Sage 50 Continues to Freezes Every Time and Shut Down

However, for the Sage 50, it is common to face slowdown or freezing issues. So, today in this blog we are going to find out about the fixing of Sage 50 freezes or shutdown issue.

Sage 50 is refined and distinctive software that ensures the highest performance, safety, and reliability. The software is designed to manage various business needs across various sectors.

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Some of the Reasons for Sage 50 Freezes or Shutdown Issue

Your Sage 50 continues to have problems it freezing or shut down multiple times. Some of the most common reasons include.

  • The file of a company is corrupt or damaged.
  • The folder attachment can be large.
  • Sage may not run User Accounts Control Settings or UAC.
  • Permission to share unauthorized.
  • Antivirus or firewall blocked software.
  • Software that scans data actively.
  • Pervasive folder or folder.
  • Continuous file backup or file backup during sage execution.
  • Framework Damaged. NET.
  • Self-loading permeable, but not restarted.

Methods to Fix Sage 50 Continues to Freezes while Open or Modify a Report

The software continues to have issues Sage 50 freezes or shutting down. Users have been reporting that their computers have stopped working and that they are unable to open any programs. Follow all steps below to fix the problem of Sage 50 freezing.

Method I: Run Sage 50 with Administrator rights

  • You have to right-click on the Sage 50 icon and then you have to select Run as Administrator.

Method 2: Verify the data is not synced to cloud services

  • You can move the .SAI files and SAJ folder to a new folder that is not synced to One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Method 3: Pervasive Reinstallation

  • Click on the Process tab after opening the Task Manager.
  • Right-click w3dbsmgr.exe and then End Task.
  • Right-click and finish the msizap.exe task.
  • And the installation process can now be resumed.

Method 4: Change Windows Display Settings

  • You have to click Windows Key + P.
  • Then you have to choose Computer Only or PC Screen Only.
    • Onto your screen, this should force the options window.

Method 5: Run the database utilities

  • You have to run the database utilities tool.
  • In the database utility window, you can put a check mark on all four options.
  • You can browse for your company file and then you can click Ok.
  • Then reboot the computer.

Method 6: Reset the Report to Default

  • You can run the Report through the Report Centre instead of the Reports icon that is at the top of the screen.
  • Now you have to choose the appropriate report and then click Modify.
  • Then you have to reset the report to the Default Template that is at the top of that screen.
  • You can run the report, it will work normally now from both menus.

Method 7: Re-create the User Account

  • You have to open Sage 50 in sysadmin single-user mode.
  • Then you can go to Setup, Setup Users, and Roles.
  • Now you have to select that user account and you can click Close.

Method 8: Install the Program in its Default Location

  • Shut down the Sage 50 installation wizard and relaunch the installation
  • Now, install the program at the following locations: “C: Program Files (x86) directory” is the default location for 32-bit programs.

Method 9: Downloading and Installing the Microsoft.NET Framework

  • Activate the .NET Framework 4.5. (or 4).
  • Restart the installation by running setup.exe as Administrator.

We hope following the above steps can solve your error issue. However, If Sage freezes or crashes, you can resolve the Sage Quantum freezing issue immediately by Sage 50 Consultant staff of specialists whenever you want any help.

Sage 50 Freezes When Creating a Backup

Sage 50 Accounting has several advantages, including comparing reports from various fiscal years, and creating and editing the data invoice according to the needs of specific customers. It also enables different levels of security for various people to be set. Learn how to resolve this Sage 50 freezes when creating a backup issue.

Reasons for Sage 50 Freezes When Creating a Backup

The following is the cause of Sage 50 freezing when creating a backup: Sage Backup Issues occur when the user has been unable to create a file at the specified location.

  •  Because of corrupted, incorrect, or corrupt files in the computer system data folder.
  • This might be due to damaged, incorrect, or damaged directories in their corporate data folder.
  • Inadvertently disable the account control setting.
  •  Inadequate and inappropriate sharing permissions
  • A huge and vast attachments folder might be one issue.

Methods to Fix Sage 50 Freezes when Creating a Backup

The following steps are to fix Sage 50 freezes when creating a backup.

Method 1: Account User Control Configuration

  •  If the user is running Windows Vista, Windows 8, or Windows 7. The major cause of this problem is the account user control setting.
  • To resolve this issue, deactivate the Accounts user control setting.

Method 2: Inadequate Network Security/Permissions

  • At this point, the user must confirm their sharing rights. It must be properly configured.
  • The wrong details will not help to fix the freezing issue.

Method 3: Exclusion of Non-Data Files from the Company Directory

  • The first is to Select maintain.
  • Then select corporate information.
  • Now, Keep a note of the Directory.
  • Next, shut down company information, as well as Sage 50.
  • Right-click the Desktop, then select New Folder.
  • The user must give the folder a label and save it in the desired location.
  • Press Enter to launch my computer and navigate to the Directory.
  • The users must search for *.ddf files and place them in a different folder on the computer.
  • Now, look for *.frm and place it in a new folder.
  • Check the user must reopen Sage 50 and their company, as well as create a backup file.

Method 4: Create The New Directory Using The Key Company Data Files

  • The first step is to Select the company details and click on Maintain.
  • Now, Make a note of your company directory.
  • Next, A data path with a new folder, followed by double-click on their firm folder.
  • You must copy the keys backup folder as well as the vesion.txt, KMSKeys.xml, and .Dat files and paste them into the new folder.
  • Clicking on Files, and then opening a company.
  • They must first establish a backup folder before proceeding with these instructions.
  • Now, alternatively, go to Reporting and Forms and pick the custom form.
  • Now, Click Delete
  • Then delete any additional outdated forms.
  • Check that they must validate their full backup and finish the processes.
  • Click on the form’s name and then click Preview and Print at the bottom.
  • Select the form name, then Preview and Print, and then Print configuration tab with a file name.
  • Alternatively, they must create a folder on their desktop called Old Sage 50 Forms.
  • You must explore the data path, and they must open the Forms folder.

Method 5: The User Must Move to Attach the Folder with the Specific Company Folder

  • Users must generate a backup and relocate this attachment folder to a different location.
  • At this point, right-click the attachment and choose to Send to Compressed Folder.

How to Solve the Sage 50 Frozen Issue on Windows

Sage 50 freezes on windows issue occur when the window gets hidden or displayed off screen and is inaccessible. Follow all steps below to fix the problem of Sage 50 window freezing.

Step 1: Close Sage 50 via the Task Manager

  • You have to open the Windows Task Manager by pressing the Alt + Ctrl + Del keys on your keyboard and then click on Start Task Manger.
  • You have to go to the tab of Processes.
  • Now on the list, you have to select Sage50Accounting.exe.
  • Then you have to click the End Process button.
  • After that, you have to open Sage 50 and then again try to open the same window.
    • In case your issue is fixed then you have to stop here.

Step 2: Run the Sage 50 Database Utilities on the company file

  • You have to close Sage 50.
  • In case you have to 2 monitors, then unplug the 1 monitor.
  • If applicable then plug the second monitor back in.

How to use the Database Utilities?

  • You have to log in to your data file with the sysadmin username in case you are setup with multi-user.
  • Then you have to backup your data in Sage 50
  • Now you have to go to Setup then Set Up Users.
  • Enter the sysadmin password in case you are asked for a password
  • Then you have to select the sysadmin username and then click Modify
  • You have to select Read/write access to Third-Party Products and then you have to click Ok and then close the program.
  • Now you have to browse to C:\Program Files (x86) (Sage 50 Version 202x).
  • Open and then double-click on the executable file:
    • 2008-2009: SimplyAccounting_dbutil.exe
    • 2010 +: Sage_SA_dbutil.exe
  • Then you have to click the Browse button in this Database Utility tool.
    • You have to browse to the folder where your .SAI file is located
    • Then you have to select and click Open.
    • Make sure the file is locally on your computer, if it is on a server, then copy the file onto the local computer to run the dbutil and then copy the file back to the server.
  • Then you have to select all 3 checkboxes and then click the OK button to start repairing the database.
    • The window will stay visible until the procedure is finished. You will see a window with a notification saying that your chores are finished.
    • For this step, only use the mouse to click OK rather than the keyboard’s Enter key.
  • Now you have to press Ok and then close the window 
  • Open your Sage 50 data file.

We hope following the above steps can solve your error issue. However, If not immediately call Sage 50 Consultant toll-free number.


What if I need to do data maintenance to resolve the Sage 50 accounting keeps freezing issue?

The procedures for data upkeep to address the Sage 50 accounting keeps freezing issue are listed below.

● Go to the File menu option, then pick the Maintenance option, and click install on the alternative Recovery tool.
● If you get the backup pop-up, follow the instructions. 
● Then create a backup of your data.
● Then select the Reindex and compress All option.
● Then, to proceed, click OK.
● Click the Remote and very remote areas Transaction History button.
● Click the OK button one more time.
● Click the Close option, then the Yes button.
● Click the Close button once again to close another window.
● Then click Close to close the first window.
● To check for errors, post the relevant transaction type.

I was processing supplier payments when the window on my Sage 50 account froze. What should I do now?

Below is the point for you when the window on your sage 50 account freezes.

● Go to the Suppliers section.
● Select the appropriate source. Then click the option. Edit
● You must alter the company name, which must be fewer than 53 characters long.
● Finally, click the save button to save changes and then the close button to close it.

When my Sage 50 account freezes and all of my bank information is lost, how then can I save it again?

● Go to your bank accounts in Sage 50, then choose the bank account with which you wish to work or that is important.
● Choose an option Edit
● When you’re through editing, click the Save button to save your changes.
● Next, post the transaction associated with it to double-check for errors.

Why does Sage 50 keep freezing?

Due to compatibility, outdated software, insufficient resources, or corrupt files Sage 50 can crash on Windows 10. You can update software, scan for errors, repair/reinstall, backup data or seek support.

What you can do when Sage freezes?

● First, you have to close out of all Sage applications.
● In Search programs and files type in regedot, from the Windows Start menu.
● Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Timberline, in the Registry Editor window.
● Then you have to press Enter and then close the Registry Editor.
● Now you have to Open Sage Desktop and then confirm the issue is resolved.

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