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This blog will be your go-to guide for all information that is required to convert Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks. Since both applications have a distinct approach toward data, exporting data from one software to another can be a cumbersome task if done without proper guidance.

Data conversion from your previous accounting software to a new one needs to be done with a hundred percent accuracy and precision as it involves sensitive company data. It also needs to be ensured that this transition is smooth, hassle-free, and is followed up for any discrepancies that may have been inadvertently caused.

Introduction to Cougar Mountain

Founded in 1982, Cougar Mountain has developed a professional business accounting software named Denali which has become popular among small and medium-sized organizations. It comprises two accounting software, Denali Fund, which is meant for Public service organizations and nonprofit organizations, and Denali Business, which is meant for industrial use. There are three editions of Cougar Mountain’s software Denali Business- Base camp, Ascent, and Summit.

Due to various limitations of the accounting software they are currently using and to cater to the demand of their expanding business, many users are considering switching to QuickBooks, Importing data from one application to another requires proper guidance as it involves sensitive information.

How to Convert Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks?

Follow above all steps to Convert Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks…

Step 1: Finding the right product

  • In the first phase, an expert from your service provider will determine what are the right QuickBooks products for your business.
  • What are add-ons you will need out of the ones like Field service management, Point of Sale system, payroll, and QuickBooks enterprise?

Step 2: Setting up the Files

  • In this step, Payroll, Payments, and Ledgers, Monthly Balance sheets, Accounts receivable and payable, customer Invoices, Open sales orders, and open estimates.
  • Open purchase orders are pulled out for conversion.

Step 3: Training and Guidance

  • Get thorough guidance and training from a QuickBooks training expert or the training videos provided.

Step 4: Data Review

  •  Review if all the required data has been exported to QuickBooks.

Step 5: Monthly / Quarterly closing

  • Undergo a monthly or quarterly closing to ensure that all transactions are reconciled.

Why you should Import your Data from Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks?

  • Cougar Mountain’s Denali Business does not Consultant the Cloud deployment add-on.
  • According to the feedback received from users, its user interface looks outdated and the quality of reports is not up to the mark.
  • While Denali Reporting integrates with crystal reports and integrates with MS Excel, Oracle, and SQL databases.
  • It is only available as an add-on, on the other hand, QuickBooks has collaborated with multiple Microsoft applications including word and excel along with Gmail and others.

What are the types of data you can Import from Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks?

List items contain information related to…

  • Items
  • Products
  • Client lists
  • Employees are converted from Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks.

Additionally, all transactions related to business including bills, client payments, invoices, and the salary of employees are also converted.

Features of Cougar Mountain

Cougar Mountains has nine accounting modules available built into it, namely, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory, Point of sale, Order Entry, and Payroll. Purchase order and Job Costing. Let’s find out more about its features- 

Security features

  • A company concerned with data security can host their own data as Cougar Mountain’s Business edition is installed on the company’s server.
  • Granular security for controlling who accesses the modules or data.
  • Audit trail to prevent deletion or hiding of account activity.

Denali Payroll

Taxes, payments, and deductions can be calculated automatically, payroll processing is easier and payroll reporting

Multiple add-on features:

  • Job Costs – calculates the expenditure on manufacturing and construction.
  • Cougar Forms – provides paper forms to prepare invoices, checks, tax reports, and accounts receivable statements)
  • Denali eDelivery – electronically sends employee salary receipts, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Real-time – Real-time view of all financial data

Denali reporting –

In reporting, templates can be used and modified.

Modular interface

users have the option to purchase the modules and customize the software as per their business needs.

After Sales Service and Customer Consultant

Cougar Mountains conducts training at its client’s locations and on-call training using screen sharing. Technical guides and information manuals are also provided based on software updates.- users have the option to purchase the modules and customize the software as per their business needs.

If need any help and consultant convert Cougar Mountain to QuickBooks Dial the QuickBooks Consultant team to talk to QuickBooks experts toll-free 24/7.


Where are all the list items stored after conversion?

All the list items are stored in the backup file in QuickBooks

Is the data conversion safe?

Stay assured, that all the data that gets converted is safe and a hundred percent accurate.

What are the RAM requirements for QuickBooks? 

The minimum RAM requirement for QuickBooks is 4GB, while the recommended RAM requirement is 8 GB.

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