QuickBooks for Linux

Though if you are using Windows or Mac then QuickBooks is perfect for you but if you are searching for QuickBooks for Linux then, unfortunately, you may find nothing. There is no official version of QuickBooks designed for Ubuntu.

QuickBooks software is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses. It is the ultimate solution for the self-employed business owner. The program helps you maintain a strong database solution for acting as a repository for data storage.

But wait…! If you are using this open source software then you can use windows emulator to use QuickBooks.

QuickBooks for Linux: Steps to Access in Windows

For accessing the QuickBooks application in Linux, Intuit has suggested certain steps that help in opening the accounting application with Linux. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Start a command shell.
  • Navigate from the applications tab to accessories and then finally click on the Terminal.
  • QuickBooks comes with Linux distribution and thus permits you to download, install, and set up programs and utilities using text commands.
  • Enter the command that reads “Sudo apt-get install Wine.”
  • This will download and install Wine on your system.
  • This is a little piece of the application that will help you run the Windows app in Linux.
Please note: QuickBooks version before 2002 will not work with wine. Thus, if you have a QuickBooks version 2000 or 2001 then it will not perform in your windows Linux emulator.

How to make QuickBooks for Linux Ubuntu work: Install QuickBooks

Now that you have a Windows emulator installed within your Linux, now is the time to use QuickBooks for Linux Ubuntu. This can be done by following the steps below.

  • Open a command shell (Applications, Accessories, Terminal)
  • The Application allows a user to download, install, and configure programs and utilities using text commands.
  • Then Enter or Type “Sudo apt-get install wine.”
  • Put the QuickBooks installation CD inside your computer
  • Wait till the QB icon appears on the desktop.
  • Click the icon to use the CD’s contents and find “Install.exe”.
  • Click this file and run the software with the wine emulator”.
  • Execute the instructions on the screen for installing QuickBooks and once you are done with the installation of QuickBooks.
  • Click “Applications” in the desktop menu.
  • Go to the “Wine’s” option click on the “Programs” button and choose to open “QuickBooks”.

QuickBooks Enterprise Server 14.0 on Ubuntu

Sometimes it is reported that the QB Linux Enterprise Server (QBES) is not performing well. If this is the case then you need to check your storage. It may be due to “Not enough memory” available within your operating system. Though you are served with a minimum of 4GB of RAM of which only 1GB is required but still if your QBES is not working then you may need to look for a different solution. Another problem may be the limitation set by Intuit that is put in the command line to start the server.

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