QuickBooks POS Store Exchange Errors

QuickBooks Point of Sale Store Exchange Errors

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a straightforward software that helps small and medium-sized businesses manage inventory and escalate sales. Sometimes QBPOS users face issues that restrict users from accessing the software. Learn how to fix the store exchange errors such as error codes 175135, 175414, 193, 175411, 175305, and error code 2, which are commonly reported issues in QuickBooks Point Of Sale.

Why does QuickBooks POS Multi-Store Exchange Errors Occur

Mailbag receipt declining during a store exchange can occur due to the below-listed reasons:

  • Improper setup of the multiple store preferences.
  • Damaged or corrupt .QBT files.
  • Mismatch of store exchange passwords in the Remote Store and the Headquarters.
  • Windows Firewall hinders the Store Exchange process.
  • Compatibility issues with Windows.
  • The same license number is used for more than one store.
  • Not logged in to Microsoft Windows as an administrator.
  • Trying to process in a mailbag from one Headquarters file to another.

How to Fix the Store Exchange Errors in QuickBooks Desktop POS

Here you get the code-wise resolutions for your store exchange errors in QuickBooks POS mentioned below. List of store exchange issues in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. When you try to run a store exchange, you might face the below error codes.

  • 175135 Error code fails to decompress store exchange file.
  • 175414 Error code: Error identified while copying a file to %s for %s.
  • 193 Error code: Primary key for dept. keywords are not unique.
  • 175411 Error code: Entered license number that is already used by another store.
  • 175305 Error code: Select VIEW LOG for details when an error occurs.
  • There is a mismatch of the Store Exchange password and preferences. File s0X#####.qbt (Error code:2)
  • Select close to exit as no waiting files to be processed.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS store exchange error 175135

  • First of all open .qbt extension.
  • Go to the Stores.
  • Choose & Select receive files.
  • Click Browse for files.
  • Please search for the disturbed mailbag and open it.
  • Click and Close it.
  • Follow the general guide information.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS store exchange error 175414

  • First of all Shut down the Point of sale.
  • After that do the right click on the POS icon.
  • Run POS as Administrator.
  • After that Run the Store Exchange.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS store exchange error 193

  • First of all, confirm that you send a mailbag to headquarters.
  • Receive the same.
  • Select the customers.
  • Choose the Customers List.
  • Select one customer at a time.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS store exchange error 175411

  • Go to the File menu.
  • Select Company.
  • Choose preference.
  • Select on I Want to >> choose reset to Default setting.
  • Click Store Exchange Preference.
  • Fill in the unique license code >> click on save.
  • Must check the preference and make all the required changes.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS store exchange error 175305

  • First of all, confirm that you are logged in with the administrator.
  • If you are seeing multiple errors then click OK.
  • After that go to the View log.
  • Identify the disturbing errors.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS store exchange error password mismatching 2

  • Use the same password in both store exchange and store exchange preferences.
  • After that, you will check your Error is resolved.

As multiple store exchanges are related to the QuickBooks Point of Sale error software, the exact cause of the error needs to be identified so that the resolution will be correct and accurate.

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