How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51: Solutions

quickbooks error code=c51 support

Problem: QuickBooks helps you to deal with your financial and accounting functions but at times it stops doing so because of some unavoidable errors that cause huge problems while accessing the software.

One such is Error C=51. One can easily resolve the QuickBooks Error C=51 if the proper guidelines are followed. Our AskForAccounting QuickBooks help-team is always there to provide you support and solution for your QuickBooks related issues. Follow the guidelines provided below to ensure a full and proper recovery from the error.

Resolving the Error: Make sure that you find the Damaged Data files with QuickBooks extensions (.QBW) and make a list of them. The files with .tlg extensions are also stored with .QBW files which are liable to damage them as well.

Also, check the older backup files with extensions: .QBM and .QBB. Ensure that these files are not corrupt. If they are, get in touch with the QuickBooks Tech Support team.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51?

Follow the given below solutions step to fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51

Total Time: 25 minutes

1️⃣ Reboot Your QuickBooks

🔹 Exit from all the open applications and then close QuickBooks Desktop too.
🔹 Reboot your QuickBooks and perform the action which resulted in the Error code C=51.
🔹 If the problem is still not resolved, then you need to rebuild and verify the data file.

2️⃣ Create a Backup of Data File

🔹 If you are creating a backup of the data file, you ought to employ either the same version of QuickBooks or the upgraded one.
🔹 This will enable you to save your file using the enhanced and more enabled tools of the upgraded version.

3️⃣ Restore the Backup File

🔹 You need to restore the backup file once and then create a new location for the copied backup file. Paste the backup file there.
🔹 Check the size of the file by hitting right-click on the backup file and selecting
🔹 If you find out that the generated file is either lesser than 6 MB, then delete the temp folder:
🔸 Launch the Run Prompt by clicking Windows+ R keys on your keyboard.
🔸 Enter %TEMP% in the given black field and hit
🔸 Right-click the Temp folder and select
🔸 Delete the Temp folder and hit
🔹 Once the temp folder is deleted, generate another Backup file and check its size.
🔹 If it is still lesser than 6 MB, we advise you to get in touch with the QuickBooks Tech Support Team to help you out with the advanced troubleshooting.

4️⃣ Repair Heading Damaged File

🔹 If the files you checked in the second heading are damaged, try to repair them by following the intuit protocol.
🔹 Update the QuickBooks Software to be able to do so. With the software upgrade, the damaged files are replaced. (Make sure that you have older backups saved somewhere else as well).
🔹 If you are still not able to fix the files or update the software, get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support team to help you out with the issue.

Update QuickBooks to the Latest version

update qb

🔹 Go to the Help menu
🔹 Select Update QuickBooks option
🔹 Click on Update Now tab
🔹 Select Get Updates to start the downloading process

Rebuild the Data

🔹 Need to close all tabs in the QuickBooks
🔹 Then close QuickBooks program
🔹 Reopen your QuickBooks program
🔹 Need to be required to rebuild the data in a proper format.

Other QuickBooks C.. Series Error:

You can easily resolve this issue by following the simple methods provided above. In case you need some external technical help in dealing with the issue mentioned above, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks 24/7 support team.