QuickBooks Upgrade Company File

QuickBooks Upgrade Company File to New Version

Whenever upgrades are introduced, there are certain changes in appearance. Certain new features and tools with enhanced functioning are introduced to provide a better outlook and procedures within the software. Learn how to upgrade company files to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop easily.

Points to Mind Before QuickBooks Upgrade Company File to New Version

  • Only the user with Administrative rights can do it.
  • You should not upgrade the company file over a network.
  • Once you have updated or converted the Company File, it cannot be opened in the older version.

How to Update Company Files to a New Version of QuickBooks Desktop

Users with a subscription method can use the easy QuickBooks upgrade company file to the latest release.

  • After updating to the newer version of QuickBooks, open it.
  • Browse to the File menu and click Open or Restore company.
  • Click on Open a Company file and then hit.
  • Highlight the data file and select.
  • (In case you see a window appear that asks you to move the Company File, follow the instructions given there.)
  • Go through the information provided in the updated company file for the new version.
  • Click on the box to give your declaration that you understood it all, and then hit Update Now.
  • You will see instructions about how to back up your file.
  • Select Yes on the next prompt.
  • Once you have updated the file, follow these instructions.

Following the method provided above, you should be able to QuickBooks upgrade the company file to a newer version. However, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks consultant technical team for more information and other QuickBooks troubleshooting services.