How to Find a QuickBooks Product and License Number

Find a QuickBooks Product & License Number

It is pretty important to find the QuickBooks Product and License number for the re-installation of software and keep the continuity of your records and operation when you upgrade your software to a new system. Without these key codes we cannot use QB on your system and it often happens that the users tend to lose their QuickBooks product and license number. You have several places that you can find for these numbers depending on how you purchased the software and whether you registered it with Intuit. If you’re unable to find or facing issues in finding then don’t worry! This blog disclosed the easiest way to find it.

Different Ways to Find a QuickBooks Product and License Number

You can easily find the installation number with these following ways:

  1. Initial product packaging: In a scratch off sticker near the UPC code, you can find QB product and licence number
  2. You can also find the license and product number in your confirmation mail
  3. The system where the software was initially installed,
    • Initially, start the installation of program my inserting the CD in your CD-ROM drive
    • And then installation process start automatically
    • After that, select the Reinstall option
    • License and product number will be displayed in the same window
    • Note down them and then select Cancel.

In case, if you Unable to Locate the Installation Numbers

If you cannot find the installation keys then it is recommended to visit QuickBooks Look Up page to retrieve it. But if the scan is unable to locate the licence number of the key code, then a customer service contact will be shown for further assistance on the web page.

  • In case, lookup page cannot find the number based on your phone number then login to your account and then try finding the information
  • If you are unable to login, select the Contact Us connection
  • Choose the product that you’re using to call the right number
  • Make sure that you have the required proof of purchase of the software before you call Customer Service
  • In case you have bought QuickBooks or Point of purchase of the software before you call Customer Service executive when you make a call for assistance
  • You can easily find the order them from the Order Status page
  • If the software or Point of Sale was purchased from a local retainer
  • You have to fax evidence of this in that case
  • Do include the name of the organization as well as contact details on the document
  • You also have to fax the below-mentioned details:
    • Box bottom where you find the UPC bar code
    • The front of the program CD
    • Receipt or invoice of the sale to the store
    • A CD holder where you need to display the licence number.

There are Several Places to Look for QuickBooks Product and License Number

Try following methods to look for the same

Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number  in Packaging

  • This method will be useful if you purchased a CD, then in that case you can look for the info in the Packaging.
  • If you purchased Quickbooks online then you can try looking for the product and license number in the confirmation email you got at the time of purchasing the software.

Needs to Reinstall QuickBooks

  • If you have got Quickbooks installation CD with you then you can try reinstalling the software
  • In that case be ready with pen and paper and note down the license number that will be flashed on the screen.

Find License Number and Product Number Online

  • Here you can navigate QuickBooks License Lookup tool provided from Intuit.
  • Here trying entering your username and password that you made at the time of registering quickbooks.
  • If your credentials are correct then you will be able to see your Quickbooks license number and product number.
  • If you are still not able to find that then give a call at Quickbooks product support number and our customer care team will help you locate that.

Find License Number and Product Number Within Quickbooks

  • Login to your quickbooks accounting software and press F2
  • You can even hit Ctrl+1 on your keyboard
  • This will give you access to the product info page wherein you will be able to locate your license key.

Hope the above mentioned information will help you if you are not able find the QuickBooks Product and License Number, Then call our QuickBooks Desktop Support Number +1-800-865-4183 and get support by QB experts.