QBPOSSHELL Has Stopped Working- QuickBooks Point of Sale

In this article learn what is QBPOSSHELL, what causes it, and how to fix the QBPOSSHELL Has Stopped Working issue. QuickBooks though is a great piece of software but it is also prone to errors. But this doesn’t make the program bad in itself.

These errors are sometimes also the resulting conflict between two pieces of software. And thus the same as with the case of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. Software errors are sometimes also the resulting conflict between two pieces of software.

Causes- QBPOSSHELL Has Stopped Working

  • One of the biggest factors resulting in QBPOSSHELL not working is the QuickBooks compatibility issue with other software.
  • QBPOSSHELL.exe folder is damaged.
  • The error is basically the result of memory conflict between Qbposshell.exe file and another related piece of the program.
  • QuickBooks Point of sale database manages not working.
  • Microsoft .Net framework not installed properly.
  • QuickBooks software is outdated.

How to Fix QBPOSSHELL Has Stopped Working- QuickBooks Point of Sale

Edit the content for the folder (QBPOSSHELL), or Create a new admin login.

Solution 1: Change the Content for QBPOSSHELL

  • Startup the task manager. You can easily do that with the following set of shortcuts, Ctrl + Al t+ Del.
  • Click on the processes button and hit the QBPOS.exe file.
  • On the display window, click to choose “End the processes tab”.
  • Right-click on the startup menu and select the Open windows explorer tab.
  • Select Organize button and click on the Folder search options.
  • From the view option, choose Show hidden files and hit Ok.
  • On the window to your left, click on the computers tab and select the QBPOSSHELL.exe file.
  • You will see the .config file. Change the name from .config to .configbet.
  • Exit the window and log in to your POS software and your QBPOSSHELL will come to normal.

Solution 2: Change your Admin

If by any chance the above-provided solution wasn’t of any help then you would now have to change your admin account. To do so, follow the steps below:

For Windows 7 Users

  • To change your admin access, navigate to the startup menu from your desktop screen.
  • Locate the control panel tab and press enter.
  • Select the user accounts tab and double click on “manage account”.
  • From the window that appears, click to create a new admin account.
  • Choose the name for your account and checkmark it on the administrator tab.
  • Hit on creating an account.
  • Now shut down your computer and restart it again.
  • Sign in as an admin and log in to our QuickBooks POS software.
  • You should face no problem now.

For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

  • Locate the control panel tab and press enter
  • Navigate to the control panel from your system
  • Choose User Accounts and Family Safety option
  • Select the user accounts tab and clicks on “manage account”
  • From the window that appears, click to create a new user account
  • Choose sign in without a Microsoft account
  • Go to the local account and enter info… username and password
  • Click on Next and then Finish
  • Now shut down your computer and restart it again.
  • Sign in as an admin and log in to QuickBooks POS software.

Solution 3: Restart QBPOSShell

  • Close QuickBooks POS
  • Open Task Manager (Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  • Select the Processes tab
  • Right-click on QBPOSShell.exe, and then select End Process
  • Close Task Manager and open Point of Sale again.

Restart QuickBooks Point of Sale

For this, you have to first check that it is not running in the background. So for that, you have to open Task /manager. If it is running, then end the process. After that, restart QuickBooks POS again.

Check and verify running status of QuickBooks POS

  • Open the Task Manager, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys together
  • In the Task Manager window
  • Go to Processes tab
  • Then search for the QuickBooks Point of Sale process
  • If it is running
  • Then select it and hit on End Task button.

Restart QuickBooks POS

  • Go to the QuickBooks POS icon
  • Then right-click on it
  • From further options, select Run as Administrator
  • Then the application starts
  • Now start using the application to check for the errors.

Uninstall and Re-install QuickBooks Point of Sale

Every software on your computer is a set of an algorithm that works on a series of commands. If the commands are not fed in order then it causes an error within the QuickBooks POS system.

Uninstall QuickBooks POS

  • Open Control Panel on your Windows system
  • Click on Programs option
  • Then click on Programs and features
  • You get a list of installed programs displayed in front of you
  • Search for QuickBooks POS
  • Right-click on it and click on the option Uninstall/Change
  • Then choose to uninstall
  • Follow the steps shown to you on your screen
  • When done click on the finish button.

To Reinstall the QuickBooks POS

  • Go to the downloaded installation file of QuickBooks POS
  • Search for the file that is having .exe extension
  • Double-click on it to open it
  • The install Wizard opens up
  • Follow the installation process as instructed in it
  • When you are done click on Finish button
  • Now the QuickBooks POS is reinstalled properly
  • Open it and check for errors.

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How to run the QBPOS Database Manager when you get the error QBPOSSHELL has stopped working?

● Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R keys
● In the Run window text field, type services.msc
● Then press Enter button
● Select and right-click on the QBPOS Database Manager
● Choose option Start to run it into your system
● If you are not able to click on start or it is not visible, then click on Restart.

How to restart your computer for trying to fix the error QBPOSSHELL has stopped working or save the settings or steps you implemented?

● Go to the Windows start menu
●Then click on the Power button
● Now from options, a select Restart option
● Your computer restarts and takes some time
● After restarting, do check for error.

How can I manually update the QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) to resolve the error QBPOSSHELL has stopped working?

● Go to the QuickBooks POS website (https://downloads.quickbooks.com/app/qbdt/products)
● Choose the Standard Setup
● Then select the Country
● In product, click on QuickBooks Point of Sale
● You have to select the edition that you want to use such as Basic, Pro, or Multi-store
● After that, click on the latest version
● Press the Search button
● Click on Get latest updates
● Then, you get some instructions on your screen, just follow them and you are done.

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