POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks

Top 7 POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks (Desktop or Online)

QuickBooks program is an absurd accounting solution. Still depending upon business requirements, owners choose other business software programs such as Point of Sale software with QuickBooks compatibility. Here are the top 7 POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks, choose the best one for your (small, mid, and large) businesses.

Choosing POS software determining its benefits and considering its integration with QuickBooks helps to save you both time and money. QuickBooks is undoubtedly the most favored accounting application for managing the financial operations of small and medium-sized industries. It comprises numerous advanced features that efficiently handle the financial operations of businesses of all industries.

Accounting Software is Vital

There is certain POS software that is designed with basic functional features and inbuilt bookkeeping tools. As the business expands it becomes imperative to employ software that is rich in accounting features. It ultimately helps to maintain the accuracy in tax calculation and books, which is a vital part of a business as it escalates. And to be honest there is no substitute for software that specializes in accounting.

QuickBooks application offers three different accounting solutions depending on the business requirements: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop for Windows, and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. QuickBooks Mac is the best accounting option but restricts direct integration with any POS software. You can manually import the information in case you are choosing the QB Mac version.

Methods for Integrating POS Systems with QuickBooks (Desktop or Online)

There are two methods to integrate POS systems and accounting solutions. They are as follows:

  • Indirect Integration: Several POS software programs permit the export of your accounting data in the form of a spreadsheet. You have to enter the information manually into an accounting software system. This is a monotonous and annoying method but it offers you the least possible ways to integrate your data.
  • Direct Integration: This is an efficient method to use POS and your accounting program at the same time allowing both to share info and that too in real-time.

Benefits of POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks

Direct integration with QuickBooks escalates the overall efficiency of your business. Manual entry of the information is time-consuming. Methods that can help to automate conditions of the accounting process save abundant time. QuickBooks integration with your POS will speed up your accounting processes in different ways like…

  • Knowing how to use two different software programs that operate independently can be frustrating, but your POS can make your work a lot easier.
  • Your POS system will allow you to have increased adaptability which also helps you to synchronize your data automatically.
  • Direct integration improves accuracy and reduces human error by doing the work for you.

Top Best POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks (Desktop or Online)

QuickBooks offers a variety of advanced features and tools that make it one of the most favored software. Out of those features, one is direct integration with QuickBooks. As discussed above, availing of this feature depends on your QuickBooks version. Below mentioned are some of the best 7 POS systems that integrate with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.


Shopkeep is simple and well-designed POS software, especially for small businesses. It helps in shifting data to QuickBooks that contains summaries of sales, returns, tender totals, sales tax, discounts, and cash drawer activity. It is compatible with QuickBooks Online only.


Vend is one of the strong POS systems that features a smooth inventory management system, a multi-channelized sales approach with both in-store and online competencies, eclectic retail management solutions, and a list of integrations with third-party software. It is compatible with QuickBooks Online. There is also API for developers.


ERPLY POS has been developed with numerous features that offer feasible business solutions. Once you integrate with QuickBooks you will be allowed to send new invoices and invoice payments. This also helps to synchronize with customers. QuickBooks Pro. There is also API for developers.


SalesVu POS software is designed with a lot of flexibility. It smoothly integrates with QuickBooks and syncs categories and product names, closed/paid, customers’ names, employee contact information, vendor information, etc. It integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro versions. There is also API for developers.


Talech is a potent POS system comprising rich features such as advanced inventory, in-house marketing, and the ability to integrate with virtually any payment processor. Using this POS integration with QuickBooks will allow you to send receipts from tech to QuickBooks at an expected time. It is compatible with QuickBooks Pro (plug-in only). There is also API for developers.


Kounta is a cloud-based POS system that is capable of functioning virtually on any hardware. It offers seamless integration with QuickBooks and permits automatic sync with your accounts. It is also compatible with QuickBooks Online. There is also API for developers.


Revel is considered a sturdy POS solution stuffed with potential features that comprise kitchen view, kiosk mode, table listing, etc. It is compatible with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro.

Hope you are now a lot more clear about the POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks and what benefits they offer. You can now freely use them within your system, but again this will depend on the QB version you are using. Thus make sure you buy the best one that suits your needs.

If you need any further assistance with POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks then you can directly get in touch with our QuickBooks POS consultant experts. Our experts will help you in choosing the best POS system, which not only offers value for money but also suits your business needs as well. Thus wait no longer and get in touch with us now.