹 After opening the tool, select the option Fix My QuickBooks to repair the problem
🔹 Then wait till it diagnoses all the things and finish the process
🔹 When the repair is completed, you can run the QuickBooks software on your system
🔹 Check that you are able to open the Company Data File.

Solution 4: Check and fix all the Issues or Mismatch Things

🔹 First of all, open the Company File in the QuickBooks software
🔹 Search for the company file and this file and transaction log file has the same name but have different extensions
🔹 You have to search for .qbw.nd file and then change its name with the help of rename option
🔹 Add the old at the end of the file name and save the file
🔹 While renaming take care that you do not need to delete or change anything only add the old at the end of the file name and complete renaming process
🔹 Also, rename the transaction log file with .tlg extension; by adding old at the end of the file name
🔹 After all this, you can verify the error by opening the Company file in the software.

Solution 5: Windows Update

windows update

🔹 In your system, click on the Start menu button
🔹 Then go to the Settings and open it
🔹 In this, click on the Update and Security option
🔹 Further, select the tab Windows update
🔹 In the tab, check for the updates by clicking on the button Check for updates
🔹 If there is any update available then it automatically starts downloading
🔹 When the update is done successfully, you have to install the QuickBooks software again.

Another Method to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6190:

  • Download “QuickBooks File Doctor” Tool >> Install >> Run it
  • Login as Administrator.
  • It will give two options: (1) Both file damage & network connectivity (2) Only Network connectivity
  • You will be prompted for a password. Enter your admin password
  • It will ask to locate the company files on the computer or web
  • Choose Yes in case you are using Web based and No for computer based company file
  • Click on “Proceed”.

In case the tool runs successfully it will identify and repair the company file. In case the error persists you have to fix the disparity. Prior to this you need to ensure that you are using the same system where the files are saved. Further you have to rename the files. Renaming the company files prevent them from data loss.

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the folder comprising the your company file.
  • Locate the transaction log file, and company file, with same name but different extensions.
  • Click to choose the “Rename” option.
  • Enter any new name and only add “-OLD” word at the end of the file name. You do have to clear the extension or “.qbw.nd”.
  • Likewise you have to rename the transaction log file without omitting the extension.
  • Click to exit.
  • Open QuickBooks program and try to login in the company file.

Above are the solutions to fix the QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816 that can be implemented according to the cause. You can also connect with the team of QuickBooks Error Support to get the solution directly. They are available 365 days a year to help you all the time whenever required. You can also do a live chat or send the email. They are happy to serve you the best.