QuickBooks POS Socket Error 11004

Troubleshoot QuickBooks POS Socket Error 11004

QuickBooks socket errors and IP response errors are cropping up while trying to process a credit card or settle the credit card batch at the day’s end. This guide provides solutions to resolve this QuickBooks POS socket error 11004.

QuickBooks Point of Sale is an easy-to-use software that helps to handle business inventory, manage customers, and escalate sales of any retail business. The software is loaded with numerous features that result in smooth business management. But there are times when the users face problems with the software and it affects the work process.

Why does the QuickBooks POS Socket Error 110044 Occurs

  • This QuickBooks POS error occurs if there is a problem with the internet connectivity problem.
  • Update to Point of Sale got damaged during the installation process of the software.

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Socket Error 110044

From verifying internet settings to adjusting communication setups, follow these steps to fix the error and ensure smooth POS functionality.

Solution 1: Verify your Internet Connection Settings

Verify the Point of Sale Communication Setup

  • Go to File -> Preferences -> Company
  • Merchant & Gift Services -> Choose Communication Setup
  • Ensure the communication setup is correct -> Click Internet Connection Setup
  • Follow step by step in the setup wizard
  • Select Change to this computer
  • Click Save and try again.

Adjust your communication setup

  • Go to File -> Preferences -> Company
  • Select Communication Setup under Merchant & Gift Services
  • Choose Internet Connection Setup
  • Select Use the following connection
  • Select another internet connection
  • In the case selected previously change it to use my computer’s internet connection settings.
  • Click Next -> Done

Solution 2: Choose Default Settings after Refreshing Browser (for Internet Explorer 8 and newer users)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Press ALT key
  • Choose Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Click OK.

Solution 3: Check Firewall Configuration for Point-of-Sale credit card processing

In case your system includes a firewall ensure the process eftsvr.exe has complete access to the Internet and port 8443 is open for the traffic both incoming and outgoing.

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