Transfer Invoices from One QuickBooks to Another: Now Import-Export Invoices

Transfer Invoices from One QuickBooks to Another

The software as it is today, QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to simply transfer invoices from one QuickBooks to another. If you still need to do that and want to use the same invoice in another company then there are 2 different ways to do that:

  • Use third party app or
  • Share an invoice within Companies.

Steps to Transfer Invoices from One QuickBooks to Another:

Use Third Party App (Transaction Copier)

This little piece of software will help you copy transactions & transfer the same in QuickBooks Company of your choice. There are many filters you can apply to copy-transfer entries like:

  • Filter transactions by date,
  • Filter them by transaction type.
  • You can even copy items into account.

Transaction copier helps you import-export any kind of data, provided it is supported by Quickbooks itself. With the help of this add-on you cannot only transfer invoices but can even export-import:

  • Checks,
  • Invoices,
  • Deposits,
  • Payments, etc…

If the software (Transaction Copier) seems flexible to you then you can buy this add-on for a price as little as $119. Here is the link provided for you to buy now…

Share your Invoice within Companies… Transfer Invoices from One QuickBooks to Another

Please note:

This method will only work if you have created a custom template for your invoice. If such is the case then you would only be required to follow these 2 steps:

  1. Download the invoice template,
  2. Upload the file within your new Company.

How to Download the Invoice Template?

If you are facing issues exporting the file, then follow these simple steps…

  1. Login to your Quickbooks company file and choose the list
  2. This will open up the drop down menu. Click on the Templates
  3. Now choose the template file that you would like to export.
  4. Click on it and click on the export
  5. This will open up the download box asking you to choose the location.
  6. Set the path and hit save.

How to Upload an Invoice Template in New QuickBooks Company?

Importing or uploading a file in Quickbooks is more or less the same. Just instead of selecting an export option in the fourth step, you will choose import. Here are the detailed steps below:

  1. By having your QuickBooks logged in, choose the company where you want to import the invoice template.
  2. Click on the list tab and select Template option from the menu.
  3. Within the window that appears, choose to click on the import option.
  4. Now, this will open up a dialogue box asking you to choose the file.
  5. Browse the location, select the file and hit open.
  6. This will import your invoice template which now will be ready for you to use.

QuickBooks is a pretty handy tool but there are some features that are still needed to be integrated within the software. Till that happens, make use of add-ons to your life a lot easier.

Hope you were able to fix your issue “Transfer Invoices from One QuickBooks to Another”. If you need more help then write to us in the comment section below.

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