QBPOSSHELL has stopped working within quickbooks pro and enterprise.

QBPOSSHELL has stopped working.

QuickBooks though is a great piece of software but it is also prone to errors. But this doesn’t make the program bad in itself. Every software on your computer is a set of an algorithm that works on a series of commands. If the commands are not fed in order then it causes an error within the system. These errors are sometimes also the resulting conflict between two pieces of softwares. And thus the same as with the case of Quickbooks.

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Software errors are sometimes also the resulting conflict between two pieces of softwares. And thus the same is true with Quickbooks.

QBPOSSHELL has stopped working: Causes.

One of the biggest factors resulting in QBPOSSHELL not working is QuickBooks compatibility issue with other softwares. The error is basically the result of memory conflict between Qbposshell.exe file and another related piece of the program.

If you are facing such error then here are the two possible solutions you can try:

  1. Edit the content for the folder (QBPOSSHELL), or
  2. Create a new admin login.

Change the content for QBPOSSHELL

  1. Startup the task manager. You can easily do that with the following set of shortcuts, Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Click on the processes button and hit the QBPOS.exe file.
  3. On the display window, click to choose “End the processes tab“.
  4. Right click on the startup menu and select the Open windows explorer tab.
  5. Select Organise button and click on the Folder search options.
  6. From the view option, choose Show hidden files and hit Ok.
  7. On the window to your left, click on the computers tab and select the QBPOSSHELL.exe file.
  8. You will see the .config file. Change the name from .config to .configbet.
  9. Exit the window and login to your POS software and your QBPOSSHELL will come to normal.

Change your Admin:

If by any chance the above-provided solution wasn’t of any help then you would now have to change your admin account. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. To change your admin access, navigate to the startup menu from your desktop screen. Locate control panel tab and press enter.
  2. Select the user accounts tab and double click on “manage account”.
  3. From the window that appears, click to create a new admin account.
  4. Choose the name for your account and checkmark on administrator tab.
  5. Hit on create an account.
  6. Now shut down your computer and restart it again. Sign in as an admin and login to our QuickBooks POS software.
  7. You should face no problem now.

If you feel like that your error is still not resolved then you should waste no time further as this may cause some serious issues within your Quickbooks. Thus we would request you to immediately get in touch with our Quickbooks proadvisors and resolve your issues over the phone.

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