QuickBooks Update Error 1328

QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Here learn about the “QuickBooks Update Error 1328” causes, reasons and solutions steps to rectify the error 1328 in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Error 1328 may come on your screen at any time when you are installing QuickBooks or during the update process. It creates a frustrating situation to let the user continue work. You need to rectify this error to cut down this complexity. Here in the below-written article, you will learn the favorable information related resolution of QuickBooks Update Error 1328. Read the complete article to understand each step in-depth to fix this QuickBooks update issue quickly such as error code 1303, error code 1328, error code 1317, error code 1321, error code 1335, error code 1327 and error code 1334 in QuickBooks.

About QuickBooks Error 1328:

We know that QuickBooks is available online. When you are accessing accounting software in an online medium, there might be fewer chances of updating it. It has been analyzed that the QuickBooks Update error 1328 encounters when users update, install, repair, perform re-install or uninstall process. There occur several error messages; however, the error code 1328 appears in the c:\config.msi File.

QuickBooks Update Error 1328

There are many reasons behind the QuickBooks update error. We can’t say any permanent or fixed cause of it. With this error, there might be many complexities in data storage. Additionally; some content of QuickBooks must be deleted after completing the QuickBooks file installation. In many scenarios, website content must not be deleted then there may raise the possibility of site repair.

Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 1328

  • During the repair process, as well as other times when installing, updating, or uninstalling QuickBooks POS.
  • It occurs while updating QuickBooks that can appear as a single error or before another error. The files referenced by these errors are usually similar to c:config.msiPT**.TMP.

QuickBooks error 1328 is exhibited in different ways. Depending upon the error scenarios the text and options are totally different.

Reasons for QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Here is the list of significant reasons behind the QuickBooks update error 1328:

  • The issue might be the consequences of malware or virus attacks.
  • Incomplete installation due to the power failure or system shutdown due to any external activity
  • Basic causes including failed or wrong installation process, and users try to access it.
  • Fail to perform the un-installation process of software application which results in adding the invalid entries in Windows Registry
  • Malfunctioning of system operations which create infectious attack in the program
  • Sometimes network issue is behind the error code 1328, which create the downloading or installation failure.
  • Important QuickBooks file gets corrupted, which creates the error message 1328 when attempting to access the software.
  • Issue occurs with the wrong or in-complete downloading process.

How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Below are various methods to rectify the problem. most of the users try and error method to get over this. When QuickBooks Update Error 1328 occurs on your screen, the QuickBooks accounting software stops working. Follow the below troubleshooting resolution to fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: Start Running Registry Repair Tool

🔹 Firstly you have to apply for the Registry repair tool.
🔹 Start fixing the damaged registry entries regarding the QuickBooks application.
🔹 Now use a malware removal tool to resolve the infectious malware attack if occur in the system and free the malware attack from the system.
🔹 Now remove all the junk and unwanted files from the system.
🔹 Locate and verify if there any outdated Device driver there. If found, then uninstall it
🔹 Now restore the system with Undo by Recent System change option on your system windows.
🔹 Now start the uninstall process, and after it, re-install the accounting application.
🔹 Locate Start and run Windows System File checker
🔹 Once done scanning, now be prepared for installing all required Windows Updates.

Solution 2: Fix the QuickBooks Installation Process

🔹 Login to the window with administrative permissions
🔹 Locate Windows Control Panel Option and then hit on Program & Features
🔹 Discover QuickBooks Product Heading option, choose it.
🔹 Hit on uninstall them by changing any button
🔹 Select the repair option once the QuickBooks installer windows display
🔹 Run QuickBooks Application
🔹 You require an applying patch once it finishes.

Solution 3: Re-install with a Clean Installation

🔹 Initially, you have to uninstall the process of QuickBooks software.
🔹 Once done, you can choose one of the below options:
🔹 The first option available is to proceed with the installation process of a QuickBooks directly through the Installation CD drive.
🔹 Another option is the user can install the QuickBooks application through a download file.
🔹 Once QuickBooks software is installed directly from a CD is quite simple.
🔹 Now start downloading and installation of QuickBooks software through manual guidance or through any expert advice.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

🔹 Initially, download and install the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool from any trusted website and install it.
🔹 Once done, save the File on your system.
🔹 Close all active programs and then start running the QBinstall tool
🔹 At last, restart the system to make sure that all components get updated.

Solution 5: Discovers the config.msi File

🔹 Locate the Start key and do a right-click on it
🔹 Select Explore
🔹 Now you have to do double-click on the C drive.
🔹There appear all hidden files & folders.
🔹 Locate the tools button and then choose the Folder button
🔹 Discover the View tab and then click on hidden File and folder
🔹Once done, you have to hit on Apply and then move to the OK option
🔹 Now it is requested to verify the protected operating file system.
🔹 After this, you should choose the view option and then deselect hide protected operating system based File
🔹 Once Again, you require to verify apply and then hit on the OK button.
🔹 Do a right-click on config.msi File.
🔹 Choose the rename and then rename the config.msi File.
🔹 It will hide all important files and folders on the operating system files & folder.

Below mention article about quick fix of QuickBooks Update Error 1328 completes! Hopefully, the above information provided you awareness regarding the same and if you still face any issue, then call QuickBooks error support number. A hub of experts is there to solve all your concerns. Meanwhile, you can drop an email or do a live chat to get an instant solution.


What are the steps to repair the QuickBooks program to fix the QuickBooks error 1328?

● Open the Control Panel
● Then click on Programs and features
● Further, click on the Programs or Uninstall a program option
● A list of installed applications opened up on your screen
● Search for QuickBooks program
● Right-click and select Uninstall/Change option
● Then select the Repair option in the uninstall wizard
● Follow the steps to repair the software
● Then restart your computer
● Check for the error and you are done.

How to update the Windows system to fix the QuickBooks error 1328?

● Open Settings into your Windows system
i. Press the Windows button
ii. Then click on the Power button from the left side
iii. Further, select the Gear icon that is the Settings icon
● In the Settings window
● Choose option Update and Security
● Then click on the Windows Update tab from the left navigation panel
● Click on Check for updates
● If it shows you update
● Hit on the Get Updates
● It takes a while to download and update your Windows system
● After that, you are done.

Do I also have to check for the Windows components for fixing the QuickBooks error 1328?

Yes, you have to check for the Windows components as they also cause you the QuickBooks error 1328 in your system. The components to take care of are Microsoft MSXML and Microsoft .Net Framework.