QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

There are unfriendly times when QuickBooks encounters problems that won’t print and can’t print from QuickBooks it’s a serious issue. This QuickBooks printer not activated error code 20 or the print window hangs is one of the common error codes reported by users. The error indicates that when the user upgrades from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7, the new operating system removes the use of the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIGSoftware key in the registry settings.

It means that the particular key carrying the entries is not updated while the OS is upgraded, further, the particular key is used to save internal settings that fail after the update is successful. If you are using QuickBooks and you have recently upgraded your OS to Windows 7, then the error is more likely to occur.

Causes QuickBooks Desktop Printer Not Activated Error Code 20 or Print Window Hangs

  • The error occurs due to the elimination/deletion of the ‘HKey_current_config\software’ key.
  • You recently upgraded your OS to Windows latest.
  • The error occurs when multiple QuickBooks versions are installed.
  • The error occurs because QuickBooks accounting software is not compatible with the PDF driver.
  • Your operating system is outdated.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

Intuit has recommended two important methods to resolve this QuickBooks printer error 20. Both the resolution methods require you to have Administrator access to the system else they will fail.
Before making changes to the registry ensure to create a backup of your registry. If anything doesn’t work as planned then, you should be able to restore the system.

Solution 1: Generate a System Backup by following the steps

  • Go to Registry Editor.
  • Click Computer.
  • Click File.
  • Export.
  • Save It.

Solution 2: Reinstall the QuickBooks Application

While performing the OS upgrade the QuickBooks software is misplaced and re-installing the application will help to restore its settings in the right registry key and resume the work process.

  • You can easily download QuickBooks and install it.
  • Installing QuickBooks is a very simple and easy process.
  • After successful installation of the software, you can resume work.

Solution 3: Update the Registry Key Manually

If the above steps weren’t of any help then here is what you need to do to fix your “QuickBooks printer not activated error code 20”. In case you choose this method to fix the error you need to follow each and every step carefully for fixing the error successfully.

  • Open the Registry Editor.
  • Type Regedit by pressing the Start button.
  • Do not click the enter key.
  • Click on regedit -> choose to Run as an administrator.
  • You will get administrator access to the Registry Editor.
  • Seek for the software folder inside the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG folder.
  • Click the Software folder -> Choose Permissions.
  • Verify the Full Control for the Users user in the table when the window opens.
  • Once done press OK and close the window.
  • Close the Registry Editor.

Solution 4: Use a PowerShell Script to Grant Permissions (Windows 10) only

On following this option the user account should be logged in that needs permissions and should be an administrator to execute the command.

  • Go to Start -> type CMD.
  • Click and choose Run as Administrator.
  • Type PowerShell in the command prompt.
  • Press the Enter button.

The above steps will help you resolve your QuickBooks printer not activated error code 20 issue if in case you fail to fix it then talk to our Experts. Our QuickBooks error consultant team is highly efficient and will guide you through all the steps and if needed will fix the issue by themselves. Thus wait no longer and dial us (toll-free) now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixing error code 20 when printing from Fixed Asset Manager

● The Fixed Asset Manager is open.
● Select Print Setup from the File menu.
● Select the correct printer from the list under the Printer name then Click OK.