Transfer Transactions Between QuickBooks Files

Learn “transfer transactions between QuickBooks files” day by day QuickBooks is increasing its capacity of services and qualities and there are many variants available of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is the software that gives you a wide range of services with additional benefits of payroll, tax, accounting, etc. For transactions transferring from one file to another file is also very easy, including the following transactions.

How to Transfer Transactions Between QuickBooks Files

Just follow the below steps to do multiple transactions from one file to another.

Step 1: Set the Preferences to Allow Export

  • Disable the use of Account number
  • From edit menu >>choose preference
  • Select account number >> company preferences
  • Uncheck the use account numbers then select ok
  • Disable sales tax
  • Go to Edit >> Preferences
  • Select sales tax and choose company preferences
  • Select no and then select ok for the “Do you charges sales tax” section.

Step 2: Create a custom Transactions Details report

From the reports menu, choose customs Reports and select Transaction details.

  • Choose customized Reports and modify the report as given below
  • Choose the date you want to select
  • Select your transaction type
  • Detailed level
  • Select the following columns depending on the type of the transactions:
  • Checks
    • Date
    • Name
    • Number
    • Memo debit account
  • Deposit
    • Name
    • Account
    • Memo
    • Credit card
    • Num
  • Credit card charges and Credits
    • Name
    • Date
    • Memo debit account
  • Bills and Bills credit
    • Num
    • Date
    • Terms
    • Name
    • Debit
    • Item Description
  • Invoices and Credit Memos
    • Number
    • Date
    • Name
    • Terms
    • Debit
    • Item
    • Qty
  • Amount of sales price
  • Click ok to run the report
  • Save it in PDF

Step 3: Export the Report in Excel

  • Select the excel dropdown
  • Select create a new worksheet
  • Select a new workbook and choose export.

If you follow the above steps you will be able to “Transfer-Transactions Between QuickBooks Files”. Sometimes a time comes when a user wants to change the file or transfer transactions between the file, these types of scenarios can be easily handled through the above steps.

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