QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer


Till date, many articles have been written about the “QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer“, as it is the most frustrating issue of the software. In the windows version, QuickBooks uses “print driver” approach to create a PDF file that is the source of the problem for the windows installation.

The software creates a bit complicated process while printing the PDF files. It prints to a special printer driver which turns the data into a printed format, and this printed format is then turned into a PDF file. The process could have been easier but the above-mentioned process is most widely used by the program.

A Quick Rundown to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer Issue:

QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer

Now that we know, how this whole thing works here is what you would need to do when you are unable to locate pdf viewer or if your QuickBooks PDF converter not working.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1:

🔹 Use the PDF repair utility from the Intuit.

Step 2:

🔹 Try to use the recent version of QuickBooks.

Step 3:

🔹 You should have proper access to the temp folder of the windows.

QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer: History

The older version of QuickBooks and the 2010 version were directly printing to the PDF driver. It had some issues with the 64-bit operating system and was sensitive to the operating system issues.

All the drivers of the windows operating system tend to get affected by some of the other issues which were beyond the control of the software. A lot of debugging had been done to fix this issue for the 2010 version of the QuickBooks this involves configuring the driver and printer port that is used by the software.

In the 2011 version, they made slight changes and now the data is sent to the Microsoft XPS document writer. From there the data was sent to internal API and it was then converted to the PDF file.  Now the burden was shifted from Amyuni to Microsoft driver as XPS was working as the printer driver and is an interface of the windows.

These changes solved many of the older problems and worked more smoothly but all the problems could not be solved and a few kept lingering. E.g. QuickBooks Unable To Locate PDF Viewer still remains the issue. The software is still expected the XPS to be configured in such a way that it does not face any further problems.

In the 2013 version of QuickBooks another driver got introduced “ABS PDF Driver” but this driver was of no use as you can still export the files in spite of erasing the driver.  The XPS driver was still in use this has created much confusion among the users. What is the need for two drivers?

Why do we Need Two Drivers in QuickBooks 2013:

The driver gets updated regularly and works well with windows and has been there in the market for last fifteen years and the QuickBooks uses one or the other version of this product. The “printer driver” that interfaces with the Microsoft Windows is the subject of all of these variables so far. This means:

  • You need to pull the Amyuni PDF printer driver to resolve the issue prior to 2011.
  • And after 2011 you need to pull Microsoft XPS printer driver to resolve the issue.

The “ABS printer Driver” that is installed with QuickBooks 2013 is actually used by one component of QuickBooks that is a third party component- “the Business Plan Tool”. Now the next question arises is what this “business plan tool” is?

It is the company/ business planning/budgeting menu. But if you want to save the business plan in PDF format the 2011 and 2012 version of QuickBooks you can’t. This is the only reason why QuickBooks introduced that driver as an add-on product.

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