Unable to Install Actian Zen

Unable to Install Actian Zen or Actian Zen (Pervasive) Database has Failed Sage 50

Actian Zen (Pervasive) error is one of the few most frustrating errors that one comes across while working on the Sage 50 program. Due to some discrepancy between the server and database, Sage 50 reports being unable to install Actian Zen or Actian Zen (Pervasive) database has failed.

The installation of the Actian Zen [or Pervasive] database has failed.

When a Pervasive Error Comes up in Sage 50

When you are unable to install Actian Zen or the Pervasive database has failed or error installing Pervasive. Pervasive setup cannot be run when the Pervasive PSQL Server Engine (64-bit) is installed.

What Causes of Sage 50 Pervasive Error

Several reasons are responsible for the error, Sage 50 cannot open the database, and some of the main causes include.

  • Pervasive service is no longer active on the server.
  • User Account Control (UAC) enabled.
  • The firewall is not allowing the program to connect with Pervasive.
  • The server name is not correct in the ~PVSW~.LOC File.
  • The network is public on the workstation/server.
  • Pervasive installation file or Actian Zen damaged.
  • May be PervasiveMin folder be deleted.
  • The data path is not correct on the workstation.
  • Using PSQL Server engine 64 bits installed.

Tips to Fix Pervasive Error Sage 50 Software

Error: “Sage 50 is unable to connect to its database, Pervasive, on computer [server]. Make sure the computer is logged in or that the database service is running. Learn how to fix Sage 50 pervasive errors first start by restarting your computer.

Solution i: Security software, security settings, or other programs preventing the installation

  • Disable any anti-virus software on the PC before starting the installation.
  • User Account Control may need to be disabled; for further information
  • Necessary to install in Selective Startup
  • Click setup.exe in the context menu and choose Run as administrator.
  • Make sure the System and Everyone have Full Control in the security settings for the install folder (default location: C:SageSage50_[Release]_[Version]).

Solution ii: Verify correct installer is used

  • Make sure that you are using setup.exe from the Sage version you are attempting to install, which can be found in the Install directory.
  • For example, the directory would be Sage50_2022_[Version] if installing Version 2022.
  • Double-click setup.exe in the appropriate directory after exiting the install wizard if you’re using another setup file that’s placed somewhere else.

Solution iii: Uninstall and reinstall Actian Zen

Note: Do not remove the Pervasive Software files if you have Sage 50 2020 (or higher) and 2019 installed side by side and need to use both because doing so could compromise how well the 2019 version works.

  • Completely remove and reinstall Actian
  • Then again try the installation

Solution iv: Windows user rights

  • Make sure the current user has local administrator permissions in Windows; if not, either give those rights or log in as a local administrator.
  • If using a domain network, make sure that the current user has both local and domain administrator permissions; if not, either grant the user these rights or log in as an administrator who does.

Solution V: Verify if there is an incompatible version of Pervasive or Actian software

  • You have to open Programs and Features from the Control Panel in Windows.
  • If found to uninstall other versions of Pervasive, it should be listed as Actian PSQ: v12 Server Engine SP1
  • Then you have to verify that you can install Sage Program.

Solution VI: Run the standard installation from the server

  • You have to browse to \\<servername>\peachtreeInstaller20xx(for example: PeachtreeInstaller2022)
  • Then you have to open Peachwfolder and Install folder
  • After that, you have to right-click _Setup.exe and then you have to choose Run as administrator.

Why I am Getting Pervasive Error Message While Processing Payroll for Multiple Employees?

This error occurs when you try to convert data and suddenly displays an error message data conversion failed because data cannot be converted due to data type mismatch or data overflow.
Display an error message like that “Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.Lna.k: [LNA][Pervasive][ODBC Engine Interface] [Data Record Manager]”

This Pervasive error while processing Payroll is usually caused using an incorrect version of Pervasive.

Tips to Fix the Pervasive Error Message While Processing Payroll for Multiple Employee

  • First of all, need to Add/Remove Programs option.
  • After that uninstalling Pervasive.
  • And then run a repair on Sage software.

These methods provided above are intended to help you out with the Pervasive error on your Sage 50 software or Sage 50 pervasive invalid date issue. If you came across any difficulty or faced any issue while operating, you would need to contact Sage Experts. You can reach them either via Sage 50 consultant or give them a call.