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QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Release Date, Features and Differences from Past Version

QuickBooks has long been a trusted companion for businesses of all sizes in the realm of accounting management software. With each new version, it adapts to the evolving needs of its users. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details of QuickBooks Desktop 2024. We will unveil its cutting-edge features, discuss pricing structures, and provide guidance on installation and downloading processes.

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Exploring QuickBooks 2024 Accounting

The latest iteration of Intuit’s renowned accounting software brings a lot of fresh features and enhancements to streamline your business processes. One of the standout upgrades in QuickBooks 2024 Accounting is the enriched reporting and analysis capabilities. Notably, the “Profit & Loss by Class” report dissects the impact of various income and expense categories on your bottom line, facilitating the identification of areas for potential improvement.

Beyond enhanced reporting, QuickBooks 2024 introduces a host of other features and refinements. For example, the “Receive Payments” feature simplifies customer payment tracking. Moreover, seamless data synchronization between QuickBooks Online and Desktop streamlines your operations.

QuickBooks 2024- Desktop Vs Online

QuickBooks 2024 represents a significant step forward in the QuickBooks software lineup, taking the foundation laid by QuickBooks 2023 and building upon it. Businesses can expect a more intuitive and efficient financial management process with the introduction of QuickBooks 2024.

We’ll understand the pricing structure for QuickBooks Desktop, drawing comparisons between QuickBooks Premier and Payroll. The primary distinction lies in the deployment: QuickBooks Desktop is locally installed, whereas QuickBooks Online operates in the cloud.

Experienced accountants and bookkeepers often have a strong familiarity with the traditional version of QuickBooks that requires installation on your computer. QuickBooks Desktop has an extensive use of features and tools, catering to the comprehensive needs of accounting experts. With over 200 integrations, it offers remarkable adaptability for seamless integration into various business operations.

QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based and mobile-friendly accounting software, initially started as a lighter version of QuickBooks Desktop but has since evolved into a standalone solution. The primary focus of the online edition is mobility and user-friendliness. Leveraging cloud computing, businesses can manage their finances from anywhere globally, using any device. QuickBooks Online is enriched with accounting features, designed for ease of use, particularly catering to non-accounting professionals.

Release Date of QuickBooks Desktop 2024

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 made its debut on 8th of September 2023, taking users by surprise with its earlier-than-expected release date. This latest version of QuickBooks brings with it a host of exciting new features, including.

  • Redesigned User Interface: QuickBooks 2024 introduces a revamped user interface that enhances navigation and usability.
  • Inventory and Project Management: It offers new tools designed to simplify inventory and project management, making these tasks more efficient.
  • Enhancements: Existing features have also received significant improvements. Users can now better track billable hours and create customized reports.

What to Expect from the QuickBooks Desktop 2024

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 continues its tradition of introducing features which are meant to transform accounting management.

  •  Effortlessly generate invoices and sales receipts to manage who owes you money, what they purchased, and when they settled their dues.
  • Keep a pulse on your business performance by easily accessing financial, tax, and sales reports with just a single click.
  • Streamline your banking tasks by importing your online bank transactions directly into QuickBooks, reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Efficiently manage your expenses by centralizing bills and purchase orders, allowing you to track payments and outstanding bills with ease.
  • Simplify your tax obligations by electronically filing GST/HST forms to the CRA, saving both time and resources.
  • Optimize your financial records by batch deleting duplicate transactions or correcting entry errors in one efficient step.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Discover the latest features in QuickBooks Desktop 2024 that bring added value to your business.

  • Enhanced Data Security: QuickBooks Desktop 2024 and Enterprise 24.0 prioritize your data’s safety, employing robust 256-bit encryption and best-in-class security protocols.
  • Customer Prepayments (Exclusive to Enterprise): Keep tabs on customer prepayments, known as Customer Deposits, directly on sales orders. Efficiently apply these credits when it’s time to convert the sales order into an invoice.
  • Item Category Enhancements (Exclusive to Enterprise): Take advantage of improved category management tools for your items and inventory. Set pricing rules based on categories to enhance productivity.
  • Enhanced Inventory Reports (Exclusive to Enterprise): Access crucial sales and inventory reports tailored to specific categories within your business.
  • Batch/Lot Inventory Tracking: Streamline the tracking of products developed in batches or lots with the new Inventory Stock Status report categorized by Lot Numbers.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pricing Structure

Starting in 2024, Intuit announced price increases for new users of QuickBooks Desktop. Existing users can continue with their current version but may need to adapt eventually. QuickBooks 2024 is an alternative for those seeking a cloud-based accounting system with advanced features and improved collaboration capabilities, albeit at an additional cost.

Let’s understand the pricing framework of QuickBooks Desktop 2024 after our exploration of its remarkable features. The developers have taken a scientific approach to ensure that users receive optimal value. Choose the QuickBooks Desktop Pro solution that suits your needs based on the number of users.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 Pricing

No. of Users1 Users2 Users3 Users
Pricing$649.99 Year for 1 users excluding tax$849.99 Year for 2 users excluding tax$1049.99 for 3 users excluding tax

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 Pricing

No. of Users1 Users2 Users3 Users4 Users5 Users
Pricing$949.99 Year for 1 users excluding tax$1249.99 Year for 2 users excluding tax$1549.99 Year for 3 users excluding tax$1849.99 Year for 4 users excluding tax$2149.99 Year for 1 users excluding tax

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2024 Pricing

Pricing$ 1464 Year$ 1800 Year$ 3552 Year
FeaturesUp to 30 usersUp to 30 usersUp to 30 users
Payroll built-inPayroll built-inPayroll built-in
Cloud Access PaidCloud Access PaidCloud Access Paid
Online backup data storageOnline backup data storageOnline backup data storage
Advanced ReportingAdvanced ReportingAdvanced Reporting
QuickBooks Priority Circle serviceQuickBooks Priority Circle serviceQuickBooks Priority Circle service
Advanced Inventory & Advanced PricingAdvanced Inventory & Advanced Pricing
Bill and PO workflow approvalsBill and PO workflow approvals
QuickBooks Time Elite Paid ($5/employee per month)
_Salesforce CRM Connector Paid ($150/month per company file)

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 System Requirements

Here are the essential system and browser requirements for QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Desktop 2024.

System Requirements


  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64-bit) with Microsoft-supported updates/versions.
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB (16 GB recommended)
  • Disk Space: 2.5 GB (Solid State Drive – SSD – recommended for optimal performance)
  • Internet Access: Required for Enterprise subscriptions, payroll, payments, and online banking features
  • Mobile App: QuickBooks Desktop App included with Desktop subscriptions, compatible with Android 6.0 or iOS 12 or later on camera-enabled mobile devices
  • Screen Resolution: Optimized for 1280×1024 or higher resolution, supports one Workstation Monitor, plus up to 2 extended monitors
  • DPI Settings: Optimized for Default DPI settings


  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2016, 2019, or 2022 (Regular or Small Business Server)
  • Server RAM (for multi-user support): 8 GB (5 users), 12 GB (10 users), 16 GB (15 users), 20 GB (20+ users)

Integration with Other Software

  • MS Word and Excel Integration: Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Office 2016-2021 or Microsoft 365 (64-bit)
  • Email Integration: Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2016-2019, Microsoft 365 (64-bit), Gmail™, Outlook.com®, and other SMTP-supporting email clients
  • QuickBooks POS Integration: Compatible with QuickBooks POS 19.0
  • Data Transfer: Supports data transfer from Quicken 2016-2022, QuickBooks Mac/Mac Plus 2021-2024 (US only), and Microsoft Excel 2016-2021, Microsoft 365 (64-bit)

Browser Requirement:

  • Google Chrome

Data Management:

  • Data Encryption: Utilizes AES-256 for data encryption of all PCI (Payment Card Industry) and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data

Operational Security:

  • PCI Compliance: Certified as PCI PA-DSS compliant, assessed annually as a payment application
  • Data Storage: Note that the program is installed in the customer’s environment, and no data is stored on Intuit systems.

Downloading and Installing QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is a crucial stride in your accounting expedition.

Depth exploration of this downloading process

  • Access the Official Portal: Commence by entering the official QuickBooks Desktop 2024 portal, your doorway to the intricate realm of financial management.
  • Select Your Plan: Option for the plan that aligns with your business’s requirements – Basic Molecular, Advanced Genetic, or Quantum Financial. Each plan opens the door to distinct levels of accounting insight.
  • Secure Molecular Download: Embark on the download process with unwavering confidence. QuickBooks Desktop 2024’s download procedure is fortified with cutting-edge bio nanotechnology, ensuring the highest levels of security.
  • Precision in Installation: After the download, meticulously follow the installation process, as elucidated previously. Each step constitutes a molecular connection in the detailed world of accounting management.

Direct download link for QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise US Edition

Download QBDT Pro 2024Download QBDT Pro 2024
Download QBDT Premier 2024Download QBDT Premier 2024
Download QBDT Accountant 2024Download QBDT Accountant 2024
Download QBDT Enterprise 2024Download QBDT Enterprise 2024
Download QBDT Accountant 2024
Download QBDT MAC 2024

Installation Process

Before you can harness the power of QuickBooks Desktop 2024, you must embark on the installation journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide rooted in scientific principles.

  • Preparation: Ensure that your hardware aligns with the software’s requirements, to effortlessly assemble a precise molecular puzzle to optimize performance.
  • Download: Secure the installation file from the official QuickBooks website, emphasizing the importance of sourcing software from a reputable and secure location.
  • Installation: Execute the installation file precisely. Follow the on-screen instructions meticulously, completing each step without error. 
  • Activation: Initiate your software using the provided activation key, a crucial step leading  to initializing the molecular machinery within QuickBooks Desktop 2024.5.
  • Configuration: Customize the software to explore your business’s unique DNA, where the brilliance of synthetic biology-inspired customization comes to light.

Upgrading to QuickBooks 2024: Advantages and Drawbacks

Consider upgrading your accounting software to unlock a range of new features and simplify your bookkeeping. QuickBooks 2024 introduces enhancements like cash flow predictions and project management tools, enhancing collaboration for business owners and enhanced security features, including with multi-factor authentication. For on-the-go small business owners, QuickBooks 2024 offers cloud-based options via an online version.

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

The latest version of the QuickBooks brings several enhancements to your accounting software. These include improved bank feeds, customizable payment records, and enhanced inventory management tools. Moreover, the software offers more effective customer management and heightened financial data security. While new customers will face higher prices in 2024, current users will not be affected. Transitioning to the new QuickBooks Desktop version provides access to a user-friendly dashboard with streamlined functionality.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

Transitioning to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 requires a systematic approach. Follow these steps for a successful upgrade.

Step 1: Backup Your Business File

  • Prioritize the security of your business data by creating a backup of your company file.
  • Navigate to the File menu and select “Backup Company.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Store the backup securely, either locally or in the cloud, to safeguard against data loss during the upgrade.

Step 2: Verify System Compatibility

  • Ensure that your computer meets the necessary system requirements for QuickBooks Upgrade 2024.
  • These include a compatible operating system (Windows 10 or macOS Catalina), a processor with at least 2.4 GHz, and a minimum of 4GB of RAM.
  • Upgrade your hardware or operating system if required to optimize performance and handle financial data effectively.

Step 3: Purchase QuickBooks 2024

  • Prior to acquiring QuickBooks Upgrade 2024 from Intuit or an authorized reseller, confirm that your system aligns with the minimum requirements.
  • Explore any available discounts or promotions and select the version of QuickBooks Upgrade 2024 that aligns with your business’s size and needs.
  • Follow the installation instructions diligently to ensure a seamless upgrade without data loss.

Step 4: Install QuickBooks 2024

  • Before installing the desktop version of QuickBooks upgrade 2024, ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Check for any necessary hardware or operating system updates. Subsequently, download and install the software from Intuit’s official website or use an installation disc.
  • Follow the provided instructions to input a valid license and product number.
  • Explore the enhanced features, including simplified communication tools accessible via an intuitive dashboard.

Step 5: Modify Your Business File

If any issues arise during the update, seek assistance from QuickBooks support.

Resolving QuickBooks 2024 Issues

While QuickBooks Pro Desktop boasts enhanced reporting and analysis, occasional hiccups can arise, as with any software. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

  • If QuickBooks 2024 won’t open, ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  • When installing QuickBooks Pro Desktop Accounting, verify you have the latest version available.
  • For any feature-related woes, keep your software up-to-date by checking for the latest updates under Help > Check for Updates in QuickBooks.


In conclusion, QuickBooks 2024 brings a range of exciting enhancements and features designed to simplify your accounting tasks and provide deeper insights into your financial data. If you encounter any issues or have questions during the transition to QuickBooks 2024, don’t hesitate to contact our QuickBooks experts for guidance and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is QuickBooks 2024 being released?

QuickBooks 2024 is expected to be released soon. Intuit typically unveils new versions of QuickBooks in the fall, so keep an eye out for updates around that time.

What are the standout features in QuickBooks 2024?

QuickBooks 2024 boasts several useful features. These enhancements are designed to streamline accounting processes and offer more insightful financial analysis.

How does QuickBooks 2024 differ from the previous version?

QuickBooks 2024 introduces a range of improvements and refinements compared to its  Previous Version. These differences contains bb enhanced reporting capabilities, improved user-friendliness, and expanded integration options.

Is it necessary to upgrade to QuickBooks 2024 immediately?

While upgrading to the latest version is beneficial for accessing new features and security updates, it’s not mandatory to do so right away. Users of previous versions can continue using their software, but it’s advisable to consider upgrading to QuickBooks 2024 to stay current with the latest tools and improvements.

How do I update my current QuickBooks version to QuickBooks 2024?

Upgrading to QuickBooks 2024 typically involves downloading the latest version from the QuickBooks website and following the installation instructions. Before doing so, it’s advisable to back up your company file and ensure your system meets the software’s minimum requirements. Detailed step-by-step instructions are usually provided by QuickBooks during the installation process.

What is the correct source for Downloading the QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

You can download it from the intuit website which is the best quality source to have the software.

What is the release date of QuickBooks Enterprise 2024

The expected release date of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2024 is the 8th of September 2023.

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