Sync Zen Cart to QuickBooks POS System

Sync Zen Cart to QuickBooks POS System

In this article you read features, benefits of Zen Cart and how to “Sync Zen Cart to QuickBooks POS” system. Zen Cart is a widely used program that is. This PHP/MySQL-based eCommerce shopping cart platform is totally free and the source code is customizable. User can personalize the source code depending upon the business needs and preferences. The Zen Cart software is embedded with advanced features and tools that makes it a highly preferred in the shopping cart market in the current time.

Major Features of Zen Cart

  • Richly featured and easily customizable shopping cart solution.
  • Exhibits availability of an inventory of multiple type of products.
  • Monitor customer or user access rules and restrictions.
  • Present advertisements and banners for associated products.
  • Accept payments via integration with popular gateways.
  • Replace Zen Cart with a library of plethora of templates.
  • Enlists comprehensive product descriptions, images, and pricing.
  • Handle discounts, group pricing, coupons, as well as voucher codes.
  • Open source eCommerce tools acknowledged by the developer community.
  • Flawless integration within existing eCommerce website.

Zen Cart to QuickBooks POS System

POS system is a easy to use, easy to post product to the web and other online shopping forums such as: Ebay, Yahoo shopping etc. And it saves plenty of time in various bookkeeping tasks. POS handles all the tasks effectively and fully integrates with webstore with very high reliability.

Zen cart is designed in to integrate with popular accounting software QuickBooks Point of Sale. The integration between the two is not that complex but it is a time consuming task. A third party software is usually recommended to connect Zen Cart with QuickBooks POS.  You can visit, to get an idea of variety of software that can be used for integration.

Zen Cart QuickBooks POS (Import/Export) Addon

This is a Store Manager for Zen Cart addon. This addon software authorizes the user to export your Zen Cart products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks POS system. QuickBooks POS software enables users to track and monitor sales, customers and inventory effectively and quickly The software also fetches customer information and comes with a variety of features to enhance customer loyalty and retention and encourage repeat sales.

By having QuickBooks POS and Zen Cart integrated you can provide better experience to your customers. This integration not only helps with you sync products and customer info. but also helps you ease up your data recording process. With the help of the Zen Cart QuickBooks POS Addon you can easily synchronize product and customer information between your e-commerce store and your accounting software. This ensures that order data is correctly forwarded to the proper accounts.

 Zen Cart QuickBooks POS Addon Functions:

  • Escape duplicate data entry and other problems arising from data entry errors
  • Saves plenty of time and increase speed
  • Curtails time involved in data conversion and reduces data entry errors.
  • Successful Integration
  • Ensures error free export of your customer info.
  • Reduce error occurrence
  • Automatic sync with your QuickBooks account for inflow of information.

User Benefits for Zen Cart Addon Features

  • Export products from Store Manager to QuickBooks POS.
  • Choose the type of entry you want to create: Inventory, Non Inventory, Service or Other Charge entries.
  • Edit the existing products only, create new ones only.
  • Map QuickBooks and store Products to avoid duplicates.
  • Export customers from Store Manager to QuickBooks POS.
  • Map QuickBooks POS and store Customers to avoid duplicates.
  • Filter those customers to be exported (via customer’s first name, last name, company, etc.).
  • Export orders from Store Manager to QuickBooks.
  • Create Sales Orders, Sales Receipts or Invoices – suitable for limited versions of QuickBooks.
  • Filter Orders to be exported (filter orders by data, order id, status, etc.).
  • Create Refunds & Export taxes.
  • Easy import items info from QB to your store manager.
  • Create new Products.
  • Update Stock/Price.
  • Also update Name, Price, Quantity and Description (optional).
  • You can automate and synchronize products, customers and orders on schedule.

System Requirements for QuickBooks POS Integration for Zen Cart:

  • Store Manager for Zen Cart shopping solution.
  • QuickBooks POS USA version: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), 2017 (Pro, Enterprise)
  • QuickBooks POS Canadian version: 2010 (Pro, Premier), 2017 (Pro, Enterprise)

For further information or any other query you can contact QuickBooks support team. The team can be reached through different modes of contact like email, phone and live chat.

Also you can connect with other QuickBooks point of sale support agencies such as AskForAccounting. It is a reliable company that employs a competent support team that is capable in handling all QuickBooks issues. They assure prompt and feasible solution in the minimum wait time. Get in touch with the team by dialing the toll free support phone number +1888-461-1609 in very sort time or LIVE CHAT with experts.