How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 83?

QuickBooks Error 6000 83

Quickbooks Error 6000 83: If you have recently experienced that you are not able to access the company files within your QB program then most likely you are facing QuickBooks error -6000,-83.

Though QuickBooks is not the same as it is used to be. Earlier people used to face ton of issues within the software but Intuit has now made it sure that they will come out with update every single quarter. Though they have successfully addressed many problems but people still experience minor issues within their bookkeeping platform. And QuickBooks error 6000 83 is among them.

What is QuickBooks Error 6000 83?

QuickBooks software is one financial management software that has garnered accolades and awards over the years. With supremely fast growing list of clienteles that rang from small businesses to startups and other mid sized companies, QuickBooks is sure the best among its competitors.

QuickBooks offers diverse range of powerful features combined with user friendly interface that makes it popular amongst novice users as well as accounting professionals. Despite being considered one of the most secure channel to complete accounting tasks, user might end up encountering errors which can result in interruption of workflow. And QuickBooks error code 6000 is notoriously known for causing such kind of issues.

Though it is not the only error that occurs at the time of updating QB program as there are other issues like:

Thus you need to very careful while using QuickBooks as not only it is prone to errors but it is also very Data sensitive.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6000 83

The error basically stops the user from accessing the company file or QuickBooks software which ends up causing a lot of hassle in recording transactions along with other accounting activities. There are can be multiple of reasons for QuickBooks Error -6000, -83 to occur some of which are listed below:

  1. Incomplete and faulty installation process of QuickBooks software.
  2. Damage done to .qbw extension file format.
  3. Corruption has occured to the folder wherein the company file has been stored.
  4. Unauthorised access by the client in QuickBooks software.
  5. Instead of being single handedly hosted on one authorised server, software is hosted on multiple servers.
  6. Restrictive settings of security software like AVG antivirus along with the setting configuration of Firewall.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 83

There are various conditions in which this error takes place so, according to that the solutions are mentioned below. The cases for getting this error are:-

✅ While creating the backup of Company File
✅ While Restoring the Company File
✅ When Company File is on Windows Server
✅ When Company File is on Linux Server

Total Time: 40 minutes

1️⃣ While creating the backup of Company File

The solution steps are mentioned below if you got the error while doing the backup so follow the steps accordingly to get it to fix easily.

✅ First of all, close the QuickBooks Desktop software on the server system
✔ To close it with steps, click on the File menu and then click on Exit option
✅ Go to the Start menu button
✅ Open the File Explorer by searching it in the search bar
✅ Then in File Explorer, click on the My Computer or This PC
✅ Now open up the C: drive
✅ Select the new option by attempting right-click on the display
✅ Then choose the folder option after that name this folder like QB Test Folder
✅ After this, create the backup of your company file
✅ Then save this backup to the folder you just created
✅ Now, this is your new backup file that is used to restore the data in your QuickBooks account.

2️⃣ While Restoring the Company File

Various solutions to resolve this error in case of restoring the Company file in your QuickBooks account. The solutions are mentioned below:-

🔶 Check your backup filename
✅ Go to the File Explorer
✅ Locate the Company file backup folder location in your system
✅ Check that backup file has the .qbb extension
✅ If it is then you have to right-click on it and then rename it
✅ Make sure that in the file name there are no special symbols, spaces, or characters
✅ Now you have to restore the file in your QuickBooks Desktop account

🔶 Create a portable company file
✅ If you are not able to restore the backup from the .qbb extension file
✅ Open that precious created backup file
✅ Then make the file portable by compressing it
✅ After that its file extension changes to the .qbm
✅ Now try to restore the company file backup using this portable company file.

🔶 Restore your backup file from your local hard drive
Check where your backup files are saved. If it is on the server then transfer it to the local drive first; then restore it in your QuickBooks software account. Now the error is fixed and you can start doing your work again. After this, you can put your file back to the server.

3️⃣ When Company File is on Windows Server

Here are the solutions if your file is on the Windows Server and you have to perform the solutions according to the reason for the error. The Solutions are:-

🔶 Turn off hosting on your workstations
In this, if the files are hosted on the network then you must take care that the option of Host Multi-User Access is off on the systems. These systems are those who are not the host but are connected to the server.
✅ In your system, open the QuickBooks software
✅ Go to the File menu then click on the Utilities option
✅ If the Host multi-use access option is available then take care that you won’t select it
✅ Then check this option in another workstation
✅ In other systems, if the option is Stop Hosting Multi-user Access then you have to select it
✅ Do it in all other workstation connect to you
✅ The problem is resolved now.

🔶 Use QuickBooks File Doctor
✅ Download and install QuickBooks File Doctor in your system
✅ Then run the installed filed and open it to fix the issues
✅ Select the company file or if the file is not visible browse it
✅ From search select your file
✅ Then click on the Next to start the scan and it takes a few minutes
✅ Once the scan is done it shows the list of issues if there are any
✅ Then fix it and it is done.

🔶 Restore from a backup
✅ For restoring the backup, go to the File menu
✅ Then click on Open or Restore the company File
✅ Click on Restore the backup copy and click on the Next button
✅ Then select the local backup and click on the Next button
✅ Choose the backup file having .qbb extension and click on the Open button
✅ In the end, click on the Save button.

🔶 To Edit the Windows Host File
✅ Get the names and IP addresses of your system
✅ Edit Windows host file
✔ Firstly, close the QuickBooks software
✔ Go to the File Explorer and then paste the location over there
✔ The path is- C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc or C:\Windows\System64\Drivers\Etc
✔ Now double-click on the file and then open click on the Notepad to open it
✔ Provide the IP address that you get above
✅ In the end, save all the changes to the host file.

4️⃣ When Company File is on Linux Server

Follow the steps below to resolve the error if you file is in the Linux Server:-

Step 1- Configure the Linux Server
✅ First of all, on the Server open the Linux Database Server Manager
✅ Then configure the database server manager of the Linux according to you
✅ Also, the directory in the Initord.conf file
✅ Reboot your QuickBooks software on the host system and the error is resolved.

Step 2- Configure Your Host file
✅ Get the IP address and the server name of your system
✅ Open the Command Prompt
✅ Then type Ping and name of your Linux server
✅ Click on Enter button
✅ Note the name and IP address of the server
✅ After that, close the QuickBooks application in your system
✅ Open the File Explorer
✅ Go to the C: drive
✅ In this, open the location- C:\Winsows\System32 or 64\Drivers\Etc
✅ Now search the host file
✅ Then double click on it and select Notepad to open it up
✅ At the end of the file add the IP address of the Linux server
✅ Press the Tab key from keyboard and then write the Linux Server Name here
✅Click on the File menu option and from the drop-down menu click on the Save option
✅ Then exit the notepad and it is done.

  1. Client tried to generate a backup of the company file: User can try to manually perform the required backup function and save the copy in another folder in C-Drive.
  2. The client was trying to access the QuickBooks company file stored on Windows server: You can resolve this issue by either trying to download QuickBooks File Doctor program or using it to resolve the issue or configure the software on one server if it is stored on two servers.
  3. Tried to restore the company file: Under this scenario user needs to verify the extension is either .qbw.adr or .qbm. If so then change it to .qbw.

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If you have followed each and every step in its sequence then most likely you have sorted your QuickBooks error 6000 83. Though as said already that there are many issues that can result in the given error thus there are multiple solutions. But all the steps to fix your QuickBooks error code 6000 can only be applied after checking the damage done to the database. Thus instead of working out everything all by yourself we recommend to connect with QuickBooks proadvisors. If you don’t know how to reach out to them, you can call QuickBooks customer care number at 1800-865-4183 and get your every issue sorted with ease.