QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error


QuickBooks is having a product that is POS that is used to handle the business needs and used to record sales transactions. It is a fit for small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of your sales and related activities. However, sometimes errors disturb your smooth-running business. “QuickBooks POS financial exchange error” is one of the error which can ruin your way to success. In the below article we are going to discuss this QuickBooks POS error and its solution.

What is QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

QuickBooks financial exchange works to track your financial data. Data transfer between two programs occurs this process reduces the work pressure and you can easily manage and monitor the sales activities in QuickBooks POS. Sometimes users can face the error “No money displayed in the inventory assets” while approaching QB financial software to run an inventory report.

Reasons for QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange error

There could be many factors behind this error. Some of the most happening errors are given below:

Activity Log Error – Sometimes log files creates issues in the system itself. If you face any issue then verify the activity log in the financial then go to the financial look if you are facing any issue this log will inform you about the error

Mapping accounts – You need to check if there are any issues with the mapping accounts. of that is the case you need to verify the “default mapping accounts set up in a file > preferences > company > accounts

Sometime after following the above steps if the problems persist you find your transactions created in QuickBooks from the “Receiving vouchers”. To go there see below :

  • Click Purchasing
  • Select the “receiving History Tab”
  • Select on voucher
  • Click “I want to …Button”
  • Click on “refund financial details”

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error:

QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

Follow the all following steps to fix issue..

Total Time: 25 minutes

Method 1- Check the Activity Log

🔹 Operate the activity log
🔹 Choose the financial center
🔹 If you are not getting any error means the error is solved

Method 2 -Announce Mapping account

🔹 Go to file menu >> Preferences
🔹 Select the company and handle the accounts
🔹 Now match the settings

Method 3 – For QuickBooks Version 5

🔹 Start the POS
🔹 Select Sales History and after that select receipt causing the error
🔹 Choose financially and mark the document
🔹 Click on OK

Method 4 – For QuickBooks version 6 and 10

🔹 Search the receipt number which is shown in the error
🔹 Select POS and scan sales history
🔹 Place and Choose the receipt in the mirror
🔹 Choose I want to
🔹 Click on view Financial History
🔹 Select Mark this document
🔹 Click OK

Method 5 – If still getting error try to follow the below steps

🔹 Select Purchasing and choose History Tab
🔹 Click on among the vouchers
🔹 Select I want to Button
🔹 Select “Show Financials Details”

Need Assistance?

We hope the above steps help to solve the error. Still, for any help or query connect with the QuickBooks Helpdesk. QuickBooks Point Of Sale support team is available 24*7 to assist you with the latest and informative solutions. QuickBooks Experts are polite, professional, and trained under highly qualified supervisors and can solve your queries quickly. You can also email at info@askforaccounting.com and one of the QuickBooks experts get back to you soon with the resolution.