Email MAPI Error in Sage 50

Email MAPI Error in Sage 50

When you try to send an invoice or messages through an email on Sage 50, you encounter an error that stops you from sending it through. The kind of message displayed can be like Outlook Mapi error Please fix your issue before moving ahead. Learn how to fix the Email MAPI error in Sage 50 accounts.

This error occurs on computers running with multiple email assistant applications running on them.

What is Outlook MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) Error

If you have more than one version of Outlook installed on your computer system, you face an email mapi Error in Sage. You need to have some technical knowledge to be able to resolve this error, as the steps are a little complicated and may put your data at risk.

When you try to send an invoice on Sage 50, this error message appears on the screen of your computer, It reads like this:

‘Email MAPI error: An error occurred in sending the message. Return Code 26’, or ‘Return code 2, MAPI E error’.

Reasons for the Outlook Email MAPI Error

There are two main reasons why this error occurs on your Sage 50.

  • There is more than one version of Outlook installed on your computer system.
  • Outlook is being run with Administrator while Sage 50 is running as a User.
  • Consequently, there was a discrepancy in their communication.

How to Fix Email MAPI Error in Sage 50

We will follow a few simple troubleshooting methods to resolve this email MAPI error in Sage 50:

Solution No. 1: Updating Windows

  • Go to your desktop and open the Control Panel
  • Then navigate to Windows Update.
  • From here you will need to check for the latest updates and install them.

Solution No. 2: Setting the Default Programs

  • Start your computer with Administrator Rights.
  • Open the Control Panel on the computer and then navigate to this location- Default Programs > Set your default program.
  • You will see a list of programs on the column on the left side, choose your default email program from there.
  • Next, click on Set This Program As Default and hit OK.
  • Now, choose Set Program Access and Computer Defaults.
  • Go to Custom, click it, and then click the down arrow on its right side.
  • You will see Choose a default email program, opt for a proper email program from here.
  • Restart both Sage 50 and the Default email software.
  • Ensure that the email address you are sending the invoices to is there in the contact list in the default email program.
  • You should be able to email the transactions now.

Solution No. 3: Check that the Outlook Add-in is installed on your Sage 50

  • Exit from both Sage 50 and Outlook.
  • You will need to reinstall Sage 50 on your computer system.
  • You currently have Sage 50 installed…” will pop up on the screen. Select OK.
  • Select Add/Remove Program Components, and then proceed to Next.
  • Unselect Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, and then proceed to Next.
  • Go through the same procedure again and once again add the checkmark for Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to see that the add-on is installed.
  • Finally, you should be able to email the Transaction from Sage 50.

Your error should be resolved in time if these solutions were followed precisely according to the guidelines. However, if you face any difficulty while using Outlook demand personal assistance then connect via the Sage 50 consultant number.