Change QuickBooks License and Product Number

In QuickBooks, there may be any case when you have to “change QuickBooks license and product number“. So don’t worry about it at all as in the Windows operating system, you can easily change both things easily.

But in the Mac operating system, you can only change the License number. Below you get to know how it can be done easily. There are different solutions for changing things with all the conditions for different solutions.

Process Changing the Product Number of QuickBooks

This can be done by Windows users only and there are 2 solutions that can be performed for doing these changes. So, the solutions of the windows operating system for changing product code are as follows:

Solution 1: Edit the qbregisteration.dat File Manually

This is done when you are using the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software when there are 5 or more 5 users in the account. If you have less than 5 users then you can choose to reinstall the software in your system as it can be done easily but with more than 5 users it will be time-consuming. So, you have to do the changes in the file manually.
The steps to change it manually are as follows:-

Firstly, open the file qbregistration.dat using QuickBooks

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop software
  • Press the F2 button from the keyboard
  • After that, click on the F3 button on the keyboard
  • You have to select the file named qbregistration.dat and then click on the Open File button
  • It opens up in the notepad
  • Now create the file’s backup
  • The file is not opened by QuickBooks if there are any issues in it
  • In notepad, you have to click on the File menu option and then select the Save as option
  • Select the location Desktop and click on the Save button
  • Now close this file and then you have to reopen it from the help Window
  • Then close the QuickBooks Desktop software but don’t close the notepad file

Edit the file qbregistration.dat

  • To edit the file, open it in the Notepad
  • Then click on the Edit menu from that click on the Replace option
  • In this, write the old product number in the field name Find What
  • Now enter the new one in the Replace with field
  • Click on the button Replace all
  • When it is done click on File then click on the Save option
  • In the end, close the file.

Now check the Product Code

  • To check the code open the QuickBooks Desktop 2020
  • Click the F2 key that is mentioned on your keyboard
  • With this, you get the information about the product
  • Now do check the product number and also update the product code
  • The product code is updated.

Solution 2: You have to Uninstall and then Install the QuickBooks again

Uninstall the software

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Then open the Programs
  • From the list select the software
  • Then click on the Uninstall option
  • Uninstall it successfully to resolve the problem.

Install the Software Again

  • First of all, prepare for the installation by checking all the things
  • Run the downloaded QuickBooks.exe file
  • Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete it
  • Click on the Next button
  • Now provide the Product number and also the license number
  • Then click on the Next button and the installation is done successfully.

Activate the QuickBooks

  • In QuickBooks, click on the Help menu option
  • Then you have to click on Activate QuickBooks Desktop
  • Follow the steps shown to you
  • After that, the information is verified
  • Click on the Activate button and it is done.

For Changing the QuickBooks License Number in your Windows Operating system

  • Log in to your system as an administrator
  • Then open the QuickBooks Desktop by running it as an administrator
  • After that click on the Help menu
  • Then further select the option Manage My License
  • More further click on the Change My License Number
  • Now enter the new license number that you have
  • Click on the Next button and then click on the Finish button
  • Now the change of license number is done in your software
  • Restart the software and go ahead with your work.

For Changing the QuickBooks License Number in Mac Operating System

  • Go to the QuickBooks menu
  • Then click on the Manage My License option
  • Now select Deauthorize this system
  • When a pop-up arrives on your screen then select the option Deauthorize and Quit
  • Open the QuickBooks again
  • Now follow the instructions shown to you for the registration process
  • Here you have to enter another or different license number
  • Then it is done successfully and easily.

Follow the solutions according to the user you have in your account to get to know how to change your QuickBooks License and Product Number. The solutions are also according to your operating system.

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