QuickBooks Point of Sale Add-ons

QuickBooks Point of Sale Add-ons

The POS add-ons help to perform some extra functions related to inventory management with more efficiency and effectiveness. QuickBooks Point of Sale add-ons that can easily smooth any glitch or function missing in the software.

Software is designed with the view of providing maximum services to its respective clientele in form of different types of embedded tools and features. The same is the case where QuickBooks Point of Sale software is concerned. This ultimate Point of Sale software designed by Intuit ensures all the related task of POS is swiftly and automatically completed with zero to limited errors. All the details processed by the software are authentic and reliable which further results inaccurate calculation of all inventory-centric tasks.

However, irrespective of the tools and features fitted within the software, there are some tasks for which third-party applications are specially designed. The functions work astoundingly smooth by integrating the software with these programs and they are termed Add-ons.

Here are some of the add-ons for QuickBooks POS

  • Agiliron
  • Method:CRM
  • HandiFox
  • EBizCharge
  • TimeTracker
  • InvoiceTracker
  • SOS Inventory
  • QQube
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • ACCTivate
  • SmartScan
  • EasyCommision
  • BillQuick

Most Popular Specific Add-ons Tools of QuickBooks POS Software

Custom Label for QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Company: Ability
  • Pricing: Call on Company’s Number to get a Quote

Add-on Customer Display

  • Company: Revel
  • Pricing: $499 / Per Annum
  • Customer Review: “It is a complete POS system that is flexible and professional. The issues are resolved in a timely manner and by speaking with a real person!”

Unleashed Inventory Management

  • Company: Unleashed
  • Pricing:
  • Small – $ 99 / Per Annum
  • Medium – $ 199 / Per Annum
  • Large – $ 399 / Per Annum
  • Large (Plus) – $ 699 / Per Annum
  • Customer Review: “Without Unleashed, I would be at work all the time or have to employ another person. The biggest benefit I have seen is just being able to manage the thousands of stock items we have.” – Stephen Johns (Online Racing Spares)

DATAQLICK Inventory Manager

  • Company (Developer): Dashboard Stream Software
  • Pricing:
  • Venture – $39 / Per Month
  • Professional – $69 / Per Month
  • Business – $99 / Per Month
  • Customer Review: “This is a very useful app for anyone who is serious about keeping on top of their business position, at all times. It is easy to use and gives you reports that are in a format that is easy to understand. There is a lot of information on a single page, so you don’t have to spread out multiple pages to see the big picture.

Integrated Scale for QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • Company: Ability
  • Pricing: $299 / Per Annum.

The in-house team of experts is available round the clock for any issue faced by the customer regarding installation, integration, and technical problems between add-ons and the QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

Guide on QuickBooks POS Add-ons Services

  • Installation & Setup: You can connect with us if you are unable to install and set up the add-on software. Our technical experts will guide step by step to install the POS add-on software successfully onto your system.
  • Integration: Once the add-on software chosen by you is installed it is required to integrate and unify both the add-on with the QuickBooks Point of Sale software to gain benefit. Again for this, our in-house Consultant team is sufficiently trained to explain the process of integration and guide you step by step for the same.
  • Cloud Hosting Services: We also provide cloud hosting services that will enable you to benefit from both desktop and online version features with the additional capability of accessing software from anywhere at any time of the day and from any device of your choice. Furthermore, users get the advantage of scalability as well as save resources by utilizing the talent of the IT team set up by us.
  • Resolution Services: When you consider using software for your tasks, the burden over an employee does come down but the scope of technical issues is always there. To ensure these issues do not affect the workflow of your business, we have a trained group of individuals who have enough experience to tackle almost any kind of technical glitch within the software within a specific time period.

QuickBooks Point of Sale software works in smooth tandem with almost any kind of Add-on program. They integrate with each other so swiftly as if they were created by the same company, which is of course not the case. However, there are some specific add-on tools that have garnered far more popular than others. Users can connect either through the toll-free number and send an email and raise a ticket or go to the website and approach the company representative through the live chat option who will further connect to QuickBooks POS consultant.