QuickBooks Not Enough Memory! What to do

QuickBooks Not Enough Memory

In this article learn how to fix “QuickBooks not enough memory issue” follow the steps to enter home office expenses in QuickBooks. If you get a warning message like the one below, while trying to do any activity on QuickBooks then you can check out for the below given solutions:

 “Warning, There is not enough memory to complete this action

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Not Enough Memory Error:

quickbooks not enough memory

In order to get rid of the message, the very first thing you can do is restart your computer. This you can do by:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1:

🔹 Coming out of your QuickBooks accounts

Step 2:

🔹 Shutting down your computer and then start it back again.

Step 3:

🔹 The login behind restarting your computer is to release the extra storage that other programs running in the background may be using.

If the problem still persists then you can try opening up a sample company. This will help you verify, if the error is universal within QuickBooks or you are getting the problem within your company file.

To check that follow these steps:

  • By staying on your QuickBooks profile, try opening up a sample company company.
  • For this you will have to first close your company in QuickBooks. You can do that by clicking on the files tab and then hitting close company.
  • Now at the bottom of the screen you will be able to see Sample company file tab, click on that.
  • You will now get a set of instructions to create a sample company, just go through that.
  • Now try doing the same action, which was earlier giving you the warning message “QuickBooks not enough memory”.
  • If you still get the same error again then try running QuickBooks component repair tool.

If the error won’t budge then you will have to give a call to any QuickBooks error support you may know. If you are not already in touch with them then you can call us and our QuickBooks support will assist you on phone.