Sage 50 Cannot Connect to Database

Sage 50 Cannot Connect to Database on Computer [Server]

Sage 50 is a pretty useful software but at times you encounter issues Sage 50 cannot connect to database Actian Zen on the computer (Server).

As is already clear from the message this is a database-related error that prevents you from accessing your company file. If left unaddressed, then it may pose some serious threat to your financial data.

Sage 50 cannot connect to its database, Actian Zen on computer or server.

Causes of Sage 50 Cannot Connect to Database on Computer or Server Issue

If you are experiencing a Sage 50 cannot connect to database, there may be a connection issue or file damage.

  • The file or Folder is missing
  • Actian service stopped on your server
  • .SAI and .SAJ folders missing/corrupt,
  • .NET framework issue,
  • The company file is on a server or another program,
  • The firewall is blocking
  • May be damaged windows management instrumentation.

Tips to Resolve Sage 50 Cannot Connect to Database on Computer or Server

There are several ways that you can follow to have your issue Sage 50 cannot connect to database on computer [Server]. These include the below-given methods.

Section 1: Incorrect data path

Section 2: Actian is hung or stopped

  • The server’s Actian database engine should be stopped and then restarted.

Section 3: On the workstation and/or server Network Profile is set to Public

The network profile/ network location should not be set to Public.

  • Start by finding your network connection ( in the bottom right corner of your Taskbar you can choose either Wi-fi or Ethernet)
  • Then you have to right-click on your network connection and then choose Open Network and Internet Settings.
    • You should set it correctly in case the network status is Domain Network or Private Network.
    • You can change it by clicking the Priorities button if the network status is Public Network.
  • From Public to Private change the radio button that is under the Network profile.
  • At the top left select the back arrow twice and then close the settings window.
  • Now you have to Test connectivity.

Section 4: Configure Firewall

  • To allow the files for Sage 50 through you have to configure the firewall.

Section 5: In the PVSW.LOC file the server name is incorrect or blank

  • Start by browsing the data path.
  • Then, in Notepad, you have to open the ~PVSW~.LOC file.
  • With the correct server name, you have to replace the incorrect server name.

Section 6: Network communication problem

  • Ping the server by name from the workstation.

Contact your IT network administrator if you experience a latency of more than 10ms (time=10ms) or a Request timed-out notice on either of the steps above.

Section 7: Using an IP Address map the drive

UNC (Universal Naming Convention) paths rather than mapped drives may be used for the data path with release 2021.1 and later. For example, \\server01\Peachtree\Company.

  • Begin by going to C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree in File Explorer.
  • A configuration file for your version should be opened (2022: Peachtree290.ini).
  • The DATAPATH= line should be changed to the proper company data UNC path, such as server01PeachtreeCompany. You can copy the UNC path from the DATAPATH line in other workstations’ configuration files if they are using Sage.

Section 8: Damaged Actian Database on Server

  • Reinstall the Actian database engine after uninstalling it. 
  • Open the program and make sure the problem doesn’t exist anymore.

Section 9: Using DFS for the mapped drive

  • A DFS share cannot be used by Sage 50. After disconnecting the drive, you can map it using the default UNC path.

Section 10: Server and workstations on different versions

  • Make verify that the workstation(s) and the server are running the same version and update.
  • If not, you can update the server and all workstations with the most latest update.
  • By selecting Services you can check for Updates in the software, and you can also view the updates.

Section 11: Damaged WMI

  • Begin by pressing the Windows key + R
  • Type eventvwr, in the Run box and then select OK.
  • Then you have to select Windows Logs and then click on the Application.

Section 12: IPv4 has been replaced with IPv6

  • It might try to use IPv6 first rather than IPv4 if IPv6 is already in use.
  • Disabling IPv6 has been proven to damage some Windows functionality as it is not a desirable practice.

But in case you are still facing the problem “Sage 50 there is an error cannot connect to database” or Sage 50 connection manager error then connect with us. If you don’t want to take this kind of risk, then we suggest dialing our Sage 50 Consultant number and getting help instantly.


How to restore settings to their original state, if you get Cannot Open the Database Error

It’s very easy to restore the settings to their original state:

● The Uninstall option can be used to remove Sage 50.
● By selecting the Reinstall Sage 50 button, Sage 50 can be reinstalled.
● By opening the program and running the test, you can now see if the file is being opened or not.