Printing Issues in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Troubleshoot Paychecks, Pay stubs, or Payroll forms Printing Issues in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Printing is one of the essential components of running a business. A business owner has to print reports, invoices, bills, and so many other things. One such issue is at times when you print from QuickBooks Desktop. This article will help you troubleshoot the printing issues in QuickBooks Online Payroll Paychecks, Pay stubs, or Payroll forms.

Troubleshoot Paychecks, Pay stubs, or Payroll forms Printing Issues in QuickBooks Online Payroll

In QuickBooks, troubles with printing paychecks, pay stubs, and payroll forms can arise due to issues with the printer, browser, or software. To effectively troubleshoot printing issues in QuickBooks Online Payroll, follow these steps.

Check that your computer is properly connected to the printer and the printer is well connected to the power supply. QuickBooks Online Payroll allows you to print or reprint paychecks in a QuickBooks-compatible voucher or print pay stubs on plain paper. Additionally, you can access your payroll tax forms at any time to print and reprint them as needed for your records.

Solution 1- Troubleshoot Browser and Software Issues

Delete cookies or browsing history

For best browsing performance, we suggest clearing your cookies or browsing data. Depending on your browser, navigate to settings and erase your browsing history. Here are specific steps for different browsers:

  • Clear browsing history in Safari
  • Clear cache and cookies in Chrome

Turn off the pop-up blocker

On occasion, particular updates may revert default settings to a pop-up blocker on your browser. To disable these blockers, refer to the following guides:

  • Disabling pop-up blockers in Chrome
  • Configuring pop-up blocker settings in Firefox

Add Intuit as a trusted site

By adding Intuit as a trusted site in your browser, you can prevent potential content-blocking issues and ensure seamless access to the site’s content.

Install or update Adobe Acrobat Reader

To print paychecks or view forms, Adobe Acrobat or Reader must be installed and registered on your computer. Visit to install the latest version of the program if you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Solution 2- Troubleshoot printer issues

Set a default printer

To ensure that your desired printer is used, it’s important to verify if it’s set as the default printer on your network.

  • For Mac users, you can designate a default printer
  • Windows users can set a default printer

Change the printing page scale

For your pay stubs or forms to fit better on the page, modify the page scale; you might be able to adjust the page scale. From the Page Scaling dropdown, after selecting Print, choose Shrink to Printable Area.

Solution 3- Rename Qbprint.qbp file

  • You can rename the QuickBooks Qbprint.qbp file and then try printing the document again.
  • If you are still unable to print the document, then try to print a similar type file with a similar format.
  • You will then be able to see if the issue is with that particular file or the software.
  • If you have been successful in printing the file of the same format then try to print the QuickBooks file that you have been trying to print.
  • If the problem continues try to print the documents in single and smaller batches

Still unable to print paychecks, pay stubs, or forms? Save them to your desktop, then print from there instead. Book a session with AskForAccounting, in case you face any issues, we suggest that you get yourself connected with the QuickBooks error support team.

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