Smart Considerable Tips to Use QuickBooks POS System

Smart Tips to Use QuickBooks POS System

Here are some tips for QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0 versions and higher users that will help in smooth running of your business that will make your employees and customers happier. In the retail business sector speed and accuracy in the output is highly important. As you hasten the entry process of the items the more quickly you can serve your customer. Below is a list of suggestions that will help you to escalate the sales process and excellently using QuickBooks POS.

Personalize the Navigational Buttons

  • Click on the right side on the vertical navigation pane.
  • Click Customize buttons.
  • Use the < > arrows to move options between Available Fields and Selected Fields
  • Click Finish.
  • The frequently used buttons when displayed saves time.

Smart Tips to Use QuickBooks POS System

Are you among those who sell the same items frequently? You can stock the items in an odd manner that is difficult to tag.

  • Go to File -> Preference -> Company and highlight Inventory.
  • Click Add next to Inventory Quick Pick Groups.
  • Save your group by giving a name to it.
  • Open the editing screen for each item in the group
  • Choose your new group name from the drop-down menu next to Quick Pick Group in the left vertical pane.
  • When you process a sale select the Quick Pick Items button and click on the item you want.

Ensure that you shut down the computer running POS once all your work is done at night.

When you shut down your POS application the system refreshes it and there are fewer chances that you will get error messages.

Investing is a bar code scanner is always an advantage.

With the implantation of a barcode you will save abundant time that makes your decision worthy. QuickBooks POS is capable of scanning numbers from three fields: UPCs, Item Numbers and Alternate Lookups. It creates customer ID cards to use in Rewards Programs.

Attempt rewarding your best customers.

It is better to go with the retain existing customers than to find new ones. You can run the Customer Sales report to identify your best customers and accord additional discount or hold a private sale for them. You can also use filters to separate the other related groups. QuickBooks POS features potential filtering options. There are certain parameters by default defined in some data areas or designed by own flexible custom tool.

Go to the upper right corner of Customer -> Item -> Sales History or Receiving History screens to locate the Search and <Create Filter> buttons.

Once you choose Vendor List, your filter commands will appear in the upper left side of the window. You can also select pre-defined filters or create your own to find data.

For more details you can contact QuickBooks customer support. They are approachable through toll free phone number, email support or live chat option. You can also contact AskForAccounting a reliable QuickBooks Consulting boutique that offers best QuickBooks POS tips and solutions. QuickBooks point of sale helpline number and garner excellent services.