QuickBooks is Unable to Backup the Company File

Unable to Backup Company File

QuickBooks is unable to backup the Company File“, whenever you face this issue within your program then it is for sure, that the backup is not being created. Backup means that you are making a copy of your Company Files on which you are working in the QuickBooks environment. Taking a backup of all your files helps you to recover lost data in case of accidental loss. It is highly recommended that you always have a regular backup of all your Company Files.

QuickBooks is Unable to Backup the Company File

Quickbooks is Unable to Backup the Company File

The error occurs whenever you are trying to take a Backup of your Company Files.

Sometimes you might encounter few errors while taking Backup of your Company Files. Below listed are few errors

  • QuickBooks is not able to Backup Company File
  • Backup is failed
  • Error numbers H101, H202, H303, H505, and -6189, -82
  • .ND file is corrupt or damaged
  • Without moving the .ND file .QBW file is moved during upgrade process

Reasons : QuickBooks is Unable to Backup the Company File:

If you are facing QuickBooks backup failure issues then below are the most likely reasons, why the error message like: “Quickbooks is unable to backup the Company File” then below are the reasons that might have caused this error.

  • The name of the Company Files take more than 65 characters
  • You are taking backup on any unauthorized external hard disk
  • The size of the company file is larger than 3 GB
  • QuickBooks Desktop is either used or scanned by other user
  • Too long path where the Company Files are stored
  • Wrong extension (.ADR) for the Company File name is given

Solutions Step to Fix “QuickBooks is unable to backup the Company File” Error:

Unable to Backup Company File

When QuickBooks is unable to take the backup of your data then you might be at a greater risk of loosing your company financials. Thus you are required to get things sorted immediately or connect for help.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1️⃣: Renaming the Company File

If you need to create a new QuickBooks Desktop Company File, you need first to take the backup of all your Company Files, this would help you to avoid mistakes like given wrong name to the company files or any misprint in the company file.

If you have renamed your Company Files , then before using “Loan Manager” of your QuickBooks Desktop, you have to recreate the entire “Loan Manager”. To do so follow the given steps

🔹 Start your QuickBooks Desktop and access your Company Files
🔹 By using the keyboard command Ctrl+l open up Product Information window
🔹 Next, you need to populate the ” File Information field” by copying the location of your Company Files.

Note: You need to hover over the filename to get the complete filename, when the file name appears in ellipsis (…) if it’s too long.

🔹 Shut all the Company Files running on all your workstations
🔹 Next, go to the Company File location, select the Company File right-click and from the pop-up menu select Rename
🔹 Enter the New Company File Name and hit Enter key, you will be prompted for Confirmation, select “Yes” and proceed.

If you are still facing “QuickBooks is unable to backup the Company File” issue then you would need to try an alternative solution given below.

Solution 2️⃣: Create a New Company File

Another way to resolve this error is to Set up QuickBooks Desktop again so that you can use the renamed company file name. The steps below will help you in Setting Up QuickBooks Desktop

🔹 Navigate to the following path QuickBooks Desktop Menu Open/Restore Company
🔹 Click on Open a company file  and proceed by clicking on Next button
🔹 Here, click on the New Company File name  and click on the Open button

Solution 3️⃣: Backup on Flash or External Drive

You can also take the backup on any Flash Drive or External Hard disk. Before starting your backup copy the contents on your C: drive or any other local drive and then follow the steps given below:

🔹 Navigate the following –:Select File Save Copy or Backup
🔹 Select the option Backup and click on the  Next button
🔹 Click on Local Backup and proceed by clicking on Next button
You will be prompted by a question stating “Where do you want to save your backup copy?” Select the option select “Save it now”, and click on the Next button to proceed
🔹 Go to the location where you want to make a copy of your Company Files and click on the Save Button
🔹 Next, minimize your QuickBooks Desktop window and access your backup file recently created on your local drive
🔹 Right-click on the file and select Copy; and in Paste it in your external drive

Hope we answered your query, but if you are still facing issues and getting error “QuickBooks is unable to backup the company file” then now you would need to ask for support. Our QuickBooks error support team is always there to guide and support you whenever a problem arises. You can get in touch with us on our toll-free number anytime.