QuickBooks ViewMyPaycheck

People usually have doubts over, how they can “ViewMyPaycheck QuickBooks“. Off-course your employees may definitely want to reach out to you regarding their paycheck details.

But believe us it is not at all necessary for you to create a pdf file of the pay stubs generate and email it to each and every employee.

Use QuickBooks Functionality

There is an option within the program wherein your employees can get access to view their paystubs online whenever they want. This is possible with the help of the ViewMyPaycheck option. They just need to click on it and they can view their payroll details from their own systems.

What is ViewMyPaycheck…?

It’s a different service provided by Intuit on a different platform. You can access the website Intuit Paychecks. With the help of it, your employees will be having full access to their payroll info. They would just need to log in with their credentials and all the info will be accessed on the cloud. This would mean 0% wastage of paper with 0% maintenance of the paystub itself.

How to use ViewMyPaycheck?

You would first need to signup with the ViewMyPaycheck and then only you will be able to avail of any service.

For an Employer

Being an employer if you are looking to use the said service then you will have to become a subscriber at QuickBooks online payroll. Once you do that you will be able to use the same login details on the ViewMyPayCheck website.

For an Employee

If as an employee you are looking to use Intuit’s payroll servicing platform then check if your company is already using them. If they are then only you would avail of the benefits otherwise you can only ask your employer for physical pay stubs. If you found out that they are already registered then your next step would be to signup.

Requirements at the time of Signing up with ViewMyPayCheck!

If you have already made up your mind to use the ViewMyPaycheck then here is what they will demand at the time of registration…

  • You must already have an account with Intuit, the provider of QuickBooks,
  • Your SSN which refers to your Social Security Number,
  • You must know your Net Pay. To know this you can take a look at your previous month’s paycheck. Net pay is the amount that you take home after deducting all the taxes.

How to Register?

  • Go to https://paychecks.intuit.com.
  • On the far top right corner, you would see a Signup button. Click on that.
  • Register them with an intuit account. There are loads of benefits to having an account with Intuit. They help you access different platforms with a single login. Please note that if you are already using an intuit product then using the same login details will suffice your signup with ViewMyPayCheck.
  • When you will enter the dashboard then you will have to provide your Social security number along with the previous net pay amount.
  • Click OK when all done.

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