Top Data Damage Errors in QuickBooks Desktop


If QuickBooks is unable to read the data correctly, then there is a problem of data damage that may have occurred on the hard drive. Due to this data damage errors issue, the data gets scrambled and the company file cannot be read correctly by QuickBooks.

This may be caused due to internal issues within QB and also external issues like file location. However, a majority of these issues can be rectified from within the QuickBooks.

This is a commonly faced issue experienced by many professionals which leads to hampering the overall Accounting work in an organization and it becomes a priority to launch the ‘desktop data file repair in QuickBooks’.

Below are Some of the Come Common Reasons for the Data Damage Issue.

You can curtail these and overcome the effects of data damage.

  • A power surge or drop out. A little surge in the electricity can damage the hard drive and therefore it’s a must to provide uninterrupted power supply and prevent fluctuations with the help of the voltage stabilizer.
  • Computer crash or abnormal shut down. Blue Screen is the result of a sudden power outage and can result in this error. Creating a stable network is a must.
  • Insufficient Resources – Its always better to scale the systems a notch up from what the minimum system requirements are. Low RAM or processor speed, Network interface, switch, and router should all be up to the mark.
Top Data Damage Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Rectify the Issue of Data Damage Error

Data Verify and Data Rebuild are two most popular utility within the application that can help resolve the issue. Verify Data spots the most commonly occurring data issues while the latter helps to resolve the integrity issues found.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Run the Rebuild Utility

From the File menu > Go to Utilities > Rebuild data
Click on OK to back up the company file
Ignore messages like – QuickBooks is not responding until the rebuild is complete.

Step 2: Run the Verify Utility

🔹 From the File menu > Go to > Utilities > Verify Data > Click OK (even if you get “QuickBooks detected no problem”)
🔹 When you get Rebuild Now or View Errors > Click Close and proceed
🔹 If there is no issue with reviewing the QBWIN.log File
🔹 Press F2 and select Review Last Verify/Rebuild option > look for the error in the result screen
🔹 If you are OK with checking the QuickBooks.log file then find the QBWin.log
🔹 Search the open file to Begin Verify by pressing Ctrl + F and search for LVL_ERROR
🔹 Open the list of Damaged Files > Check all active and inactive files
🔹 From the Chart of Accounts > Choose Account
🔹 Open Menu > Choose File Flat view > Click the re-sort list option > Click OK and close the list
🔹 Choose the list again – re-sort and click OK

Data damage is a major problem that needs an immediate resolution, run QuickBooks file doctor to continue with the normal functioning of the companies accounting processes.

This will resolve the QuickBooks LVL_ERROR but if you are not able to resolve then you can contact AskForAccounting and we will help you resolve it.

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