QuickBooks Error H303

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error H303

QuickBooks error H303 is one of the most notoriously known network errors. Usually, the company file is connected via a remote connection. If a connection cannot be established with the company file before the timeout, then error code H303 is related to the multi-user mode not working in QuickBooks.

This error code H303 usually is indicative that the machine on which the QuickBooks business file is kept requires additional configuration. There are multiple errors in this category, which are described as under.

These different error codes signify different underlying issues that may be causing problems with the connectivity. Let’s start with the most basic solution.

The Following Causes for QuickBooks Error H303

Just like any other uninvited occurring error, it can also take place due to various reasons, let us dig further and know them with a better understanding.

  • The ND file has been corrupted as a consequence of poor hosting configuration settings.
  • Access to the computer hosting the corporate file is being denied due to security software (for example, a firewall).
  • QuickBooks is unable to determine the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the machine that has the company file.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error H303 with your Company File

QuickBooks error code H303

Follow all steps and instructions to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error H303 related to multi-user mode.

Step 1: QuickBooks File Doctor

  • This is a free tool provided to solve common connectivity issues and errors in the company files.
  • To start, you can download the application File Doctor.
  • After installing, just follow the instructions provided by the application to fix some common issues. Once the application scans the network, the scanning of the company file will start. This can take time depending upon the size of your company file.

Step 2: Modify Advanced Firewall Settings

In Windows, the firewall settings can prevent QB from connecting with the company file that is on a remote server or system. You can turn off the firewall to see the impact. Also, you may have to change advanced firewall settings to fix this connectivity issue.

  • Search for “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” through the start menu
  • Select Inbound Rules from the left panel
  • Enter the port that you want to allow
  • Enter the complete path for the executable file of QB
  • Select Allow the Connection
  • Mark all the checkboxes and click on the next
  • Do not skip this, as later you won’t be able to identify this new rule without any name and description.
  • Select Outbound Rules from the left panel and repeat all the steps provided above.

Step 3: Contact ISP or Hosting Provider

  • Call your Internet service provider and ask them to resolve any connectivity issues.
  • Also, contact your cloud hosting provider, if you have any, inquiries about the problem that you’re having.
  • Most probably it may be an issue with their servers or connections.
  • Various issues have been reported even when the basic underlying problem was authenticated.
  • Hence, if you or your hosting provider has altered the authentication details then please update them before trying anything else.
  • This can also be an issue with the settings of multi-user mode. You may require professional help to get through these settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one form a new setting with firewall authentication?

Yes, it is possible to form a new setting with firewall authentication. Here’s how to do it:
● First, Click on the control panel in your open window and check the Firewall authentication options.
● Second, Following that, users must select Allow a software via the firewall.
● Third, once the above step is done, Then, from the exception list, choose Add Programs and Add QuickBooks 20xx.
● Finally, After concluding the entire procedure, restart QuickBooks to validate the new adjustments.

Is it possible to change the folder location, if yes? then how can one do it to fix error code H303?

Fortunately, it is possible to change the location of the folder, here’s how to do it:
● First, proceed to form a new folder.
● Second, you will see the prompt on the screen, further provide Window access permission, and also make sure to include the required settings.
● Thereafter, move to mark and copy the .QBW folder.
● Finally, paste it to that new folder.

How can one correctly extract one’s server name?

For correctly extract one’s server name, here’s what to do:
● Type Run into the Windows Start menu. Enter CMD into Run. 
● Next, ipconfig/all into the CMD window and click Enter.
● Find the Host Name in the Windows IP Configuration Your server name is on the right.
● Also, keep the hostname handy at all times.